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Which latest Nintendo iteration did the best job of moving the series forward? [poll]
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (15/30 votes)
Metroid: Other M (11/30 votes)
Super Mario 3D Land (4/30 votes)

This poll is focused on Nintendo's 'Big 3' franchises.

As each of these three series continues to evolve, people's expectations about where each one is heading continues to change as well. Some aspects of these games continues to play it safe and stay true to what 'most fans' want, while other aspects have changed quite significantly, leading to division among gamers.

Which of these three games listed has most satisfied you in relation to the series as a whole, ie you are happy with where the series goes from here? This is not necessarily a question about which game is your favorite, though your choice could be that as well.

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Posted: 12/05/11, 07:13:45  - Edited by 
 on: 12/05/11, 07:15:31
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I can't believe that. If anything I would say you didn't laugh enough.


I don't mind the whole voice acting and cutscenes thing. The game was decent, but it had flaws as follows:

- Somewhat clunky controls.
- 'tarded upgrade system.
- Somewhat offputting characterisation of Samus (debatable).

There's definite potential in the direction it took, but it needs work.
Posted: 12/06/11, 00:51:49  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/11, 00:54:58

I would imagine he's referring to this. I seem to recall Nintendo commenting on it, but I couldn't find that article; might have made it up.
Posted: 12/06/11, 03:49:45
Other M is my favorite Metroid game. I really wish some people hadn't flipped out about it because if they had accepted the bad with alllll the good then other franchises could move forward and we could stop hearing how Nintendo keeps releasing "the same game" or whatever.

However, Nintendo tried to step forward with Other M and a lot of gamers chopped their leg off for the effort.... so I don't think they'll do it again for another decade at least =\
Posted: 12/06/11, 10:11:56
You sir have earned my respect.

Yeah the same people shitting on Other M are the same people whining how Nintendo doesn't change anything (generally speaking, not this forum, though it applies to some here honestly).

I hope Nintendo ignores the hate and delivers a refined Other M sequel that'll shut EVERYONE up. On Wii U baby.
Posted: 12/06/11, 11:15:54
I don't even fault Other M for story or VA, or anything like that. The control is amazingly bad. That control scheme should have been axed way before the game shipped. If I had to name one game that personified clunky controls this gen Other M would be a front runner. It makes GTA 4 feel tight as hell.
Posted: 12/06/11, 11:22:47
Uhm what? I might give you the first person aiming/missile usage, but Samus herself controls very well. She's very quick and nimble, and you feel powerful controller her. The game uses like 3 buttons, dunno if clunky is the right word unless, again, you were talking about the first person stuff.
Posted: 12/06/11, 11:41:34  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/11, 11:42:40
It's been a while but I remember having to flip the remote to shoot missiles and running around a 3D environment like it was on rails. After the total control Prime allowed you it felt like a huge step backwards.
Posted: 12/06/11, 11:45:22

That's the thing about Other M, though...I give credit to the game for what it did do differently. A lot of the stuff that it did add to the series worked. But as @stephen08 noted, the controls really did get in the way of the experience, for me at least. I don't think it's a bad game; they just did a lot of stuff differently, and the end result didn't turn out to be a good game either. Could be a good example of trying to be too different. A sensible control scheme instead of Other M's unorthodox-for-no-reason approach, and its reception is probably a lot different.
Posted: 12/06/11, 14:26:32
I actually kind of liked the controls in Other M, it was basically just using pseudo 2D controls and since the design was all based around them, they worked. Where it was a bit more lacking was the linearity, the fighting (you could just spam the dodge), the story/etc. In the end though I enjoyed the game.
Posted: 12/06/11, 15:08:27
I dunno if I'd call them perfect, but they did the best they could limiting it to the wiimote-sideways scheme. It worked pretty well.

Kal-El814 said:

I would imagine he's referring to this. I seem to recall Nintendo commenting on it, but I couldn't find that article; might have made it up.
Haha yeah I started a thread about that article. I don't think Nintendo acknowledged it. But they did change their marketing angle, that's for sure.
Posted: 12/06/11, 16:46:14
I wish they had just put dodge on the trigger, or something.

Anyway, now Nintendo has done a better job of showing the advantages of 3D, right? They might not emphasize it in marketing, but I hope they keep exploring 3D design.

The quote was unnecessary! We're all nerds here.
Posted: 12/06/11, 17:20:03  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/11, 17:21:18
I loved the Other M controls because you could make Samus do all the insane bounty-hunter stuff you always knew she was capable of but only saw in cutscenes and game art.

My one gripe? I wish the nunchuck was used and you could hit (for example) Z to toggle between 1st and 3rd person. That would make the dodging harder since the analog stick couldn't be spammed like on a d-pad. But I think that's a fair trade and it sounds like some folks would actually prefer harder dodging!
Posted: 12/06/11, 20:31:54

Actually the quote was all I posted to start off with. I edited in the picture to make *absolutely sure* my source material clear . Didn't want Gui to think I was actually having a go at him (or Canada ).

Re. The OtherM controls I think I was more annoyed about the use of the D-Pad (and yes the whole pointing at the screen thing). I feel that with a bit of work they could have achieved something a bit smoother. With analogue.
Posted: 12/06/11, 21:25:19  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/11, 21:25:34
I think dodge spam was done on purpose though. The game is ridiculously hard on hard mode, and you get attacked from all angles anyways. I find beams and stuff easy to dodge, but a lot (most) of the melee attacks very hard to dodge.
Posted: 12/06/11, 23:28:48
Did anyone finish hard mode in Other M though? I kind of feel like it was just thrown in there to have an uber hard mode because Team Ninja is supposedly hardcore or whatever, but it might not be a feasible mode for most people.

Whatever the case I shouldn't have to wait until a second playthrough for the dodge spam move to suddenly make more sense.
Posted: 12/07/11, 00:31:13

Other M- 3D environment- (Restricted somewhat, but still 3D).
Super Mario 3- Completely 2D.

It makes complete sense, as long as you don't throw up ridiculous chalk and cheese comparisons.
Posted: 12/07/11, 01:53:07

Yeah I immediately started hard after. It was a great challenge but still not that hard I thought. It made some of the bosses a ton of fun and others a tad frustrating haha.
Posted: 12/07/11, 01:54:33
Slowly going through hard mode. Very slowly. It also makes the game a ton shorter since you can't get any upgrades. It's even more linear that way.

But yeah Hard Mode seems awesome. I'm scared of it though.
Posted: 12/07/11, 02:57:45
As for which of the Nintendo's big 3 moved their respective franchises forward, I'd say probably neither one of those.

Other M did a lot of things right and I liked the game a lot more than Corruption, but it didn't bring the franchise forward IMO. On the contrary, I think it was a step back from Metroid Prime games. If it wasn't for all the gloss in presentation, you'd think that you were playing a PlayStation 1 game.

I am currently playing Skyward Sword and don't have a fully developed opinion about it yet. Though I have loved everything on the game so far, especially the plot and the ALTTP reminiscing art style, I have yet to see a radical change in the core Zelda formula. Having more packed levels was long overdue on 3D Zelda games and has already been done on 2D Zeldas since a very long time ago.

I haven't played Super Mario 3D Land yet, so I am not really qualified to give my opinion on its gameplay. However, I have seen enough videos from the game to realize that Super Mario Galaxy has done a lot more for the Mario franchise than Super Mario 3D Land ever will. Therefore I will (prematurely) remove this game from consideration.

Between Other M and Skyward Sword, I think Skyward Sword probably moves the Zelda franchise forward more so than Other M. CGI, VAs, and presentation gloss only update the production values of a franchise, not the core of what that franchise is about.

Just to clarify, my Other M score is 9.6/10, one of the highest scores on NegativeWorld. I would love to play Another M game that actually plays like Metroid and fixes Samus' damaged character from Other M.
Posted: 12/08/11, 20:38:00  - Edited by 
 on: 12/08/11, 21:22:39
lol SS won. K.

I was wondering why SMG wasn't up there but SM3DL was...
Posted: 12/08/11, 20:59:33
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