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Oh God! My Wii is starting to get the overheated GPU Pixel Issue...
So, I thought I noticed something over the weekend...a few rogue pixels flickering on the virtual console interface. Yesterday, I received Zelda in the mail...popped it in...and I'm seeing it throughout the game. It's not horrific and does not render the game unplayable, but will the Wii totally crap out eventually?

Is it a degenerative issue that will get progressively worse and worse until my 5+ year old launch console dies?

I would really like to finish Zelda... I'm scared.

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Posted: 11/29/11, 17:49:04  - Edited by 
 on: 11/29/11, 18:38:19
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It's only a matter of time and console death is inevitable, at least as far as I've heard.

My Wii has recently been bugging out on me too. If I go a week or so without using it, the first thing I try and boot up, be it a disc game, channel, VC game... anything, really, will take 5-8 minutes to boot up. After that it's fine until I'm away for my Wii for awhile, at which point the cycle begins anew. I've had it repaired for this before, to no avail. I'd just buy another Wii if Nintnendo allowed me to transfer my content, but... yeah.
Posted: 11/29/11, 18:06:12
Isn't there a way to transfer content, if you talk to customer service?

Chozoman, you should probably homebrew and back up all of your unbackupable saves first. It really sucks when you lose that stuff.
Posted: 11/29/11, 18:53:43
You've read the two horror stories here?

One guy finished the first dungeon and the console died, and I finished the fourth, ready to backtrack to an old area, and it died?

If your issues have JUST started, you should be fine. But the death is inevitable, if you play long enough I guess. But I'm thinking yours should survive til Wii U's release if it doesn't deteriorate too badly. I mean, mine lasted me 2 years after initial symptoms and I played a good 4 games after. I was also halfway (?) through SS.
Posted: 11/29/11, 20:23:08

Good to hear...I can always play Skyrim if it craps out. :)
Posted: 11/29/11, 22:48:02
Im starting to get a little worried,I have a launch Wii and so far have had no issues what so ever.
Just needs to last another year or so....
Posted: 11/29/11, 22:53:53
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