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What name are you using in Skyward Sword? [poll]
Link (35/44 votes)
My name (7/44 votes)
A joke name (e.g. assface) (2/44 votes)
I'm curious.

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Posted: 11/22/11, 21:26:44
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sirmastersephiroth said:
I always rename Aeris to Aerith.

You suck. So sayeth the poll.

It's weird. I tend to alternate between my own name and Link. There's no rhyme or reason behind it either. For example in Twilight Princess, my first playthrough was as Tim. My second one that I just completed was as Link. But in other games I've gone the other way around. Link for the first, Tim for the second.

I think I'll use Link this first time through SS though. Don't ask me why.
Posted: 11/23/11, 02:37:16
I use Link. It seems odd to do anything else. But when I was younger and lived at home I would use my name to differentiate save files since multiple people would play the game.
Posted: 11/23/11, 02:41:53
One of these days I am going to use 'assface', but probably not while my kids are around. I'm not sure I want to answer those questions.
Posted: 11/23/11, 04:07:20
Always used Link as far back as I can remember. Anything else just wouldn't sound right.
Posted: 11/23/11, 04:10:19

I remember a father with young kids (friends of mine; I was youngish, too) whose character in Legend of Zelda was named "Schmuck." I always thought it was such a naughty word, but at the same time I was mystified as he was the oldest person I had ever seen play a videogame (he was probably like 40, haha).
Posted: 11/23/11, 04:20:53
Wow, lots of Links. I always use my stupid nickname.

Would 'assface' fit?
Posted: 11/23/11, 05:44:11  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/11, 05:44:48
I always use Link the first time through. Then, l usually use my name on a 2nd playthrough.
Posted: 11/23/11, 05:46:09

Are you saying your nickname is Assface?

Yeah, I think it totally fits .
Posted: 11/23/11, 06:28:56
Hey, Shadowlink, the Jerk Store just called...
Posted: 11/23/11, 06:32:31

To tell you that you're their best seller?

(I watch Senifeld too y'know )
Posted: 11/23/11, 06:40:39  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/11, 06:41:02

It was the default name, so I rolled with it. It was also the default name for Twilight Princess, so the Hero was also named Link in that game for me, too.

I think the last Legend of Zelda game that I didn't use Link as the character's name was Ocarina of Time back in 1998. (I used my real name back then)
Posted: 11/23/11, 06:52:22

Anand had sex with your wife.
Posted: 11/23/11, 21:40:41

If only. That would mean I had a girl stashed around here somewhere.

Alas I do not.
Posted: 11/23/11, 21:48:25
When I was a kid I used to use my name in games that allowed it. I believe it was WW where I realized it was somehow more immersive to use the characters' actual names.

On second playthroughs I may consider it, but I doubt it.
Posted: 11/23/11, 21:51:16

Did you put your own name in for Final Fantasy III(US), and such? If so, how/what did you name everyone else?
Posted: 11/23/11, 22:05:01
No, more like Secret Of Mana or Chrono Trigger. In FF I used to name them after something that matched, characters from movies, people
I know, etc. Don't think I put my name into FF characters ever.

But now for all games I keep the original name. Up until rather recently even I'd name them off of other things. In Skyrim you have to make up a name so I try to think of something medieval I've heard somewhere or make it up myself, for example.
Posted: 11/23/11, 22:27:51
I don't even have the game yet, and I already know that I'll be using Link as my name.
Posted: 11/24/11, 00:23:17
@carlosrox But is "Link" actually the character's name? I thought that Nintendo/Miyamoto have this convoluted explanation for how "Link" just means the link from the game to the player or something, and it isn't a defined character with a defined name?
Posted: 11/24/11, 01:20:03

Yeah I remember that, although I don't know if that was a recent explanation or something that Miyamoto came up with way back for the first game.

Regardless, we've had the Adventure of Link, and Link's Awakening. So Link is clearly accepted (now) by Nintendo as the proper name for the character. I think it'd be hard to argue otherwise.
Posted: 11/24/11, 01:47:40

The cartoon calls him Link even. It's his actual name.

And I know that you now this and I know a cartoon isn't 100% proof but I don't think it's debatable is what I'm adding to the convo.
Posted: 11/24/11, 01:51:25  - Edited by 
 on: 11/24/11, 01:51:51
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