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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.03/10 from 67 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii!

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Alrighty everyone, the game is finally out in all primary regions.... IDreamofHime was the first to receive their copy here on the boards. This is the place to discuss it!!!

Welcome to the thread on Negative World where all wondrous Zelda talk can occur. I would recommend that if you wanna talk about deeper-game stuff as we get going, perhaps spoiler-tag it and then describe outside of spoilers where in the game it is. The recent Super Mario 3D Land Discussion Thread is a good example. That'll allow people who aren't too far to read the thread without actually spoiling stuff for them. Just try to be courteous but definitely have fun with the game and discussions!!

Have ye what it takes?

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If you've beaten the game, click on over to roykoopa64's Skyward Sword story/ ending discussion (SPOILERS), and general thoughts thread! It's like this thread part deux!!

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Posted: 11/17/11, 19:54:35  - Edited by 
 on: 09/20/12, 03:19:59
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@CommanderRadio - Only if you try to make every single piece of information out there fit together. If you focus on a hierarchy of canon that allows the concrete to be taken over the easily mutable, it's still very much alive. (Unfortunately, the developers try their best to ruin things with every game, it seems.)
Posted: 04/18/12, 04:16:11
Finally finished this game last night. The last boss fight was pretty epic, I loved it.
Posted: 04/24/12, 15:29:16

Congrats, and what an awesome game, right? I still want to play through Hero Mode but I've had my plate full as it is!

If you haven't yet, check out our discussion on the story and ending in this thread.
Posted: 04/24/12, 16:59:11
I popped this game back in today to start a new playthrough. This game is truly magical. I just wish it had a more connected world and overworld, but the rest of the game more than makes up for that.
Posted: 04/28/12, 22:25:49
@Scrawnton Is your new playthrough on Hero Mode?
Posted: 04/28/12, 22:41:28  - Edited by 
 on: 04/28/12, 22:41:46
@Mop it up i alaready beat it on hero mode. I typically play two playthroughs of zelda the moment it comes out.
Posted: 04/28/12, 23:00:48
@Scrawnton So that's a no? Wimp. :P
Posted: 04/28/12, 23:03:23
@Mop it up i felt like taking playing a relaxed version for the playthrough, i already beat it on hero mode, ive nothing else to prove haha.
Posted: 04/28/12, 23:08:30
I totally forgot there was a hero mode. What exactly is different about it? I might have to try it out sometime.
Posted: 04/28/12, 23:09:28
@Zero each hit deals two hearts of damage to you, you dont find hearts in the wild, unless you use a certain item. So pretty much, you have to be tactical and use your shield becuse if you go to far in to a dungeon and have no more potions, the tension of the game really ramps up and you have to go back to skylof and stock up on potions to make it through the dungeon. It just makes you have to really buy potions and craft better potions etc, to make it through because towards the end of the game, you missing a block or chance knce can result in aout 8 hearts being taken off.
Posted: 04/28/12, 23:21:10
Here's everything I noticed on Hero Mode:

-Everything deals double damage, whether it's a monster attack or a spike or whatever.
-No hearts appear unless you carry a Heart Medal. One medal makes them appear rarely, and two medals makes them appear as normal.
-You keep your powered up Skyward Strike and can power it up even more, to the point where it charges instantaneously.
-You keep all of the bugs and treasures that you had in your inventory.
-The spin move underwater uses up twice as much oxygen.
-Some characters have slightly different dialogue and you can skip a few tutorials.
-The final boss now appears in the boss rush.
-Your high scores in minigames remain.
Posted: 04/28/12, 23:22:30

Man oh man. I've been going hard with monster hunter and paper Mario and Luigis mansion on 3ds lately. I decide to take a sanity break from Monster Hunter and play something with a little more intellectual challenge. My girlfriend wanted to play a Zelda game with me, so I decided to return to this one. I played it and beat it the first three days it came out. I then played the hero mode but stopped two weeks later because I graduated college and was busy. Returning to this game is exactly what I need.

I started over again yesterday on the regular difficulty. It was great to remind myself how great this game is. Once you get passed the non hd-ness of the graphics, you get completely enveloped in the world. Everything is polished and I've yet to play an hd gen game that payed this much attention to detail or had this fluid if animations. I think bioshock infinite is the only game to rival this in overall polish of environment and attention to detail.

The gameplay remains completely solid and it is still challenging. It feels like the first time again! Even though the controls work, I am looking forward to regular button controls for the Wind Waker HD. I also hope the true Wii U zelda uses button controls as opposed to motion.

The music is even more phenomenal than I remember. The graphics are still breath taking and the story is still great. Fi is still a little annoying, but that is okay!

Anyone else playing this still?
Posted: 05/13/13, 16:23:38

I know a certain mustachioed individual who has yet to play it....

I need to get my copy back from my friend too.
Posted: 05/13/13, 17:06:26
@Shadowlink what?!? He still hasn't played and beaten it?! I need to go into chat and drop spoilers one night... Man. How can any Nintendo fan not play skyward sword yet?
Posted: 05/13/13, 17:15:24
I'm right before the last dungeon/battle/whatever, but haven't finished it. The endgame fetch quest fucking killed my momentum. Ugh.
Posted: 05/13/13, 17:39:51
@Kal-El814 the end game 'fetch quest" introduces all new game mechanics and puzzles. How is that a fetch quest?
Posted: 05/13/13, 18:24:04

I have to admit the first "fetch quest" presented to me at the end made me so angry (collecting notes in the water). Then I actually started to play it and found that it was something entirely new. Then the next "fetch quest" was an entirely new section in the desert area which was nice. I guess I had gotten used to the routine of "new" being something unseen. You have to hand it to the devs, they really reuse the areas in different ways even though it the same damn area. Looking back it did add some challenge and a new perspective on some of the areas.
Posted: 05/13/13, 18:46:37

Wait, what? Wow, Stache, you need to play this stat!


I'm with @Scrawnton and @Abdooooo here. Those endgame "fetch quests" weren't as bad as other games that I have played.
Posted: 05/13/13, 19:26:42

Because it killed the pace of the narrative. It had been a generally escalating story up until that point, then I'm told by an entity whose life I just saved that I need to learn a song, during which I'm told by someone whose life I had already saved that I need to collect a bunch of musical notes because... reasons. Fuck that.


I'm not totally opposed to the mechanics or learning new areas, that's fine; it's a damn sight better than TWW's flagrant padding. Just structure the pace of the game better so that I'm not sent on a swimming mission when I thought I was about to get sent to fight for the Triforce.
Posted: 05/13/13, 20:42:44
@Kal-El814 so what you dont like is the way the story is interrupted by the quest? I agree with that. You just get done crafting the master sword and you learn about the existence of the triforce and the last dungeon to challenge and the last thing you want is for someone you tell you to find three things before you can go to the place that is possibly the biggest tease of the game. I understand that. I loved playing through those parts of the game, but it really put the story, which is an amazing one and a fantastic peak at the end, on halt.

sorry for spoiler tags, people like stache never played the game.
Posted: 05/13/13, 22:29:08
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