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Rayman Origins (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
7.99/10 from 7 user ratings

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Rayman Origins (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.0)  by  


Alright, game comes out in a week. Who's psyched?

I just finished thoroughly playing the demo. I had to restart some levels a lot, but a lot was due to me not really paying attention to certain things, haha. For instance, I tried half a dozen times to get the minimum time trial time in the first level and was about to complain that it was BS they don't even show you a timer or anything, and then finally saw the clock you have to grab at the beginning of the level to start the time trial.

Similarly, I just couldn't get all the lums to get the medal for the level, but after a while I realized I was skipping lums-giving enemies by not going to the secret areas anymore.

Still, a lot of the challenge in the demo was legitimate and not due to my stupidity. And some of the difficulty was NOT legitimate and due to some problems with the game. I thought the controls and platforming were pretty spot on and forgiving, until I reached the final stage of the demo, where I must have died a dozen times due to Rayman just getting "stuck" in the scenery, somehow. Not too big a fan of that.

Some neat surprises, however: the shooter level was pretty solid, and clearly inspired by this PSOne import:

Yup, that's a kid riding a flying vacuum.

By the way, I encourage you to revisit that stage as Globox instead of Rayman. It plays the same but the new... look... really took me by surprise, haha.

And that's definitely one thing I love about the demo: lots of great visual gags and funny animations.

The platforming is really solid when Rayman isn't stuck to the scenery, too. At E3, I played this pretty amazing level that could have been a temple level taken straight out of DKCR. The controls can feel a bit floaty, but they're pretty forgiving, especially given that you have wall jumps, and can slow down your fall.

I do wonder how surprised at the difficulty those who haven't played a hardcore platformer but want this game because it's pretty will be, however. Haha. Even I was taken a bit by surprise.

The music is nuts.

Anyway. Hype!

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Posted: 11/09/11, 07:47:08  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 05:41:36
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I'm glad you're enjoying the game! And yeah, I prefer DKCR myself, but Rayman is still a top platformer.

I agree about the multiplayer. Maybe it's a bit too chaotic for its own good? I tried playing it with a bunch of casual gamers and we quickly switched back to Kirby RTD.
Posted: 08/09/12, 16:29:01
Posted: 08/09/12, 16:33:09

Well snap. I might actually have to get a console version. I mean, at that price, why not?
Posted: 08/09/12, 16:57:39
I just bought it for PS3 a week ago, but it is still in its shrink wrap... tiiiiime.
Posted: 08/09/12, 20:24:17
I gotta play this for Backlaugust. I'll crack it open next week.
Posted: 08/09/12, 21:13:47
Well, I finally beat Rayman Origins 100%! Every Electoon, every Medal, every Speed Trophy, every Skull Tooth, and every stage completed and collected to completion!

All in all, a swell ride indeed. Pretty much all my comments from earlier still stand. The final few stages were definitely a rough challenge, and the very very last one, Land of the Livid Dead, was just about the most insane platforming challenge since Mario Galaxy 2's Perfect Run. I quite enjoyed it, despite some trial-and-error-y sections. In fact, I really enjoyed pretty much any section of the game that encouraged speedy jumping and bouncing around and required quick reactions.

In a lot of ways, I feel that Rayman Origins is the kind of platformer that Sonic should strive to be.

The ending was a let-down in a few ways though. I don't expect much for plot in platformers, but there really weren't any "origins" here at all! In fact, the storyline was completely nonsensical, and not in the nutty Earthworm Jim way--just in the way that bosses, enemies and NPCs just sorta show up without any context. It's not a big deal at all considering the core gameplay and content, but given how hilarious and charming the rest of the presentation is, a simple and fun (coherent) ending would've been the perfect topper to such a personality-filled game.

All in all though, a very strong title and one of my favorites of 2011. I definitely recommend it to any platforming fans AS LONG AS you have a fairly large TV. Rayman and co. can get absolutely tiny on the screen if you aren't playing on something bigger than ~36 inches or so. Also, the game is on sale like every other week, so there's no reason not to pick it up, especially to prepare yourself for the awesomeness of the Wii U sequel (hopefully) coming this year!

Now bring on Legends!
Posted: 08/11/12, 07:23:03

I dunno....you *need* a big screen to play this game? I disagree. Both the Vita and 3DS versions (demo version in the 3DS's case) are excellent. And those don't have big screens...

Congrats on beating the entire game, by the way! Well done!
Posted: 08/12/12, 03:55:09
Yeah you don't need a big screen! Just HD resolution on a medium screen...
Posted: 08/12/12, 03:58:47
I'm playing through this game right now on PS3 in SD! It's a platformer. I like the music.

My favorite thing to do is raise my big Globox arms in the air.
Posted: 08/12/12, 05:32:09  - Edited by 
 on: 08/12/12, 07:46:20
I talked about this a bit in the Backlaugust thread, but I finally played through this a few weeks back on 360. I really enjoyed it quite a bit. Beyond the fact that it's an incredibly gorgeous game, there was some really awesome platforming as well. Particularly the "Tricky Treasure" stages, which were incredibly challenging but fun as well, and the underwater stages were surprisingly quite good. Only real gripes I had with the game were the flight levels, which weren't that interesting or fun.

I think I finished around 200 Electoons (I had to break away for Backlaugust games, though a part of me really wanted to keep on playing.) I completed the Land of the Livid Dead before calling it quits...I'm still surprised at the fact that I beat that, considering how many times I died on just the first area. And it just got crazier and crazier after that. It was incredibly satisfying to clear it, though (got a nice achievement for doing so as well...).

Rayman Legends has definitely been added to my list of wanted Wii U games. This game didn't do a whole lot that wasn't great, and I want more of it.
Posted: 08/12/12, 06:16:24
Just beat the game (not 100%) we need just one more blood crystal thingy. That last level was intense, loved the throwback bosses.
Posted: 08/13/12, 07:55:58
I am bumping this thread because I never posted in it for some reason, and this game is fantastic and people need to buy it. It's crazy cheap on all platforms, there's no excuse.

If you remotely like any kind of 2D platform game PICK IT UP!
Posted: 08/24/12, 08:06:59
I still gte the Chest-Chase music stuck in my head once in a while. Such an awesome game
Posted: 08/24/12, 15:15:20
You know, I want to love this game as much as the rest of you guys (I'm playing it on Wii), but this music is driving me crazy. I get it, the vocals are supposed to be funny, but those sounds are just grating on the ears. The lava world was bad enough with the Mexican theme, but the water level music made me want to stop playing.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, I'm definitely in the minority here, but I can't help it.
Posted: 10/31/12, 04:10:59  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/12, 04:41:43
I just fired up the game. Right off the bat I noticed the text was a bit small and so is Rayman (or the character) while playing the game. Maybe I need a bigger TV, idk. With the bad out of the way, Rayman is certainly a different breed of platformer from the Nintendo line-up. I like it, it reminds me of Chowder or some other similar cartoon. I find the sound clips and animation entertaining. I'm just three or four levels in, however.
Posted: 11/03/12, 03:20:54
@Tranquilo Are you playing on the Wii? This game is really optimized for the HD consoles. Still, it's a great game on the Wii too.
Posted: 11/03/12, 03:27:49
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