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Rayman Origins (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
7.99/10 from 7 user ratings

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Rayman Origins (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.0)  by  


Alright, game comes out in a week. Who's psyched?

I just finished thoroughly playing the demo. I had to restart some levels a lot, but a lot was due to me not really paying attention to certain things, haha. For instance, I tried half a dozen times to get the minimum time trial time in the first level and was about to complain that it was BS they don't even show you a timer or anything, and then finally saw the clock you have to grab at the beginning of the level to start the time trial.

Similarly, I just couldn't get all the lums to get the medal for the level, but after a while I realized I was skipping lums-giving enemies by not going to the secret areas anymore.

Still, a lot of the challenge in the demo was legitimate and not due to my stupidity. And some of the difficulty was NOT legitimate and due to some problems with the game. I thought the controls and platforming were pretty spot on and forgiving, until I reached the final stage of the demo, where I must have died a dozen times due to Rayman just getting "stuck" in the scenery, somehow. Not too big a fan of that.

Some neat surprises, however: the shooter level was pretty solid, and clearly inspired by this PSOne import:

Yup, that's a kid riding a flying vacuum.

By the way, I encourage you to revisit that stage as Globox instead of Rayman. It plays the same but the new... look... really took me by surprise, haha.

And that's definitely one thing I love about the demo: lots of great visual gags and funny animations.

The platforming is really solid when Rayman isn't stuck to the scenery, too. At E3, I played this pretty amazing level that could have been a temple level taken straight out of DKCR. The controls can feel a bit floaty, but they're pretty forgiving, especially given that you have wall jumps, and can slow down your fall.

I do wonder how surprised at the difficulty those who haven't played a hardcore platformer but want this game because it's pretty will be, however. Haha. Even I was taken a bit by surprise.

The music is nuts.

Anyway. Hype!

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Posted: 11/09/11, 07:47:08  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 05:41:36
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This game is a full price release too? I don't for a second think that 2D games are any less worthy of being full price than 3D games... but unfortunately a large portion of the gaming population does. And I don't think a colorful 2D platformer will sell for $60 on the HD consoles ever.
Posted: 11/18/11, 01:50:34
I'm in the middle of world 2 (of 10?) or just about, finished the second bonus level, which is again basically a temple level from DKCR: platforms crumble as you run across them, which makes for some thrilling platforming.

I also played a regular level that could be compared to the Squawk levels in DKC2.

Given that Rayman's attacks kind of mirror DK's moves in those games as well, I think the template for this game is clear.

80% DKC, 20% original 2D Rayman.
Posted: 11/22/11, 07:09:28
Well now you've got me interested.
Posted: 11/22/11, 07:30:17
Tearing myself from Kirby a little bit, and focusing less on getting everything in each and ever Rayman level, I've made some progress in the last week: I'm done with about half the game's worlds.

You then unlock four worlds based on the same settings that you've already seen (which is a bit disappointing) and which you can tackle in any order.

And let me tell you: the game gets hard.
Posted: 12/19/11, 16:42:59

Great to hear that the game isn't a pushover.

I'll likely be checking this out Q1.
Posted: 12/19/11, 17:16:58

In terms of overall quality, how does it stack up against some of the other Wii sidescrollers (Dream Land, Yarn, DKCR, NSMBW, Wario, etc)?
Posted: 12/19/11, 21:38:20

It's definitely up there. As I keep repeating, it's very much like DKCR 2. The floaty physics might turn off some people, but I got used to them pretty fast. I guess it's a bit more "loose" than your standard Mario game: if you can almost make it to a platform, you'll probably actually be okay.

Listen to the podcast when I put it up sometime tomorrow, I talk about it!

But yeah, I have very few issues with the game. It's just a genuinely fun platformer made by people with an obvious love for the genre, and that doesn't rely on a gimmick like so many cheap downloadable 2D platformers do.
Posted: 12/19/11, 22:03:05
You had me at DKCR2!

I'll definitely keep an ear out for tomorrow's podcast, thanks.
Posted: 12/19/11, 22:23:25

I think Trish might've gotten this for me for Christmas. If it plays like DKC, then that's good news.
Posted: 12/20/11, 01:25:58
this game is on my wish list..here's hoping this game makes it under the tree this year

Posted: 12/20/11, 02:03:20
Playing again today, and this game has a weeeird difficulty curve. The levels I'm playing right now are definitely tougher to get through than the previous ones. But even though I'm not trying super hard to get the medal for the lums collecting, I overshoot the target by sometimes as many as 50 lums.

In earlier levels, I had to restart the whole level a couple of times before finding enough for the medal. And even then, it was really hard to pull off, and I would get barely enough.

Their intentions were good I'm sure: The levels are already tough, starting them over and over again trying to collect lums might have been frustrating. But it kind of robs advanced players of the possibility of going back later to a stage to "master" it.

I haven't done the time trials for the later levels though. Now those might prove impossible, who knows.

The boss I just fought was a bit disappointing. You basically couldn't win unless you knew the pattern, which changed three times. So it was "die, restart, dodge, die, restart, dodge, dogde, die, restart...". Not the best in the game.
Posted: 12/20/11, 17:41:02  - Edited by 
 on: 12/20/11, 17:51:31
I got this as a gift!

Right now I just finished the first stage of world 2. I think Guillaume is pretty much right on the mark when he compared it to DKCR--a lot of the elements, like the lush, lively scenery, frequent use of camera movement and depth, and general feel/flow of the game definitely bring back memories of last year's DK. The stages are often built around momentum and it makes moving around a lot of fun.

The controls are surprisingly strong for a non-Nintendo platformer, but they still feel a little slippery at times. I'm the kind of platforming fan who likes to hold down the run button all the time, so it's a little tricky to maneuver in tight spots like that. And the characters' ability to crawl up the ledge of a lot of platforms makes it slightly unclear where the "edge" that you have to reach is. Otherwise, I'm impressed with the general weight and feel of the controls.

Definitely having a good time with Rayman Origins so far. At first the SD zoomed-out thing was bugging me a little, but then I tried setting the Wii on widescreen and playing it like that (I have a 4:3 TV). While it makes the game's visuals slightly squished, I feel things are more visible enough to the point where it's a fair trade-off for me. If you're having trouble seeing the characters, give it a shot and see if you prefer it like that.
Posted: 12/24/11, 21:55:34
I just bought this game yesterday (30$ for PS3 version!) and played through the first world. Absolutely loving it so far! The cast of characters are great and there's a lot of humor in it as well. The first "secret" level really had me laughing with the mix of music and overall wackiness of it all. Oh and not to mention the boss level... perfect!
Posted: 12/25/11, 02:58:10
I finished the game today, the last 3 worlds REALLY ramp up the difficulty. Review coming up?
Posted: 12/25/11, 05:22:54
Posted: 12/25/11, 05:40:47
This game has to win best visuals of the year somewhere. The game is absolutely stunning
Posted: 12/25/11, 18:52:32
Where did you find the PS3 version for 30 bucks? DO TELL!
Posted: 12/25/11, 19:15:08
At EB's 12 days of Christmas on Friday. I think they'll have the Wii version on sale tomorrow for 30$ but I doubt it applies to other versions...
Posted: 12/25/11, 19:17:20
I got the PS3 version from a friend for Christmas. Trish and I played through the first world and it is pretty fun! If this thread is still afloat, I will come back with further impressions when we dive further.
Posted: 01/02/12, 09:23:33
My friend is bringing over Rayman: Origins tomorrow. From what he tells me, it sounds pretty amazing, and from what I can hear over the phone, the music sounds great.
Posted: 01/02/12, 10:48:20
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