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Rayman Origins (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
7.99/10 from 7 user ratings

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Rayman Origins (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.0)  by  


Alright, game comes out in a week. Who's psyched?

I just finished thoroughly playing the demo. I had to restart some levels a lot, but a lot was due to me not really paying attention to certain things, haha. For instance, I tried half a dozen times to get the minimum time trial time in the first level and was about to complain that it was BS they don't even show you a timer or anything, and then finally saw the clock you have to grab at the beginning of the level to start the time trial.

Similarly, I just couldn't get all the lums to get the medal for the level, but after a while I realized I was skipping lums-giving enemies by not going to the secret areas anymore.

Still, a lot of the challenge in the demo was legitimate and not due to my stupidity. And some of the difficulty was NOT legitimate and due to some problems with the game. I thought the controls and platforming were pretty spot on and forgiving, until I reached the final stage of the demo, where I must have died a dozen times due to Rayman just getting "stuck" in the scenery, somehow. Not too big a fan of that.

Some neat surprises, however: the shooter level was pretty solid, and clearly inspired by this PSOne import:

Yup, that's a kid riding a flying vacuum.

By the way, I encourage you to revisit that stage as Globox instead of Rayman. It plays the same but the new... look... really took me by surprise, haha.

And that's definitely one thing I love about the demo: lots of great visual gags and funny animations.

The platforming is really solid when Rayman isn't stuck to the scenery, too. At E3, I played this pretty amazing level that could have been a temple level taken straight out of DKCR. The controls can feel a bit floaty, but they're pretty forgiving, especially given that you have wall jumps, and can slow down your fall.

I do wonder how surprised at the difficulty those who haven't played a hardcore platformer but want this game because it's pretty will be, however. Haha. Even I was taken a bit by surprise.

The music is nuts.

Anyway. Hype!

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Posted: 11/09/11, 07:47:08  - Edited by 
 on: 12/25/11, 05:41:36
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Well, IGN gave the Wii version a 9.5

Also, from what I am hearing and reading, the Wii's version is exactly like the HD twins, except not in HD. So, I can live with that. Sure, HD is HD, but since I only own a Wii, that is what I will play this bad boy on.
Posted: 11/10/11, 09:11:53
Destructoid gave it a 9. The reviewer was 40% when his save file got corrupted (supposedly review code wasn't final) and had to start over again. He says he didn't care that he had to replay the beginning.

Next week is gonna be NUTS. I'm completely ignoring the PS3, and it's still gonna be an insane month.

I frickin' hate Sega, Ubisoft and, yes, Nintendo, as publishers right now. Screw you.
Posted: 11/11/11, 07:44:47
What I played of the demo was phenomenal. Beautiful game!

I really, really can't wait for Nintendo to go HD. Could you imagine a Yoshi game like this?
Posted: 11/11/11, 08:17:56
GameTrailers was a little less generous and gave it a 8.5. They didn't have much bad to say about it though.
Posted: 11/11/11, 08:39:16
I played the first level of the demo, and it was alright. It had a bit less focus on platforming and more focus on collecting random objects than I would have liked. I'm still going to buy the full game though.
Posted: 11/11/11, 11:48:53
Played the demo: Love the animation, but gameplay seems a little flat to me.
Posted: 11/11/11, 11:54:22
This game is so trippy and cute, I love it!!! I've waited years for a true Rayman sequel, this is one of the few games that really takes me back to my childhood. I hope the full game holds my attention as much as the demo did. Challenging yet arrestingly charming.
Posted: 11/12/11, 06:55:47  - Edited by 
 on: 11/12/11, 06:56:24
Footage of the Wii version, which thank god doesn't seem to suffer from any framerate issues and looks good despite being SD (it's the version I ordered).

Posted: 11/16/11, 08:28:53
Why did you order the Wii version, out of curiosity?
Posted: 11/16/11, 18:25:52

$30 on Amazon.ca.

Otherwise I would have paid the $10 HD tax. But with a $30 difference, I can't justify the PS3 version. Exact same game, just lower res.

I bet the load times are gonna be better on Wii, too, lol.
Posted: 11/16/11, 18:34:11  - Edited by 
 on: 11/16/11, 18:35:19
Makes sense. For non-online games, my patience is near-infinite, so I think I'll just wait for the HD version to drop. Ubisoft games usually drop FAST. And playing a full-featured, retail HD platformer will be an interesting novelty.
Posted: 11/16/11, 19:00:23

There's also the matter of owning enough Wii controllers for 4 players. Might come in handy at the next NW meet-up...

Buying additional PS3 controllers would be retarded. Local play is dead on that console.
Posted: 11/16/11, 19:12:17
Another good point!

I realized when cleaning that I now have a ridiculous amount of Wiimotes, due to pack-ins and sales. Like, SEVEN, maybe? I sure hope Wii U supports more controllers (I know that it won't!).
Posted: 11/16/11, 19:50:24
I played a little of the game tonight, just enough to get time trial medals and all the lums in 3 levels or so, which is pretty challenging, but not as challenging right away as the demo was. Still takes a lot of tries, though.

But that challenge has been self-imposed: you don't have to collect the lums if you don't want to. Then the levels are probably just the right difficulty.

I had a LOT of difficulty getting some jumps just right, however. I was ready to declare the controls too imprecise and floaty. And then I let go of the jump button, and nailed those jumps. It was a timed section, too, but I achieved it with lots of time to spare. Heh.

As far as the SD graphics go... I would be lying if I said I didn't get a tinge of regret when I saw them. They're simply not as clear and as bright as the HD version, that is undeniable. And while the game still looks good, I think it shows that the game was meant to be HD. Games that are meant to be SD on the Wii, such as Wario Land or A Boy and His Blob, look clearer, brighter, more vivid than this game. I'm still happy I saved $30, though.

If you are a fan of platformers and are done with SM3DL and Kirby, however, still check it out, even if you only own a Wii. It takes some time getting acclimated to the controls and to fight the urge to always run, but this is far and away the most "Nintendo" of all the Rayman games I've played. I still get a good DKCR vibe from it.
Posted: 11/17/11, 07:32:32
Am I the only one who got the game? On any platform?

Ubisoft are such idiots, releasing the game at this time.
Posted: 11/17/11, 20:22:39
Guillaume said:
Ubisoft are such idiots, releasing the game at this time.

Agreed, as this is essentially my case.

If they would have released the game during the slower summer months I would have been all over it at launch, but there's simply too many higher-priority games hitting the scene this season.

Skyrim is in my soul and it will be months before I'm even interested in turning to something else.
Posted: 11/17/11, 20:31:22

If there was a similar deal on Amazon US I would buy it.
Posted: 11/17/11, 20:40:57
I bought this on Tuesday but haven't played it yet. I still need to finish Kirby!
Posted: 11/17/11, 20:46:14

Thanks for the impressions! That's a bummer about the SD graphics--it looked pretty solid from the footage I've seen, but it clearly is missing that extra level of visual fidelity compared to the HD versions. This might be the first time I'll actually care that the Wii isn't in HD!

As for your question about who's getting it, I think a lot of us here were planning on getting SM3DL and Zelda at launch, and waiting for Christmastime to nab Rayman Origins (as a gift or something hopefully). That's what I'm doing, at least--the game looks great, but Ubi Soft released it during the week between Mario and Zelda!? Could there be a more inopportune time to market to Nintendo fans?
Posted: 11/17/11, 21:00:27
Ubisoft fucked this game's chance at success over, but they'll never acknowledge that.

I plan on getting this game at some point before Christmas, though I don't know when that'll be.
Posted: 11/18/11, 01:45:42
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