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Have you pre-ordered Super Mario 3D Land? [poll]
Yes (9/29 votes)
No (20/29 votes)
The game comes out in a week and it promises to be amazing. Have you pre-ordered yet? If not, why?

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Posted: 11/06/11, 19:27:58  - Edited by 
 on: 11/06/11, 19:28:23
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I preordered it because I had reserved the Uncharted 3 CE but I decided to go with the standard edition, and since I had fully paid it off, I had $40 to spare. So I figured I might as well put it down on a game I know in getting. Plus, it's not one of those games that GameStop jacks up the prices on (like Kirby Mass Attack and Professor Layton).

Plus, since it hasn't been mentioned in this thread, you guys should know it that at GameStop, it comes with a keychain.

Posted: 11/07/11, 17:13:49
Pre-ordered and fully paid for it at GameStop already. Sunday can't come soon enough!

I heard somewhere that it comes with this keychain. Can someone confirm?

Posted: 11/07/11, 17:15:43  - Edited by 
 on: 11/07/11, 17:16:33
No but I pre-ordered the keychain. Why hasn't anyone told me that it's going to be available here finally? Also I was surprised that they're including a free game with it. This has to be a first!
Posted: 11/07/11, 17:40:25
In all seriousness though, I just pre-ordered it and Mario Kart 7 so I'll get that pin set from EB Canada, whatever it's supposed to be. I think they only hand it out when you pick up your Mario Kart order though so it'll be a while.
Posted: 11/07/11, 21:14:07

I'm proud (for some reason) that I was "Gamestop News Poster Zero" however I think it's funny that everyone is hotlinking the picture I hotlinked from, making it even more of an annoying offense, lol.
Posted: 11/07/11, 21:17:02
To me the pin set seems a little redundant, seeing as we should be getting pins from Club Nintendo pretty soon.
Posted: 11/07/11, 21:24:02
Eh, I never preorder. I don't really want to get locked into it if my financials change, and I've never EVER had a hard time finding a game at or near launch. Seriously, I can walk into any store and find any recent game without any problem whatsoever. Gamestop is the only store I've ever seen that doesn't have enough stock to go around.
Posted: 11/07/11, 21:25:23

Yeah butI was planning on buying both anyway so might as well. Plus EB will have the titles out on Sunday rather than having to argue with employees at another store (Wal-Mart) who refuse to believe that anything is to be put out on a Sunday.
Posted: 11/07/11, 21:26:12
@Cubed777 I rarely preorder games either, but when I do I generally pay them off right away, so if my finances change I'm all set.
Posted: 11/07/11, 22:54:21
The last game I pre-ordered was Metroid: Other M because I was offered a $20 gift cart. I usually don't pre-order games.
Posted: 11/07/11, 23:25:12

Why would Mrs_Mustache not get a keychain? She likes 3DS, and pre-ordered the game. Boo, to you!


Looks like Dave Grohl?
Posted: 11/07/11, 23:33:38
Negative. Gaming dollars are a bit scarce right now, so the $ went to the Skyward Sword preorder.
Posted: 11/07/11, 23:38:10
sirmastersephiroth said:
missypissy said:
Pre-ordered at Gamestop because of the keychain (and because that's the only bonus anywhere). Don't think it'll be hard to find, but I may as well get free things.

Ditto. By the way, what's your avatar?

Posted: 11/08/11, 00:22:25
I wonder what the keychain will REALLY look like. Because I doubt it's somehow magically a CG render with a bad drop shadow and a key ring attached. Unless it's, like, a flat picture of that or something.

Posted: 11/08/11, 00:52:39
Stupid sexy Mario!

K-Mart has got my money for this holiday season! I'm daisy-chaining my gamer coupons...

50 on Kirby + 15 gamer coupon--
25 on Mario (with coupon) + 15 gamer coupon--
55 on Zelda WM+ bundle (with coupon) + 15 gamer coupon--
25 on Mario Kart 7 (with coupon) + 15 gamer coupon!

I'm assuming Zelda and MK7 will get coupons too. Which they will. That's pretty nice, saving 60 bucks all in all!
Posted: 11/08/11, 00:57:39  - Edited by 
 on: 11/08/11, 00:58:22
Nah, I don't usually preorder anything, if only because I can go get it day 1 easily. Rarely do they sell out of games across the city on the first day.

Plus if you wait a week, Amazon usually has it on sale. :P
Posted: 11/08/11, 00:58:01

I don't know what to use my coupons on!

We pre-ordered all of the notable stuff at Gamestop. Why, KMart, whyyy?
Posted: 11/08/11, 01:03:07
No I have a gamestop gift card I'm going to use on it so I'm going to wait for it to come out then order it online.
Posted: 11/08/11, 04:14:12
Had to post the original...

Although quite where this went in that ski suit is a mystery.

Posted: 11/08/11, 04:23:39  - Edited by 
 on: 11/08/11, 04:28:06
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