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What particular Nintendo topic wears you down? [roundtable]
I think itís time for me to dramatically reduce the number of gaming podcasts I listen to, because itís getting to the point where I canít stand hearing certain topics anymore.

I was listening to NWRís Radio Trivia podcast, in which they play three tunes from a game and then have some banter about it. In the latest episode, they chose Metroid: Other M, and of course, when discussing it they made fun of the dialogue and the baby, the baby, the baby, the baby...

Over 12 months after the fact, the same tired jokes and complains wonít stop! And while I respect the podcasterís right to express himself, itís not as if he said anything new. And I think thatís my main problem: the discourse from the media or internet commentators for certain games or systems changes, itís wearisome as heck. So why even say it at that point, when all of your audience is very, very, very familiar with all of the points that you are going to raise, or the rant you are about to launch into?

Is it just me who is having a problem with this because of over-exposure to gaming podcasts?

Iím particularly proud that in the NW podcast, we havenít spent a single minute mocking the Wii U name, or ranting about the 3DSí ďfrankenstickĒ. Iíd rather hear talk about Dog Football any day of the week.

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Posted: 09/26/11, 20:53:54
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New Forms said:
I'm tired of hearing about how iPhone is going to kill Nintendo's handheld division.

Don't worry, it'll be over soon and then people will only reminisce about how the iPhone killed handheld gaming.

Me I get sick of hearing about games not being brought to territories outside of Japan. Because it's a topic as old as video games itself, and yet some people act like it's this new travesty. It's a topic that's been going on for FOUR DECADES... Enough is (past) enough.
Posted: 09/27/11, 00:33:26

Posted: 09/27/11, 00:34:27
@Simbabbad You mean like how everyone in Dead Space happens to survive just long enough for you to walk up and then they get slaughtered in front of your face? Once, twice even I could understand... but EVERYONE?
Posted: 09/27/11, 01:02:50
@SimbabbadYes many who trash Other M mostly hit the same few lines. It's old.

What really annoyed me was a IGN call-in show. They say that they don't dislike Other M and they just think some other Metroid games are better. Later however, a guy that calls in says how he started off with Prime and loved the Prime games. Then the caller says he has begun playing the early games (Super Metroid ect.) and really liked them. He starts saying he has yet to play Other M but was thinking about it despite some sites reviews. Both hosts jump in and say "nah, don't bother" (or something like that) and kinda laugh. The guy laughs along and says "Okay, okay". I know there are many that have played the game and simply don't care for it but I wonder how many say "Other M sucks" and never even played it. How many won't try it because some site gave it a "6".
Posted: 09/27/11, 01:16:56
@Simbabbad Well yeah like I said, it's one thing to criticize the game for it, and it's another to act like it was the entire experience, I agree with you there. I guess I just meant to say that I didn't think it was "irrelevant" to the game. It's very relevant, but people definitely overreacted over it (and still do). I think a lot of the cutscenes and certain nuances of the game did kind of ruin the mood, but I don't think it ever took away with some of the stellar gameplay.
Posted: 09/27/11, 01:34:06  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/11, 01:35:55

I don't think I'm easily influenced by negative hype. I don't really read game reviews by and large and yet Metroid Other M was the lowest rated Metroid game ever since game reviews went on the internet. The general consensus is that for A or B Metroid didn't do it for a lot of people. You may call me out and say that it's the same old argument over and over again. That may be so, but it doesn't Make it less true.

I wouldn't call the story irrelevant. Specially when it is the reason why Samus acts the way she does in the game. And even if the story in Other M were a duplicate of the story of Metroid Fusion, (which is gasping at straws) the execution is much, much poorer in Other M. In fusion, it makes more sense to download the upgrades instead of having Adam Malkovich authorize the use of upgrades you already have access to at certain points to advance the storyline. It is certainly difficult to swallow, imo, even more so with the oh so "serious" tone the game was going for.

As for the fresh and innovative new ideas, again, that doesn't necessarily mean better. Sometimes I was sitting there looking at the screen, locked in first-person mode trying to decipher which exact pixel the game wanted me to look at for 15 mins to half an hour. I kid you not. Going into first person mode to use missiles was very clunky. Mostly because you had to wait for the reticule to lock into your target. In certain hectic situations that is asking for too much. Like when the lizard thing has you pinned down and you have to dodge its tail.

You see, even if we ignore awful cut-scene to gameplay ratio, the gameplay is certainly not without its major flaws. You can say that if you hold the controller a certain way it'll make it less cumbersome to dodge in first person but that will not make it more intuitive for the majority of people who bought the game and didn't like it.

I'm not saying this to try to prove a point, besides, nothing I say it's going to spoil the fun you already had with the game, right? At this point I don't hold out much hope for the Metroid franchise if this is the path it's heading down. I wouldn't recommend Other M, it's just not good, imo. If you absolutely have to play it for yourself, go ahead, I'm not stopping you, just know what you're getting won't be the next Super Metroid.
Posted: 09/27/11, 01:59:29
Guys, please debate Other M's merits here. Thanks.

Until now we have been able to discuss the talk surrounding the game and how it's been received, but as we talk more and more about Other M itself, we get off topic.
Posted: 09/27/11, 02:22:34  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/11, 02:24:23
-Anything about Nintendo going away
-Friend Codes (negative impressions)
-Anything about the online or lack thereof
-Other system owners putting their own up on a pedestal compared to the Wii, regardless of sales numbers or fun factor
Posted: 09/27/11, 02:27:26
1. "Nintendo never makes anything new"

2. "Nintendo has forsaken its hardcore fanbase"

That's all that really bothers me, I think. At least, that's all I can think of right now.
Posted: 09/27/11, 02:33:25
Topics that annoy me are probably ones that most people here agree with, like any argument that Nintendo should go third-party, or that Nintendo's games are all too easy now, or any bullshit like that. I don't have a problem with people discussing Nintendo's (or any company's) legitimate issues, but when people go off on stupid shit like that it's annoying.

One example that I still recall quite clearly is when Matt Casamassina (sp?) was making rant after rant about what a detriment to gaming Wii Music was, while ignoring the fact that Nintendo of America was refusing to acknowledge Disaster and Fatal Frame IV's existence. Nintendo does have faults, but I often feel people focus too much on the "wrong" ones.
Posted: 09/27/11, 03:05:42

Whatever floats your boat

In order not to get too off topic, can I vote for Nintendo itself, or NoA. I don't know man, I think I've reached the point where I don't really care anymore. Even if games like Bioshock infinite make it to Wii U, I don't think I'll buy them there if I have other options just because I'm fed up with Reggie and Nintendo's general (for lack of a better word) incompetence? At this point I don't even get mad anymore, it's like whatever. It's like that Loyd Banks song says:

I am the one you denied
Pushed me off everytime I tried
But I'm alright
I'm able to swallow my pride
And put all the bullshit to the side
If you ready to ride
Im down for a one night stand
I'll accept it any way that I can
Cuz I aint yo man
I'll try for whatever its worth
Just remember who played who first
Posted: 09/27/11, 03:08:38
Mr_Mustache said:
-Anything about Nintendo going away

Oh man I'm with you on this one. I quit a couple of podcasts recently simply because of this. The 3DS has the price drop and all of a sudden it's "Nintendo is going the way of Sega and be a software only company" The comparison to Sega's situation at the time and Nintendo's now is so ridiculous.
Posted: 09/27/11, 03:22:26  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/11, 03:22:48
@Tranquilo If by Nintendo you mean the entire range of Nintendo topics wears you down, what do you get out of Negative World?!
Posted: 09/27/11, 03:23:36
Zero said:
@Tranquilo If by Nintendo you mean the entire range of Nintendo topics wears you down, what do you get out of Negative World?!

I was wondering the same thing.
Posted: 09/27/11, 03:24:54
@Simbabbad Did you delete your review because of people complaining about your score? That's a shame; I liked reading it
Posted: 09/27/11, 03:27:40

Allow me to rephrase my statement.

What gets me down is Operation Rainfall. Not the project itself but rather Nintendo of America's attitude toward the whole situation. They're showing that they don't care enough about us to throw us a bone. We're practically nearing the holidays and no worthwhile retail title has been released for the Wii so far this calendar year in North America. I'm literally tired of replaying all of my current backlog. The last game I bought was Donkey Kong Country. The only notable game I haven't played so far is Super Mario Galaxy 2. I should get that one one of these days.

I guess you can say I've learned my role. Nintendo is a company, and I get that. They're in this industry to make money and they're only looking for their financial well being. As a consumer, knowing that they have games (good games mind you) that they could release here but don't do so for whatever reason tells me that I'm not being appreciated enough as a loyal costumer. If that's the case I'm going to take my business elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to purchase a Wii U as long as they make the superb Mario platformers and other Nintendo properties. I'm going to buy the first party games I think I'll enjoy whenever Nintendo decides to bring them over without worrying to much about it.

Unless the Wii U version is awesome enough to warrant a purchase, I'll avoid whatever multi platform third third-party games released on it in favor of a PC or other. Steam really knows how to cater to it's fanbase.
Posted: 09/27/11, 04:35:56  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/11, 04:48:35
Tranquilo said:

Nintendo of America, or just Reggie Fils-Ame's attitude towards Project Rainbow.

Wait, what?

Did I miss something? I haven't heard of Project Rainbow.
Posted: 09/27/11, 04:45:19  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/11, 04:45:45
@Tranquilo Yeah but the question is what TOPIC wears you down. Like, are you sick of discussing NOA/etc.?
Posted: 09/27/11, 04:47:32
Paleo_Orca said:
Tranquilo said:

Nintendo of America, or just Reggie Fils-Ame's attitude towards Project Rainbow.

Wait, what?

Did I miss something? I haven't heard of Project Rainbow.

Posted: 09/27/11, 04:48:34

You just made me laugh so hard while watching t.v. with my dad.

Dad: "What are you laughing at?"

Me: "Kmmgpphhh, nothing."
Posted: 09/27/11, 04:52:21
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