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Nostalgia Goggles (I WANT TO SLAP THEM OFF OF PEOPLE) [roundtable]
So I was in Anatomy/Physiology lab today, and one guy in my group noticed what was on my shirt:

He asked, "Hey, is that a metroid?"

I said, "Yeah"

He said, "Cool, Super Metroid is one of my favorite games."

"Mine too! :D " I said.

At this time, I'm thinking, 'Holy crap, a Nintenbro at my college! I should introduce him to Neg-'

"Way better than those new first person shooter Prime ones."



Do nostalgia goggles cause a lot of bias towards newer games in a series?



Note: I love both Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. I actually enjoy the 2-D Metroids more and think Super Metroid is better, but not 'way better' as the guy smugly said.

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Posted: 08/24/11, 20:28:54  - Edited by 
 on: 08/24/11, 22:32:58
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That would be pretty neat. I'd like to see a new Goemon game in particular.
Posted: 08/26/11, 00:16:05

Hey, DC comics is restarting 52 titles back at #1 this year. Why can't a videogame company do that?

I guess their ReBirth stuff was the right idea..but there are so many other games by Konami! Get on it, fools!
Posted: 08/26/11, 00:19:12
@Jargon It had a way better overworld with better secrets, that's for damn sure.

Actually I think it did pretty much everything better except for one thing... it had no fun "gimmick" to play with. The wolf doesn't count. Also I'd say challenge level, although both were super easy, but TP was even more super easy than OOT.
Posted: 08/26/11, 00:23:56
@Mr_Mustache Video game companies do reboots all the time. Lots of people hate them though.
Posted: 08/26/11, 00:53:40
Posted: 08/26/11, 01:03:42

Ah, Blades of Steel. My buddies and I wouldn't even play the game itself, we'd just have our players get in scruffs so we could do the one-on-one fighting mini-game.
Posted: 08/26/11, 01:05:45
Just for the record, I was just saying ways I think Super Metroid could be considered better than Prime to some people.

It's always hard for me to choose. I mean I love Super Metroid, but Prime is just...wow. Honestly every time I play either of those games, I'm just in awe of the fact that human beings created those worlds. The fact that Prime captures some of that classic Metroid exploration feeling in a 3D game is still remarkable to me, especially given the level of detail in the game.
Posted: 08/26/11, 01:09:08

Well yeah, that was the best part.. Hahaha...
Posted: 08/26/11, 01:09:18
Nostalgia can only go so far. After seeing Nintendo trying to replicate ALTTP mechanics in almost any 3D Zelda game to date and failing every time, I think I'll just stop dreaming of seeing a 3rd person ALTTP Zelda come out anytime soon, if ever.
Posted: 08/27/11, 00:27:27  - Edited by 
 on: 08/27/11, 00:29:37
Has Nintendo really tried to replicate LTTP mechanics in its 3D Zelda games?! I feel like they're much different games in general.
Posted: 08/27/11, 00:33:45

Many people consider OOT to be ALTTP in 3D. Instead of having environmental puzzles based on the duality of the map, they had a young/adult Link that could travel between 2 alternate versions of Hyrule. Except the "alternate" versions were more like one version with remixed NPC positions and shop locations.

Wind Waker tried this too, to a lesser extent. You hear throughout the game that old Hyrule is covered by the ocean, and you're dying to get down there and see what the real Hyrule, not this big piece of a boring water world, looks like. You're thinking: Is it just a bunch of ruins like Atlantis? Can I go visit underwater Hyrule locations? And when you finally get there (the highlight of Wind Waker for me) you only stay for a very small fraction of time and can't really explore anything. WTF?

Twilight Princess did the same thing with Twilight Realm. Same concept as ALTTP, except that it was ditched 3 dungeons in the game. That was one of TP's biggest missed opportunities if you ask me.
Posted: 08/27/11, 00:52:52  - Edited by 
 on: 08/27/11, 00:59:37
But that's just the gimmick, the whole overworld progression is different, and even the core gameplay is not really what I'd think of as LTTP in 3D.
Posted: 08/27/11, 00:58:08

That's part of my point, why should it be a gimmick when it could be an awesome game mechanic that just makes everything come together to the point of not being able to imagine the game working without them? All the right ingredients were in place, story and level setup support it.

Wind Waker:
You know that what people want is to traverse Hyrule field, not a big cartoony ocean. Why did they only make Hyrule field a super small section that you couldn't even explore?

Twilight Princess:
You make Twilight Realm the center piece of your new story, and than you completely throw it out of the window because, well, you wanted to put waggle controls in the game rather than expand the core gameplay of the Zelda series? Some of the more common critiques of TP was that the plot froze after the first 3 dungeons and only picked up at the last section, conveniently ignoring what the plot was building up towards 1/3rd of the game in.

Edited for better flow due to some confusion.
Posted: 08/27/11, 01:06:00  - Edited by 
 on: 08/31/11, 20:04:45
^Just to be fair, it doesn't look like the Twilight Realm was ever trying to achieve what LttP achieved...I mean, it was just black and white. Maybe in earlier versions of the game this was different, but it didn't look the same as LttP, which was basically a whole second world with a similar map layout.
Posted: 08/27/11, 01:21:02
@gencid I don't even know which game you are talking about anymore, you just sort of combined critiques of a bunch into one.

I hated OOT's Hyrule Field, if that is related at all to anything you said.
Posted: 08/27/11, 01:45:39
Ocarina of Time is essentially A Link To The Past in 3D, in the same way that Metal Gear Solid is essentially Metal Gear 2 in 3D.
Posted: 08/27/11, 01:49:45
I know I'm coming in late on this part, and didn't see it mentioned in the past pages unless I'm horribly blind, but Angel Studios pretty much cut out the excuses that many devs had for storage space when they managed to cram RE2 onto an N64 cartridge. Now, the audio in the FMV did suffer a bit, but with other enhancements and some extras, it was a very well-done package. In a way I miss a lot of the types of games from the N64 era. While not AAA games, I enjoyed gems such as Space Station: Silicone Valley, Body Harvest, Armorines, Hybrid Heaven (Yes, I do enjoy it. Don't judge, I'll beat your ass in the VS mode), Dark Rift, and heck, even Fighter's Destiny. Actually, Beetle Adventure Racing was also pretty neat. I think the thing about those games that I miss were the attempts for developers to bring something different to the table. Almost seems a lot more difficult to do these day, with the budgets that almost seem required for many retail games, but it's nice to see that downloadable games are filling that void.
Posted: 08/27/11, 08:08:30

I liked Hybrid Heaven, too. It was like the N64's Parasite Eve.
Posted: 08/28/11, 00:14:59

Sweet! I'm not alone! There was a lot of potential with the game though that I feel wasn't fully utilized. Battle system was fun, but I was hoping for more epic fights from the Hybrid leaders. Boss music was epic.
Posted: 08/28/11, 09:05:36

You mean this?

Indeed, it's good stuff!

By the way, when you played this game, did you use the N64 'Expansion Pak'? I ended up using it, mostly because I wanted a reason to use it outside of Majora's Mask. The higher-res textures were cool, and the game looked much better that way. It's a shame the frame-rate took such a hit because of it, but I found the game to still be quite playable.
Posted: 08/28/11, 18:18:02
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