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Personal Gaming History: Mine, yours, and ours [roundtable]
What was your gaming past like? What was your first console? Your first game? When did you really start getting involved in the gaming community? These are just a few questions to think about while talking about our personal gaming history.

I did an audio recording going over my gaming history, set it to pictures and game music and just uploaded it today:

I was wondering just what the history of others have been like, which is why I encouraged people to make a video response to that video.

So what has your gaming history been like?

Let's reminisce...

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Posted: 08/07/11, 17:39:56
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Demon Attack on the Tandy 1000... didn't really play it much, really.

What do you mean, "No NES for you"? Ooh, a Game Boy! Tetris, Dr. Mario, the Mario Land games, Mortal Kombat 2 (ugh), TMNT (ugh), Final Fantasy Legend II (played with an English-French dictionary nearby), Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Legend III (I think lil' Gui liked RPGs!), Link's Awakening, Wario Land...

...finally buys a SNES 4 years after it came out. Super Metroid, Demon's Crest, Indiana Jones, Tetris Attack, Chrono Trigger, oh my!

College. "Dad, I need a computer!"... to play StarCraft, Fallout 1 & 2, Civilization, the Lucasarts Adventure games (all of them), Jedi Knight, Alpha Centauri, Freespace.

Oh sweet, I win a GBC for drinking slushies! The GBA is just around the corner, but I think I'll pick up the Oracle games, Pokémon Pinball...

...you know what? I had forgotten how good Nintendo games were. Totally picking up a GBA with Golden Sun, Advance Wars 2, Mario Kart, all that good stuff.

Man, Nintendo were really good. Eternal Darkness looks sweet, the Wavebird just came out, plus a decent-sized memory card, so I'm totally getting a Gamecube!

And I'm tired of this so I'll pretend you know my history from there, because I lived it on IGN.
Posted: 10/01/11, 00:56:41

Ahhh, the old Gamecube days on IGN were some of the most memorable days in my gaming history. Nintendo is teh doom3d!!!!
Posted: 10/01/11, 02:08:43
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