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Top Ten Rhythm Heaven Stages [top ten]
So I FINALLY got around to playing Rhythm Heaven on DS, and it's quickly become one of my favorite games on the system. Rhythm Heaven has 50 stages- 25 core games, and 25 sequels and remixes. Out of the 25 core stages, here are my favorites:
07/18/11, 05:20    Edited: 10/25/13, 18:02
Blue Birds
To be honest, Blue Birds isn't even really one of my favorites. I just needed a tenth stage. I picked Blue Birds because the drill sergeant is funny.

Karate Man
Karate Man is pretty fun- kicking the bombs is tough. I love it's song though. Kinda reminds me of Snake Eater in a way...


Munchy Monk
Munchy Monk is intense! So many dumplings, so little time!

Built to Scale
This is the first level in the whole game! It does a great job of introducing the flicking mechanics. It's basically your initiation.

"Phew... I've finally beat it. WOAH! IT'S NOT EVEN OVER!!!!"

I have a love/hate relationship with this Shoot-'Em-Up. It's really, really fun. You can unlock an endless version of it, and that game is fun too. Shoot-'Em-Up 2 is also really fun. The thing is, to get a Superb ranking on this game, you need to play it PERFECTLY. Why would you need to play a song perfectly to get the rank below Perfect? Doesn't make any sense.

Fan Club
This song is super-catchy. Japan agrees!

Drummer Duel
What makes Drummer Duel great is how much you want to win. "The red team's been pushing us around!? How dare they!?" It's a duel to the death! You've got your cheerleaders egging you on, the red drummer is pounding as hard as he possibly can, and you just have bite the bullet and keep going, never giving in! BELIEEEEEEEVE

This actually isn't one of the core 25 games- it's the credits song, which you unlock by beating Remix 6. The game itself isn't that great, but man, what a great song to play during the credits.

Love Lab
Love Lab seems kinda hard during practice... it's actually really easy once you start playing it. I didn't mess up a single time the first time I played through it, which is actually a shame. As catchy as this song is, I'd love to play it more.

The BEST game in Rhythm Heaven. I hated it. I hated it. At first, it feels impossible. And then... something just clicks. My trick was to lift the stylus on-beat, causing me to tap on the off-beat. Once you master this song, it's incredibly easy and incredibly fun.

PROTIP: Play it with your eyes closed.

I tried to find a video for each level. Not all of the videos are great, but MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST GO BUY THE GAME YOURSELF, IT'S ONLY LIKE $15

URL to share (right click and copy)
07/18/11, 05:20   Edited: 10/25/13, 18:02 
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I think I like Love Lab the best. Me and my lab partner, we got chemistry, makin' love in the love lab...I also liked the guitar ones. I don't think I ever finished all the optional guitar songs...

And how dare you leave out the choir one! Even Beyonce loved it! Together now, ~BWAAAAA~

Ah, what a fun game. This thread got me looking forward to the Wii game.
07/18/11, 05:40   
Edited: 07/18/11, 05:44

I alway loved this remix. I also like Lockstep, Love Lab, DJ School and space soccer :D
07/18/11, 06:16   
I wholeheartedly agree with this list. Especially Lockstep at number one.
My personal favorite has to be the remix of Munchy Monk. Dat ska.

07/18/11, 07:07   
Love this game. The music was awesome. So glad they didn't try to Americanize it in some fashion.
07/18/11, 07:49   
^ ditto. I wish there were a couple more stages that I could play with my eyes closed though.. That worked real well when my eyes were so tired but I still wanted to play in bed!

I still haven't mastered the Lockstep's. And it's embarrassing, because I consider myself somewhat of a musician because of all the piano lessons I had as a kid! Although... I admit I do have a tendency to rush.

Frog Hope was my favorite song, although I agree that other stages are "better" in terms of gameplay.
07/18/11, 08:06   
Just think of the lockstep as a ska punk song. The one set of beats are the punk parts, and the other beats are the ska parts.
07/18/11, 08:43   
Totally agree with #1. Lockstep is genius!

But where is Frog Hop? Love that one.
07/18/11, 09:02   
I'm actually pretty excited about the sequel. Both me and my girlfriend are into playing music (often together) so it should be a fun game to play together.
07/18/11, 09:06   

I should have included DJ School instead of Blue Birds. DJ Yellow > The Drill Sergeant.

Frog Hop is a fun song to listen to, but I thought the actual gameplay was annoying.
07/18/11, 09:48   
What no screeching monsters?! That's the best one!
07/18/11, 16:32   
@Secret_Tunnel DJ School is awesome! And how did you not include Big Rock Finish? It's a rock band... MADE UP OF GHOSTS. Also Rockers. Apparently I like the ones with electric guitars, go figure.
07/18/11, 18:02   
Now go import the GBA original. It's good!
07/18/11, 18:33   
Haha, nice. Rhythm Heaven has some strange yet hilarious and catchy songs/ levels.

And the animations when you mess up are awesome.

Shoot-em-Up is definitely awesome. I love that beat.

I love Fan Club. "I suppose!" And good job finding the Japanese live version!

Drummer Duel is soo intense.

Airboarder is cool, I never unlocked it but it sounds really great.

Great #1 and 2 picks (though I still screw up LockStep a lot!).


That's a great one. The remixes are definitely fun to play.


Frog Hop (though it is filled with hope ) would be in my top 10!

Anyway, I can't wait for the sequel as well.
07/19/11, 00:05   
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