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Is the 3DS doomed to be a First-Party machine again? [roundtable]
Nintendo made their strategy pretty clear RE: the 3DS. Make some room for third-parties at launch, let them get some sales and bring in a new audience, etc. I'm not sure that Nintendogs underwhelming performance was a part of that strategy, but STILL...

Thing is, I'm not sure that it worked. At all. Street Fighter sold alright. LEGO Star Wars probably did okay. Everything else? Maybe not so much. And Nintendo is firing the big guns this holiday season. BLAM! Super Mario 3DS. BLAM BLAM!! Mario Kart 3DS. In addition to, without belaboring the gun metaphor, Ocarina, Star Fox 64, and Luigi's Mansion 2. So, seeya, third-parties, I guess?

I mean, MK3DS is going to be sold at basically a 1:1 ratio with the system from now on. SM3DS won't be as ubiquitous as NSMB on the DS, but it'll be significant. And as much as it pains me, Ocarina and Star Fox 64 will probably be nostalgia-fueled system-sellers. And it's not like Nintendo is going to stop releasing games after that. Have third-parties squandered their chance? Did they ever have one to begin with?

Or am I being too pessimistic? I mean, it was pretty much the same story on the DS, and that had pretty good third-party support. But will that support remain in the Vita/iPhone era?

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Posted: 06/21/11, 22:42:26
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Ha, I did the same thing, lol! Listened to those podcasts back-to-back, everything's muddled!
Posted: 06/22/11, 17:10:54

Let's remember that when Nintendo name-dropped all of the big franchises that they got cheered. When "THQ with Saints Row" got announced, I hear a lot more laughter than I heard applause.

Again, let's speculate more on this after a year. We still aren't three full months into the 3DS's lifespan.
Posted: 06/22/11, 17:20:05

It was simply surprise, I believe. People laughed because it was so out of the left field. Right? Ugh.

I've never played Saints Row but I wouldn't have minded on 3DS. I'm kind of a fan of Volition. They haven't made anything that appeals to me that much lately, but they will forever get the benefit of the doubt from me after Freespace 1 and 2.
Posted: 06/22/11, 17:27:42
The video preview that I saw of Saints Row 3 looked incredibly fun. Just all-out craziness.
Posted: 06/22/11, 18:02:53

Same. I've only just started following it recently, but it looks totally nuts.

Like GTA is going all serious with IV and Saints Row is completely embracing the opposite direction of over the top ridiculous mayhem.

The purple dildo-sword at 1:40, the hovercraft jet at 5:25, and the human cannon at 6:45 pushed me over the edge toward a pre-order.
Posted: 06/22/11, 18:35:36  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/11, 18:38:04
New Forms said:
Just reporting what I read, guys.

We weren't killing you, man. You're cool.
Posted: 06/22/11, 18:39:49
Is Saints Row 2 worth the $20?
Posted: 06/22/11, 18:50:59

Everything I've read about it points to YES.

I went back over the official topic at Gamers With Jobs, a site that I respect just as much as here, and everyone was going nuts over it, saying it was the most straight-up fun they had with a sandbox title this gen. When you've got a bunch of 30+ year-old gamers saying that, you know it's the real deal.

I was actually looking for a copy on Amazon yesterday and saw that they were selling it for $16 and some change. I was going to nab one but saw that it was through a 3rd-party seller and was unable to use the $20 credit I had with Amazon for the purchase.


Hmmm...I looked at Giant Bomb's video reivew for Saints Row 2 and the graphics looks substantially worse than the E3 gameplay demos of SR3. I know SR2 is a few years old by now, but the difference is like comparing Oblivion to the upcoming Skyrim.

Now I'm leaning toward just waiting for SR3.
Posted: 06/22/11, 19:42:23  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/11, 20:12:46
I actually didn't enjoy my rental of Saints Row 2 very much. But I was mostly doing missions, and those always bore me in sandbox games. I should've just put in some cheat codes and gone crazy.

I'm still sold on SR3, though. It looks hilarious. I'm not proud to admit it, but they had me at the nutshot.

That Ken Levine thing seemed like moonshine, anyway. Don't you remember how many devs were excited about the Wii?

Shocking! This E3 was pretty quiet for the 3DS, as far as third-parties go, but Nintendo brought the heat. I think a huge holiday is pretty much guaranteed now. Maybe those forgotten titles will begin to reappear.
Posted: 06/22/11, 23:44:32  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/11, 00:03:09
@New Forms

Haha, game looks hilarious!

That whole video, I couldn't help but try to see if I was there in the background.

I think I may have spotted TriforceBun at 11:37-8, but probably not.
Posted: 06/23/11, 02:15:37

Nintendo brought the heat? On 3DS? At THIS E3? Really?

All they talked about were the games we already knew about. For months. The ONE new game they announced was... Luigi's Mansion 2. They brought no heat this time. They were mostly lukewarm. I mean, all that stuff looks fun and I'll buy a good amount of those games, but the excitement level was pretty mild, I thought.
Posted: 06/23/11, 03:04:45

Sure, we knew of Super Mario 3D's and Mario Kart's existence, but for all intents and purposes, they were unveiled at this E3.
Posted: 06/23/11, 03:10:59
Yeah, they didn't reveal many games, true, but all we really had on SM3D, MK3D, and AC3D were names. And they looked really fun. I dunno. I thought the 3DS portion of their press conference was fucking outstanding. It got me super-excited. And then downloading the trailers hyped me up even more.

I mean, that is a pretty strong upcoming lineup, even for 'casual' Nintendo fans. If that doesn't constitute 'heat', what does?
Posted: 06/23/11, 17:43:12  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/11, 17:43:34
This is my first post here, but I thought this roundtable was interesting... 3DS vs. Vita will end the same way as DS vs. PSP but it will be a lot closer. If Nintendo can get the right games that take advantage of both the more capable hardware as well as innovative use of the 3D, then 3DS will take off. Sony priced Vita specifically to go after 3DS. They have learned some lessons with PSP, but as always happens, it's not the ponies under the hood that wins but the games that they power... It will be close, and Sony may pull ahead for a bit, but in the end if Nintendo plays their (AR) cards right, PSVita will be just another handheld victim...
Posted: 06/23/11, 19:41:24
Welcome to the board! I must warn you that this is primarily a Lucas board, but I'm on your side!
Posted: 06/23/11, 19:50:26

It's a strong line-up, sure. For stuff we not only knew were coming, but pretty much expected. It's a new Nintendo system. OF COURSE we're getting a new Mario, Kart and Animal Crossing.

I wish they would have given us more surprises like they did with Kid Icarus. When that was unveiled, that was a SHOCK! It would have been great to see an F-Zero in the pipe or something. I dunno.

Honestly, I can't really complain about the stuff they had at E3, because it all looked fun and interesting (except for Luigi's Mansion 2, IMO) but nothing that really surprised me. I dunno. *shrugs*
Posted: 06/23/11, 20:58:08
Luigi's was pretty shocking. Not that it's my favorite franchise, or anything.

I don't think this was the year for first-party 3DS surprises, honestly. Because they already announced the heavy-hitters. Next year should be interesting. Or perhaps it'll be Dreadful, knaa'mean?
Posted: 06/23/11, 21:36:33
I think Nintendo's problem was that it wanted the 3rd parties to build the 3DS market instead of taking responsibility as a platform holder and proving to anyone that a glasses free 3D handheld with only modest power capabilities was going to sell like hotcakes at a $250 price tag. It's up to Nintendo to pave the way for the third parties and than take a step back and work on the next great Mario and Zelda. The only way that Nintendo can build that market is by having a ton of Blockbusters at system's launch before actually launching the system. Anyway you look at it, the 3DS launch was premature. Super Mario 3DS, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D should have all been there on day 1. The same goes for the eShop and other services that Nintendo plans to launch at some time later this year. I think 3DS shouldn't have launched until Nintendo had all the ducks in a row.
Posted: 06/29/11, 18:28:26
That's a lot of stuff for Day One! As long as those games launch by the time the Vita comes out, I think the 3DS will be fine. As for the third-party stuff you mentioned, Revelations will probably do well (and deserves to), but Konami has already cut the legs out from MGS3D with the HD collection. The third-party sitch is a bit troubling. Especially if the Vita gets better versions of all the same franchises.
Posted: 06/29/11, 18:49:44

But that's the whole point of a new console launch. Overwhelm people with the amount of AAA games from the start so that everyone goes out and buys one because they have to have it. For example, I was waiting for Nintendo to convince me at this E3 to bite the bullet and get a 3DS now, not because of the standard Nintendo fare which I already know I'll get on a Nintendo device, but because of tremendous 3rd party support, wide game variety, and services that justify spending $250 on a 3DS as opposed to an iPhone 4, or a much more powerful PSP Vita for the same price. Nintendo didn't give me more than the norm and so I remain 3DS-less.
Posted: 06/30/11, 00:47:56  - Edited by 
 on: 06/30/11, 00:55:27
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