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Nintendo 3DS June 6, 2011 Update Status: LIVE
The update is LIVE! Happy Downloading!

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Posted: 06/07/11, 00:38:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/11, 07:47:47
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this is so horrible
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:39:57
Internet browser is a piece of shit and the store is down. haha.

I was able to get Excitebike downloaded. Pretty neat.
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:41:56
Am I going crazy, or is there no "browse" in the shop? I know you can search, but it'd be weird if certain games could only be accessible if searched for.
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:42:10

Its happening to alot of us. I have not been able to get on the eshop channel either and I have tried 6 or 7 times.
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:42:42
You know, I'm digging this 3D Excitebike thing. It's always been a simple but fun design, but it looks pretty nice in 3D. I'd support some more of these if they can get impressive results. (Then again, Excitebite was always in faux-isometric view, so it might be particularly suited to this treatment.)
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:44:22
Zero said:
Am I going crazy, or is there no "browse" in the shop? I know you can search, but it'd be weird if certain games could only be accessible if searched for.

Well, since I cannot get on the eshop I would have no idea!

Posted: 06/07/11, 08:46:00
And now... downloads aren't working for me. Ah well, I got Excitebike and Mario Vs. DK before it died.
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:46:14

Well, I think you guys who have gotten a download or two need to stay the fuck off the eshop and let the rest of us in on the fun! Quit sucking down all of Ninendo's juice!

I hope you know I am only joking.
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:50:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/11, 08:51:07
Ok I swear Excitebike's physics are just plain... different... than they used to be.

Also, those who were hoping for a big online update... the online functionality seems the same to me. Still lacking.
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:52:04
OH YEA! Just got on the eshop!!!
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:55:28

Me too! Now downloading Excitebike.
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:57:42
Booooo! They took away the anal way that I always put my 3DS into Sleep Mode.

I usually push the power button, then select Sleep Mode on the touch screen.

Now pushing the power button only gives you a Power Off button on the touch screen, forcing me to have to close the screen without pushing anything. Why take that away from me Nintendo? Whyyyyy? ;p
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:57:56
Boo, tried several times to get anything to download and it just keeps giving me errors. Oh well. The browser does suck and no way will I use this. I'd rather just carry around my iPod or whatever and use the browser on that for it to be more convenient. Sucks that nothing else seems to have been updated. One of the most obvious issues was the lack of any kind of organization in the friends list and everything is still the same
Posted: 06/07/11, 08:58:26

Same here. I linked my 3DS to my club Nintendo and I am downloading excite bike right now!! I think it looks cool while downloading!

You guys need to keep trying to connect to the eshop. Thats what I did. It took less than 10 tries for me.

And everyone needs to quit complaining. Everything can't be update and changed all at once. I don't have any issues with anything anyways. God, some people are so picky.
Posted: 06/07/11, 09:01:18  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/11, 09:03:38
Zero said:
Ok I swear Excitebike's physics are just plain... different... than they used to be

I thought it felt different. It's like the bikes are too slow and the jumping seems different.
Posted: 06/07/11, 09:09:17
@gamewizard65 Well you might not have issues, but I don't think it is nitpicking to want reasonably designed online functionality. For instance, one that actually lets you contact and set up gaming with your friends.
Posted: 06/07/11, 09:15:41
Oh man the DSi to 3DS transfer screen is awesome. It has Pikmin on it!
Posted: 06/07/11, 09:38:58

I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about. R U meaning games that we download in the shop channel or retail 3DS games? And you need to give me more info. R U talking about online play, say like with a game like Streetfighter 3D? Like contacting that person from the 3DS itself?

I'm really not sure what you are meaning. Plus this was just the first update. Explain, cause I do not understand.

Plus calm down, I was only being half serious. And I actually didn't even have your post in mind. But now that you got my attn., what exactly do you mean by the 'online functionality"? What about it exactly do you want to happen?
Posted: 06/07/11, 09:43:10  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/11, 10:00:34
I'm sad. I'm about to transfer my data from my dsi to my 3ds. I feel like I'm saying goodbye to a long time friend.
Posted: 06/07/11, 09:43:50
You know I wish they would have given a little more detail about how to do it though. Like telling us about the App in the DSi Store.
Posted: 06/07/11, 09:47:25
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