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Nintendo 3DS June 6, 2011 Update Status: LIVE
The update is LIVE! Happy Downloading!

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Posted: 06/07/11, 00:38:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/11, 07:47:47
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Excitebike tonight. Going to drop some of my GS preorders to grab a 20 card tomorrow.
Posted: 06/07/11, 04:27:15
Just checked and nothing...
Posted: 06/07/11, 04:42:07
10:03 Nothing.
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:03:47
Maybe we'll get it with $50 credit since N might price drop after that PS Vita price announcement
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:13:58
vids said:
Maybe we'll get it with $50 credit since N might price drop after that PS Vita price announcement

NO WAY will they price drop! Why? Why on EARTH would they? Especially right before OoT 3D and then before a brand new Mario game with the return of the SMB3 raccoon tail!!! That would be so dumb. Throwing money away.
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:15:16
This is retarded. Who the hell releases a "major" update at 8pm PST on a Monday?
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:19:35

It's 11:20pm here
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:20:41
Meh. Just going to get it tomorrow after I come in from work.
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:26:06

Don't these sorts of things usually happen overnight?
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:28:04
VofEscaflowne said:

It's 11:20pm here

Where are you? American Samoa? ET would be 10:30 at this point.
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:33:08

New Brunswick, Canada. Few minutes from the Maine border where everything would be 1 hour earlier
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:35:45
15 minutes. That's all I'm giving Nintendo. If I don't get nothing by then, I'm going to bed.
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:51:23
How will we know anyway, will it be pushed through or do we try checking ourselves?
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:55:19

You'll know because the internet will be like "IT HAPPENED!"
Posted: 06/07/11, 05:57:03
just checked for system update...nothing...also checked for 3ds games. ditto
Posted: 06/07/11, 06:00:10
Is this actually happening? Like... now?

I have had a long ass day and another fairly long day tomorrow, I can't wait up all night for this.
Posted: 06/07/11, 06:02:11
I really cant wait. Never had dsi and want to download some dsiware stuff
Posted: 06/07/11, 06:03:06
Annoyed. What gives?
Posted: 06/07/11, 06:04:16
It'll be 11:59pm PST. Still making the June 6th date, but being complete dicks about it by wasting everyone's time with "Evening" as the time frame.
Posted: 06/07/11, 06:05:02
Hrm... so long as it's by midnight for NoA.... it's still technically the 6th. X_x

Edit: Waaaarrrrgh! Missy beat me to it.
Posted: 06/07/11, 06:05:40  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/11, 06:06:24
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