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Ocarina of Time 3D... a 3DS "killer app"? [poll]
For sure! (10/46 votes)
Sort of! (21/46 votes)
Nope! (15/46 votes)
The latest issue of Nintendo Power reviews the game and on their main review page they say "It's official: you need a Nintendo 3DS." As if this is the game worth buying a 3DS for.

Anand and Panda got into this briefly on the last podcast, and they both seemed to be saying what I think as well, that erm... it's kind of just a port/remake, which isn't nearly as exciting as say, a new Zelda or Mario would be. Yeah it's probably the definitive version of what is considered one of the best games ever made, what with new graphics, sleeker controls, both the original and Master Quest, boss battle, etc. On the other hand, it's still basically Ocarina of Time... again.

On the other hand I was never the biggest OOT fan, so maybe I'm a bit biased. On the other other hand, I wouldn't get super excited about a Metroid Prime or Resident Evil 4 remake either.

Hmm. How many times have I said on the other hand so far?

Anyway, what do you guys think? Is this the first 3DS killer app? Or is it just another port/remake? Or something in between?

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Posted: 05/27/11, 23:54:31  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/11, 02:57:27
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Being a non-owner of a 3DS myself, I'll tell you that if there is ANY title that really makes me wish I had a 3DS, it is the upcoming Mario game (if it is indeed what I'm hoping it will be).
Posted: 05/28/11, 05:08:08
It will be interesting to see how it fares..I'm sure it will do well.. I want this game.....again. I have the N64 gold cartridge..and the Collectors Edition GCN disk but I am interested in the master quest as I hardly touched that on the other GCN disk I had (but sold for $50 so I could get the Collectors Edition with Majora's mask etc) and seeing one of my favourite games of all time redone with a bit of new paint and in 3D is cool..

People bought the N64 for this game. I don't think it will have as much pull now as back then but it will still be..it still IS a great game and I think it will be in gamers libraries - both new and old.

For me it's not the killer ap - that would be a new Professor Layton, Tales game, Mario, Kart, or new Resident Evil... but it will be in my library...soon. If Nintendo has a good pre-order thing going, I may bite at launch but I may be playing another Zelda game at that point - Links Awakening. One I have yet to play...and it's cheaper.

Posted: 05/28/11, 05:15:11
To me, this looks like a game where, if I DID have a 3DS, I'd buy it in a heart beat, but it's not the game that's going to make me go buy the system.

Kind of like Mario Kart in a way. No, I'm not going to buy a system specifically for Mario Kart, but hey, if Mario Kart comes out, I'm absolutely going to buy it.
Posted: 05/28/11, 05:29:34
Nintendo just need to make sure that they use a 3DS version of the original trailer in their adverts.

Seriously I love this vid.

Posted: 05/28/11, 05:44:55
Killer Fucking App!!!!

Anyone thinking differently is the ones losing out.
Posted: 05/28/11, 06:20:20
It is the first killer app....for me anyway..looking over at bad cartridge, it seems to be one for most people. What the system currently has to offer right now is pretty weak, imo. I'm looking forward to playing Mario 3DS 10x more, though...OOT is just going to be the game that puts me over the edge.
Posted: 05/28/11, 06:57:59
I don't think anyone would buy any system for just one game (although maybe someone here can dispute that), but knowing that other great games are surely on the way, if you want to play Ocarina of Time 3DS, and I think most do, then wanting to play it immediately is a great reason to buy a 3DS.
Posted: 05/28/11, 07:14:18
I'm sorry but a killer app will never be a glorified port from my perspective.
Posted: 05/28/11, 07:51:18
my killer apps will be the next mario, the next 3ds Zelda, the "3d" gameboy games, paper mario
Posted: 05/28/11, 08:46:13
Absolutely not. I don't buy systems in order to replay games I've already played.
Posted: 05/28/11, 12:13:58

Agreed..although I like this one as well:

Posted: 05/28/11, 14:01:14
So many of you (primarily on the second page here) seem to be very myopic regarding what a killer app is exactly. Would it be defined as a game that a person would buy a system for just to play that game? That would seem to be the very definition as we have come to expect it as far as a system selling game goes. Therefore, it does not matter what you personally think of the game in question, right? I thought Halo was a very mediocre title, and I did not buy an Xbox for it, therefore it isn't a killer app. Is that really the case, even though it is true for me?

Get over yourselves.
Posted: 05/28/11, 14:02:23
Well Deerock, the distinction between a personal killer app and a massively influential, hype machine starting, userbase boosting game is more important than you're accounting for. For me Paper Mario 3DS would make me buy the 3DS today, but it wouldn't have a big effect on the market. How influential will a Zelda remake be?

I also voted 'sort of' because I see Ocarina as a personall killer app, not a mass appeal one. Being a remake limits its influence. But I could be underestimating it. I believe there are a LOT of people waiting for an excuse to pick up the 3DS. The urge is strong. The library and pricepoint is not. Ocarina in 3D... that's going to be enough to push many people over the edge. Probably me included!

I can't gauge how influential it'll be overall, I think it's way too soon to call.
Posted: 05/28/11, 14:17:14

Yeah but it doesn't have that cool Riders of Doom music in the background
Posted: 05/28/11, 14:48:19

I've actually put some thought into this, and this is how I would define killer app, officially:

Killer App: [KIH-lehr app]

A game that can influence the decision of a prospective customer into the belief that the initial cost of the hardware, plus the purchase of the game itself, is justified. Examples: Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, Halo, Metal Gear Solid

So, in the end, would I put Ocarina of Time 3D in that category? Sort of; I know of several examples of people (personally AND anecdotally from respected sources like GAF and right here on Negativeworld) that are going to purchase the hardware for the game. We don't live in a vacuum, of course, so there is the promise of more games down the road, but Ocarina of Time will be the justifiable MENTAL hurdle for many people that will be plunking down USD 290.00 for the system and the game.
Posted: 05/28/11, 22:33:37  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/11, 22:43:58
Well it was for me today. 3DS now ordered, I'll have it next week and the first thing I'll play will be Zelda (out here June 17th).

Gotta have the right first game, huh?
Posted: 05/29/11, 00:04:51
Hmm. I guess this is why I made the poll, to see how different people think. My "first" game on new hardware could never, ever be a game I've already beaten.
Posted: 05/29/11, 00:15:28
I wouldn't buy a 3DS exclusively for Ocarina of Time. I just figure that since I'm going to have to buy a 3DS eventually, might as well get one along with the definitive version of the best game ever made.

Plus I'm still holding out hope that Nintendo announces a Super Ultra Golden Triforce 3DS Limited Edition Ocarina of Time Bundle Collector's Edition at E3.
Posted: 05/29/11, 01:40:24
I voted killer, like Secret_Tunnel said, it's the definitive version of one of the greatest games ever made.
Posted: 05/29/11, 01:43:46
Secret_Tunnel said:
I wouldn't buy a 3DS exclusively for Ocarina of Time. I just figure that since I'm going to have to buy a 3DS eventually, might as well get one along with the definitive version of the best game ever made.

Plus I'm still holding out hope that Nintendo announces a Super Ultra Golden Triforce 3DS Limited Edition Ocarina of Time Bundle Collector's Edition at E3.

That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about; a game that helps one clear the mental hurdle that buying the system PLUS that particular game is justifiable.
Posted: 05/29/11, 02:44:27
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