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Beloved Games you Hate [roundtable]
Much like every other entertainment medium in the planet, every video game save for a few exceptions I could probably count with my two hands, has a consensus attached to it - everyone either loves it, hates it, or something in between. That's because gamers usually expect something specific out of video games, and products either deliver or they don't. However, at the end of the day, we're all different, and sooner or later we're all bound to not follow the general consensus at some point, and video games are no exception.

I made this a roundtable so we can hopefully get some good discussions going, and be baffled at some of our fellow board members' choices. I'm sure some of you will be dumbfounded even at this OP.

So, post games everyone loves and you hate. Of course you can do any amount of games you want, and include descriptions only if you see fit. You can also add games you acknowledge to be well made games, but just aren't for you. Also, feel free to include games everyone hates and you love, I just didn't make that part of the main topic because it's not that common for that to happen. When games are generally considered horrible, it's usually because they're just not well made from a technical standpoint - no one can stand horrible cameras, textures, frame-rates or glitches abound. But if you can find an example of this, go ahead.

This should be good. Also, sorry if it's been done before. I don't remember if it has. Anyway, I'll start.

I Hate:

Kid Icarus

I hate this game. Granted I didn't play it in its entirety, I was fed up with it far before the final stretch of the game, but I completely disliked what I played of it. It stole the Metroid engine and made me go around in very generic looking stages attacking enemies with lame attacks. And constantly scrolling upwards (I know not the entire game is like this, but still) is so annoying in 2D a platforming game like this.

Animal Crossing

I had never played Animal Crossing until a few months ago. It didn't look like my type of game at all, so I steered clear. In what seemed like a call from destiny, a friend of mine recently let me borrow City Folk and said - here, you have to play it. You can't go on with your life until you play Animal Crossing. So I did. And, wow. What the hell do you do in this game? Seriously, though, I can see how people could get into this game. It's a good simulation game, and I can definitely see the Nintendo touch. I can feel it, almost. But the game bored me to no end. I put a couple hours into it and I never wanna see it again. Everyone says all Animal Crossing games are the same, so I feel I am entitled to say I hate the entire series.

Zelda II

I'm not completely alone on this one, I know, but it's still generally regarded as a good game. It's not a fun game at all. It's comprised of all these different "pieces" that ultimately don't add up at all. Towns, overworld with RPG-esque battles, experience points, AND side-scrolling gameplay? It never comes together, it's terrible. It doesn't help that it's extremely hard. But you know what's even harder? Finding a reason that justifies actually beating this game. Fuck it.

I hate the following more than the rest...

Gears of War

I should clarify before I begin, I haven't played the second one. And I don't want to. As for the first one, I played a substantial amount of the campaign and a bit of multiplayer, too. The multiplayer's alright, it's well designed, the problem is it has to work within the confines of the design of the game (of course), so... it sucks. First of all, the game is gray. I don't care what you have to say - it's gray. Yeah, it has some beautiful textures, but it's so unappealing to look at. I know people often complain about this in realistic HD games, but Gears is easily the worst offender in this aspect. So you already have a raised eyebrow from the minute you fire up the game, and then you start to play it. Your character moves like a tank (the "worse than Leon S. Kennedy" variety of tanks), the environments all look the same (of course) and are like 2x2. You have to take cover constantly and fire generic weapons at generic aliens. Yeah, it's a third person shooter which is kind of original, but it might as well have been an FPS, it's hard to tell the difference honestly. "Stop 'n' pop" doesn't make a shooting game more strategic - it makes it more boring.

And there's soon to be THREE of these games! Damn! Gears represents everything that's wrong with this generation of gaming (it only needs a 99 cent iOS game and we're golden), and people love it.

I'll post more games if they come to mind. Looking forward to your responses!

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Posted: 05/21/11, 20:02:30  - Edited by 
 on: 05/21/11, 20:07:41
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Yeah ! I'm not alone anymore !!

Hm, sorry for speaking about Tarantino.

I kinda suck a lot at every WipeOut games, and I hate some of my friends who always says "Yeah, I beat Wipeout HD, it wasn't that hard !".

Yes, WipeOut HD is a very beautiful game and everything but GOD, it's HARD AS HELL ! And just when I start giving good results, the game become harder with in the next classes (Venom, Rapier, etc...)...

WipeOut HD is one of the game I hate the most on Ps3. I can't beat this game and I bought it, thanks to this friend who told me it was not as hard as the previous ones.

Posted: 05/30/11, 21:09:54  - Edited by 
 on: 05/30/11, 21:11:07
I've never played a Wipeout game before. It's a racing game though, right? I don't generally enjoy too many of those, outside of Mario Kart 64
Posted: 05/31/11, 00:02:52

My brother ruined this game for me for life!
I had to play the game before playing Harvest Moon 64 and obviously he would win -_-
I hate hate hate hate hate hate that game (sometimes I can still hear my brother's obnoxious laugh)

all I wanted was to take care of my farm TT_TT
Posted: 05/31/11, 09:24:38
Golden Sun

A boring, "my first RPG" style game with far too many emoticons, boring combat, pedestrian puzzles and entirely forgettable characters. Friends don't let friends play Golden Sun.

F-Zero GX

I just couldn't get into it. UNLIKE Golden Sun I understand why people like it and how compelling it is... but it failed to press any of my buttons. No idea why, as I like the series generally.

Red Dead Redemption

I actually liked the game and loved the atmosphere, but I am constantly baffled by the praise for any aspect of John Marston aside from his very quality voice acting. Over the course of the entire game he is always passive, wholly reactionary and completely devoid of any kind of development whatsoever.
Posted: 05/31/11, 19:12:27

Haha, brothers can be mean to their sisters sometime.

What did he do? Everytime you wanted to play Harvest Moon you guys had to play Starcraft first?
Or did he make you beat/play Starcraft before you got to play Harvest Moon at all?

Taking care of a farm is tough work! Maybe he wanted to see how you manged a space colony first?
Haha, I really don't know! I hadn't played either of them, but I did enjoy Warcraft II and Harvest Moon on Gamecube.

Have you played Rune Factory Frontier at all?
Posted: 06/01/11, 00:54:26
The old Resident Evil games.

They just sucked, imo.
Posted: 06/01/11, 01:12:25
I'm not sure how I missed this thread, esp. since its 11 pages long. And I actually went through and read everypost.

Okay, when I was younger, esp in my 20's and 30's, I really HATED alot of games. Now, as I am getting closer and closer to my golden years, I actually had to think awhile about what games I really hated. I am actually going to pick games I really hated when they first came out and there is a whole genre I hate, which is FPS, if those games didn't exsist, there sure as hell wouldn't be an Xbox, Xbox360 or even a PS3 to some extent.

Yea, I hate FPS and to prove it, when Goldeneye came out for the N64, I eventually bought it since so many loved it and I am like, what the hell is so great about this game. And as in all FPS, all I end up looking at is abunch of walls most of the time and then shooting at someone. Yea, this is real fucking fun, yahooo! NOT! Now, I know that in modern FPS's there is alot more than walls to look at, but it seems like on the HD systems, for every 20 FPS games, you get one other genre. What the hell is so great about FPS. They are all the fucking same.Boring, boring, boring.

And yea, the Wii's controls are 100x's better for FPS than dual analog control, whoever thinks differently is an Xbox/PS fanboy.

As far as any single game that comes to mind, when Grand Theft Auto II came out, I hated that fucking game soooo much cause its was like all people could talk about. I actually tried playing the game and again, I thought, was is so great about this game. It just made me sick how long this game stayed on the top 10 list at Gamespot. Unfortunatly, it proves most gamers are a bunch of ignorant hicks.

Like I said, I really do not feel 'the hate' for games like I used to. Even though I like some of Sony's products, I have a great 7.1 surround sound system made by Sony, I cannot stand the Playstation brand. I guess when I really think about it, I really hate the Sony PS fanboys more than I really hate the brand, but its because of them I hate the brand. Sure back before Sony and MS, when Sega was in competition with Nintendo, I still picked Nintendo as my console choice, but I never hated on Sega nor the people who chose to buy a Sega. We treated each other more like humans back then.

Honestly though, if I wanted a PS3, I could go out now and buy one and a handful of games. But there really isn't any games I want that much to make me go out and buy one of thier systems. I owned a 360 for close to 2 years and I never played one retail game on it. I owed several. I ended up buying about a dozen or so Live games and I mainly used my 360 to stream netflix to my TV. When the Wii was capable of streaming Netflix, I ended up using it and eventually sold my 360 to a friend whose broke down with the intention on buying one of the newer wifi 360s. But the more I thought about it, I really only need a Nintendo console. Plus the 3DS was only a few months away. Seriously, I do not have the time to play all the games I want on those two Nintendo platforms.

In summary, I hate FPS( yea, I did buy the remake of Goldeneye a few weeks ago, just want to try it out since it is supposed to be a good game) and I hate Grand Theft Auto 2 and I hate Sony fanboys.

In the end though, I know its all about the fun and maybe one day when I hit the lottery, I can buy all the consoles and just sit back and onlu play videogames, eat and sleep for the rest of my life.

Posted: 06/12/11, 05:33:04
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