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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 04 - Super Turrican [community]

The Turrican series originated on the Commodore 64 and its existence was taken as proof that at a time when action games were usually made a) by the Japanese and b) for consoles only, the West could create a balls-out PC action game that can hang with the best of the genre.

Usually defined as a fusion of Metroid and Contra, both Turrican games had huge labyrinthine levels, immense firepower, and fast-paced action. The real thrill of the game is exploring every nook and cranny and discover the secrets hidden everywhere. You are packed with weaponry, and you can roll up into a ball and drop mines as you go (hmmm...).

Sadly, the C64 games are not available on the Virtual Console.

But the game we get to play is usually considered the most faithful console adaptation of this franchise! The Megadrive had a complete port that suffered from problematic sound (a crime considering the quality of the soundtrack) and controls, followed by a linear original game that seemed to miss the point.

But Super Turrican got the right idea. Almost completely original, and developed by the now legendary Factor 5 development studio, Super Turrican had gameplay reminiscent of the original games, a soundtrack optimized for the SNES's powerful sound chip (look at that Dolby Surround logo on the box!), and it controls very smoothly. Purists complain about the snow level which seems out of place for the franchise, as well as the fact that the game as a whole seems like a "patchwork" of the previous games. But who cares? It's as close to the Turrican experience as we can get without getting a C64 or Amiga.

Above: the Amiga version of Turrican, which we won't be playing

Why not add Super Turrican to your collection, and indicate you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!

List of Awesome
A list paying tribute to all the brave warriors who play the game to completion

List of Awesomer
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nate38 - 1 hour, 20 minutes
X-pert74 - 182,400 points
VofEscaflowne - 228,000 points
Guillaume - 234,100 points

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nate38 - 1 hour, 20 minutes
Guillaume - 234,100 points

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Posted: 05/14/11, 06:38:42  - Edited by 
 on: 10/27/11, 08:07:15
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Ugh, world 3's controls are the most stupid thing I've ever had to deal with.
Posted: 05/14/11, 19:57:03
@nate38 If the difficulty difference only comes down to continues, yeah... I'm playing on Easy.

Actually, I'm probably playing on Easy anyway. I feel like such a non-hardcore n00b, but I just can't deal with having to start games over nowadays.
Posted: 05/14/11, 19:59:48  - Edited by 
 on: 05/14/11, 20:00:26
@Zero Try it on easy and let us know if you can notice any differences in how much damage you take, how much HP enemies have, etc.

VofEscaflowne said:
Ugh, world 3's controls are the most stupid thing I've ever had to deal with.
Yeah, the combination of wind and ice is pretty crappy. I had a ton of trouble with the vertical platforming part in the third stage.
Posted: 05/14/11, 20:01:01  - Edited by 
 on: 05/14/11, 20:01:43
Sorry about my Meh comment earlier. I was just sad that Rondo of Blood lost (and by one vote!). I'm gonna keep at Ninja Gaiden 2 and hopefully join the next one. Enjoy, guys.
Posted: 05/14/11, 20:40:52  - Edited by 
 on: 05/14/11, 20:41:20
Jeez what's taking you guys so long!? LET'S START THE NEXT RGC ALREADY DAMN
Posted: 05/14/11, 22:08:35
This is why we should have picked an SRPG like my choice! No one could burn through it!!!
Posted: 05/14/11, 22:13:40
Posted: 05/14/11, 22:19:57
No sir! Never!
Posted: 05/14/11, 22:29:27

So it would be a yearly thing?
Posted: 05/14/11, 22:34:03
Haha, that's nuts! Already someone finished! I barely got started!

Well, the Lists of Awesome/r/st are there for that. Start a speed run or something!

Love the new icon, BTW.
Posted: 05/14/11, 23:34:31  - Edited by 
 on: 05/14/11, 23:36:43
Bah. I guess I'll buy this sometime soon..
Posted: 05/14/11, 23:42:50

Honestly I was hoping Shining Force would take the lead ._.

Anyways, Super Turrican is a good choice. I may have to play it on easy as well. I was playing while a friend was watching and I didn't even notice that there were limited continues until he pointed them out.

Also, thank goodness you can change the controls in this game, the default layout was terrible for me.
Posted: 05/15/11, 00:03:10

Well it's an action shooter game like Contra. Games like those are easy enough to beat and this one doesn't seem too hard in the first few areas. If it wasn't for that damn third world...
Posted: 05/15/11, 00:06:53
@VofEscaflowne What parts are giving you trouble? I had a tough time with the vertical climb in the third stage (I think it was third, anyway) and some of the sinking platforms in the earlier stages were a bitch too. You have to take your time before jumping on so that the snowballs don't block you from jumping ahead to the next landing.

Guillaume said:
Love the new icon, BTW.
I uploaded another Super Turrican icon, too, if anyone wants to grab it from the public folder.

Paleo_Orca said:
Also, thank goodness you can change the controls in this game, the default layout was terrible for me.
That's one concern I have for SNES games, and something I tried to find out before buying Super Turrican. I only have Gamecube controllers, and SNES games that don't have button remapping options don't work out so well. Super Mario World and Kirby Super Star are basically unplayable with the Gamecube pad for that reason.

I DO have that Thrustmaster pad with the remappable buttons...but the D-pad on it is pretty bad. Oh well, I guess I'll switch to that for any SNES games that get chosen that don't have remap options.
Posted: 05/15/11, 00:50:10  - Edited by 
 on: 05/15/11, 00:51:55

I just lost a bunch of lives due to the snowballs pushing me back over the ledge. It doesn't help that he moves so weird on the snow and then the wind effects don't help. I still have a few continues left so I'll try again later. At least it's way easier to reach that area and finding more 1ups on the next run is likely.
Posted: 05/15/11, 01:17:56
Yeah, I found a ton more 1-ups on my second play this morning than I did on my first last night. Whip the freeze gun around every now and then to find platforms to follow somewhere good, and watch out for false walls.

Anyone else have a hell of a time getting up that shaft of conveyor belts in 2-2 (or 2-3, can't remember)? That was easily the part that gave me the most trouble, making the jump from one of the left platforms over to the right while another platform right above you extends out far enough that I kept hitting my head on it and falling. Luckily there's no danger in that portion, but I died at least once from the time limit there.

4-2, though...there's one section there where you need to make four or five perfect jumps in a row to keep from dying. And you'll fall victim to at least a few cheap deaths in that stage just learning what's coming up.
Posted: 05/15/11, 01:27:54

I managed to get through that area fairly easily. The first time I did die from the time limit although it wasn't due to the conveyor belts. I was a few steps away from the boss room too...
Posted: 05/15/11, 01:33:04

For someone like you who likes the VC, the Classic Pro would be a very good investment. I really meant that. And hey, isn't it just $20?
Posted: 05/15/11, 03:15:24
Yeah, I've been putting off getting a classic controller for years now. If it comes down to it, the Retro Game Club will be what finally makes me finalize the purchase.
Posted: 05/15/11, 03:22:04
I don't remember the third world being such a fucking pain in the ass. Goddamn! I lost all of my continues by the 8th stage.
Posted: 05/15/11, 10:17:11
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