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What's your favorite Nintendo console? [poll]
NES (5/47 votes)
SNES (23/47 votes)
N64 (7/47 votes)
GameCube (6/47 votes)
Wii/ WiiWare (no VC or GCN) (6/47 votes)

(Note: When considering Wii and WiiWare, I am not taking into account Virtual Console or Wii's GCN backward compatibility.)

I suppose I'm asking the question from the point of view of: which one has the games you enjoyed most? and why is that system your favorite?

I... am having a tough time with this. But I vote SNES. It was a golden era in gaming history when you had the very best developers from first party AND third party, all creating high quality games on a single platform. I would argue Nintendo has not been able to recover that third-party support to the fullest degree since that era.

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Posted: 05/04/11, 21:50:41  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/11, 06:57:55
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High five, haha?

Let me confer with X-Pert and some other "old" folk on awesome NES games though!
I only did what I had played, and I REEEALLY skimmed it.

Here's one I know I didn't count on my first run simply because I missed it..
--Have you guys (anyone else besides me?) played Space Shuttle Project?
Its simple, yet addictive/awesome!, and I don't think its ever been done again (exactly like this, I mean):

As the guy in the video says, it gets harder and harder in missions following, picking up more stages and more things to do per stage.
Posted: 05/09/11, 12:46:25
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