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GDG's favorite Gameboy music! [top ten]
All these threads lately of old-school music (both of 'em!) got me thinking of my favorite game music pieces from my youth. Of course, my youth was largely spent playing Gameboy, so.... the idea for this Top 10 came rather easily. Anyway, here's some of my favorite Gameboy tunes. Enjoy!
Posted: 05/04/11, 02:46:02  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 02:47:17
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Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break - Credits Roll

This bit was a perfect way to end one of my favorite childhood games ever. Very cool, very upbeat, and the perfect cap on a great adventure.
Super Mario Land Music - Muda Kingdom

Speaking of upbeat music...this tune always makes me smile. So light-hearted and bouncy; perfect for a fun Mario adventure!
Super Mario Land - Chai Kingdom Theme

Another classic from a Mario game. Really made me feel I was in another world...
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Tal Tal Heights

A classic. I was debating between this and Ballad of the Wind Fish, but I went with this one.
The Castlevania Adventure - Revenge

One of the best songs in the game. I was so disappointed this wasn't remixed for the WiiWare remake.
Mega Man 4 - Dr. Wily Stage Boss 2

What's a Top 10 list of video game music without Mega Man? This boss theme is just too freakin' awesome. The beginning really made me feel as if things just got super-serious. And then the main melody comes in, and - bam. I was wow'd.
Castlevania Adventure II: Belmont's Revenge - Praying Hands

One of the best themes from the franchise, IMHO. And considering how awesome this series is with music, you know that's saying a lot.
Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins - Star Maze

I can't listen to this song without bobbing my head to the rhythm. *bobs head*
Tetris - Theme

Hey, if it's a Gameboy music thread, how could this NOT be included, amirite? Man, this game sucked up so many hours of my life. That song is stuck in my head for sure. Forever.
Final Fantasy Legend II - The Legend Begins

A beautiful song to listen to before you embark on an epic adventure. Soothing, exciting, and haunting... all at the same time. Just fantastic.
Hope you enjoyed. What do you think? Any favorites of yours that I missed? Sound off here!

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Posted: 05/04/11, 02:46:02  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 02:47:17
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My Number 1 pick

Posted: 05/04/11, 02:52:52  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 02:53:26
Posted: 05/04/11, 03:51:39
Aw, no Pokemon? :(

I see someone posted a Pokemon piece already. Cool! Here's another:
Posted: 05/04/11, 03:53:41
Great choices. I was literally bobbing my head, too.

I know this is an obvious one, but it's a classic:

EDIT: Can anyone PM a brother about how to embed a vid around this here webular site?
Posted: 05/04/11, 04:02:47  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 04:36:46
AH yes, the Pokemon music. I know nostalgia is talking here somewhat, but no matter how hard I think and no matter how many new Pokemon songs are made, those two Gym themes as well as the end credits music remain my absolute favorites. There are definitely A LOT of new good songs (I LOVE Driftveil City and Nimbassa City in B/W), but none will top those three for me.
Posted: 05/04/11, 04:03:08

I actually thought about posting some music from Pokémon, but... I dunno. I don't remember being totally engrossed in the music back when I played it. And these are my favorite tunes, so a lot of these stem from my childhood nostalgia. Pokémon didn't come out until I was already in college, so I'm not quite as wistful about it as the others.
Posted: 05/04/11, 04:44:30
#6, the Castlevania Adventure track "Revenge" is excellent, and so is #5, the Mega Man 4 track "Dr. Wily Stage Boss 2".

#3, the Super Mario Land 2 track "Star Maze" was groovy fun.

#1, was beautiful. It reminded me in a way of the NES Duck Tales Moon stage theme.
Posted: 05/04/11, 04:58:15
The first two I had in mind were the World 2 and World 4 themes from SML1. YOU ROCK!

Actually, nearly everything in this thread has been stuck in my head at one point or another. The Wairo boss theme from SML2 was a big one for sure!

I endorse this thread!
Posted: 05/04/11, 05:57:32
Awesome list, you and I share some good memories of classic Game Boy games GDG!

Totally agree with #9, 8, 7.

#5 is awesome, it's great Mega Man music that I don't think is in any of the NES versions.

#4 is ohhh sooo good!

#1, I vaguely remember playing FFL II, but it does indeed have excellent music.

In addition, I also love the following 6 songs from 3 games I played a lot back in the day:

Metroid II: Return Of Samus
- Title Theme

I have fond memories of playing this game even before SUper Metroid's release. This one in particular is just oozing with atmosphere.

Metroid II: Return Of Samus
- Surface Of SR388

Donkey Kong Land
- Kremlantis (Water Theme)

Even though the graphics were hard to see on the old Game Boy, I loved this game. A different game altogether from the SNES DKC series. It really shone on the Super Game Boy.

Donkey Kong Land - Chimpanzee Clouds (Sky Bgm 1)

Listen to this and tell me that Game Boy sound isn't awesome.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge - Elec Man

I played this game before the NES MM1, and the tracks in this game are superior, IMO.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge - Dr. Wily Stage 1
Posted: 05/04/11, 07:07:24  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 07:09:13
Good god, the nostalgia! Super Mario Land 1 and 2, Final Fantasy Legend II, Mega Man on Game Boy, Link's Awakening... that's my childhood!

I don't know what's left to add, really. Maybe

I could post the whole soundtrack, almost. I really, really hope it makes it on VC.
Posted: 05/04/11, 07:32:27  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 07:33:13

What were those from? They were great!
Posted: 05/04/11, 07:43:52
Ooh, I should not forget Final Fantasy Adventure.


Final Fantasy Legend II! Probably the game that defined my childhood!

I'm not even sure what that means, but it sounds right!
Posted: 05/04/11, 07:52:51  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 07:53:55

Final Fantasy Legend II.

EDIT: D'oh, responded too late!
Posted: 05/04/11, 07:55:58  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/11, 07:57:33
Bah, let's post Final Fantasy Legend III music while we're at it (but don't worry, I've never really played the first!).

Posted: 05/04/11, 08:09:40
@Guillaume & @GameDadGrant

Thanks!! This stuff's great. There were a ton of titles I never got to play on the old grey brick.
Posted: 05/04/11, 08:12:31
I remember some of these :)

I always loved the songs from Beetlejuice.

Posted: 05/04/11, 08:39:06
Donkey Kong Land is such a great game. Good stuff.
Posted: 05/04/11, 09:00:34
I was going to get mad at you for not including the SML 2 Moon theme, until I realized that it was actually the Duck Tales Moon theme I was thinking of...
Posted: 05/04/11, 09:01:05

Is this the song you were looking for?

Posted: 05/04/11, 15:44:51
Found another one that's really good.

Also, this one:

Posted: 05/06/11, 07:07:56  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/11, 07:09:44
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