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Possible Project Cafe Release Date and Price
Between $350 and $400, and coming out late October/early November. Plus some possible hardware and design specs. Nintendo hasn't commented on this, so who knows if it's true.

Size is comparable to an original Xbox 360, and the touch screen on the controllers deal is being reaffirmed.

Edit: rumor


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Posted: 04/21/11, 23:09:13  - Edited by 
 on: 04/22/11, 00:37:43
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Dualshocks have sucked since they were conceived on the PS1. I could not stand them while using them with my PS3. They are one of the reasons why my PS3 was so easy to part with.
Posted: 04/22/11, 02:13:58

The controllers could just be really huge, as FINIos' to-scale drawings suggest.


Oh, god, lol.
Posted: 04/22/11, 02:17:37

i'd never question one's abilities to handle a controller of any... ahem... dimensions.
Posted: 04/22/11, 02:18:56

just used as a scaling reference...
But now we see what nintendo fans have really been clamoring for all years: bragging rights to the BIGGEST... Wiimotes.
Posted: 04/22/11, 02:20:57  - Edited by 
 on: 04/22/11, 02:21:50
I know you were just using them as a reference, but the Dualshocks' stick placements feel too cramped. The edges of my thumbs would regularly rub together while playing games with them. They are horribly placed.[/rant]
Posted: 04/22/11, 02:23:37
Maybe they want to keep Wii around for the casuals as a "third pillar" and this new console will complement the 3DS and create a hardcore gamer's wet dream....
Posted: 04/22/11, 02:34:25
That's kinda what I would like to see.I never really felt as though motion in any of my Wii games made a big difference and when it did for me it was mostly negative.
It would be great to have a brand new console,but still have occasional Wii games with decent motion controls.
Posted: 04/22/11, 02:37:56
@Marsh I keep seeing people say this but it kind of makes no sense to me. For one, the Wii is on its way out, it's not going to somehow revive itself AFTER Wii 2 releases. For two, what would Nintendo have to gain from splitting development between two home consoles and a handheld? They talked about DS as a 3rd pillar but mostly because they didn't know if it would catch on, and they still pretty much abandoned GBA right away (outside a few key titles) and jumped into DS development head first. The 3rd pillar thing just doesn't really seem feasible to me.
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:19:58

Well, if the Wii is the expensive powerhouse it's rumored to be, where will the audience that made the Wii so successful go? There's not much evidence to make you think they'd drop $350 for a console. Nintendo won't want to just let someone else come scoop them up.
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:24:25
@Jargon It's a good question, where would they go? But continuing to support a console that is all but dead and hoping to maintain a fanbase that way? That'd never work. There is already some evidence that Kinect is gaining ground on Wii as is, expecting people to sit around on Wii for another 5-6 years or whatever when there would be almost nothing releasing on it?

Basically, whatever Nintendo does in the near future, eventually they need casuals to adopt Wii 2. Might as well try to get some in at the start and create an environment such that when the price is right, they jump in.
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:29:42

Of course the biggest rumours yet hit when I'm away the whole day!! So the new rumour is release THIS year along with a 300-400$ price tag?!

PLEASE BE TRUE! ALL OF IT! I also really like the look of the pic too, it looks awesome IMO. I'd gladly, GLADLY pay $400 for a Nintendo system, and if the price is indeed $400 then you can expect the specs to blow PS3 out of the water. At that price, that means something really good.

Posted: 04/22/11, 03:32:06
If Wii 2 releases this year, then it is most definitely a 3rd pillar. There is still a significant amount of software to be released by Nintendo this year/next year for Wii, and that would not make sense if Wii 2 released this year unless it was for a segmented market. Nintendo may feel that mainstream Wii consumers are content with Wii and that if those consumers didn't upgrade, Nintendo would lose out on sales by not supporting the Wii. Of course, a 2011 release is highly unlikely.
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:33:07  - Edited by 
 on: 04/22/11, 03:35:51

Well, I'm not sure those people really care about upgrading consoles like traditional gamers do. Do you really think if they came up with something as appealing to that market as Wii Sports or Wii Fit for Wii and released it now that it wouldn't sell? I think it would. Wii Party sold 5 million worldwide I think and was nowhere near as new and exciting as those two.
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:33:25
@carlosrox What if it is $300... because the controller is $100? HA.

@Jargon Not like traditional gamers do, but they're not going to keep buying games for an old console that no one but Nintendo is making games for anymore. Besides, this whole core/casual black and white divide is a myth. How many of us bought Wii Sports Resort? Most of us. Who buys Mario Kart or NSMB more, core or casual gamers? Where do you put these games if you split your market? Or do you develop multiconsole between your two consoles, thus holding back the Wii 2 version because it has to appear on Wii as well? Or develop multiple versions of these franchises, using up tons of development resources? I dunno, it just seems super unfeasible to me to try to support two consoles at once.

I feel like a broken record lately though, haven't I said this all already in another thread?!
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:46:14

Well I don't think there is a black and white divide, but the difference between Smash Bros Brawl, which every core gamer bought and Wii Fit is over 12 million sales. I don't think many of those people who bought Wii Fit care at all if third party companies are releasing games for the console anymore, as long as Nintendo is bringing the next big thing.

That said, I don't think Nintendo will even test that out, because I don't think they'll release a console for that price after the success they had with Wii.
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:53:02
Zero said:
@-JKR- Yeah actually... I'm not sure if we should be reporting rumours as news, especially since there is a new one every few minutes nowadays.

Actually, there really haven't been THAT many rumours. They've mostly lined up I think. The only different one I've been hearing is that tablet rumour.

-JKR- said:
The controllers in that mock up are butt ugly, I hope that's not real. I really do.

I wouldn't go that far but I agree they could look better. It looks like it wouldn't fit in your hand well but if the screen alone is really 6inches then I'm sure it'll fit into anyone's hand. Also, doubting what looks like a traditional gamecube controller with a touch screen after Nintendo just sold the entire world a fucking REMOTE is a bit silly. If they could pull off the Wiimote+Nunchuk which is hands down the weirdest and most awkward (on paper and sometimes in practice) controller of all time then they can pull anything off, especially this considering how conventional it really is. Plus, we haven't seen the color or material. If that console pic is real I expect this controller to look DEAD sexy.

casper884 said:
Yeah, I'm thinking this might actually be real. And as a traditional controller, that's the best looking mock-up for it I've seen yet.


Plus, if the console is really named 'Stream', then the 'Screen Stream' on that mock-up would be spot-on.

I dunno bout the name Stream yet, it feels it needs something. I think I've seen better mockups to be honest though, I'll link em later.

achhibbar said:
The one thing that is off in those "leaked images" is the size of the screens in the controllers.

It looks close to to 3.5-4", rather than the rumored 6". Unless those are giant analogue sticks and buttons.

Yeah I was thinking the scale looks off on these images...

X-pert74 said:
Seeing this controller so prominently makes me worried. I hope there's still a place for the Wiimote/Nunchuck combo with this new system.

I agree. I need my IR control and shaking for certain things like reloading n stuff is nice.
Posted: 04/22/11, 03:53:19
@Jargon "Every" core gamer bought Brawl? Every core gamer doesn't buy anything. But then, did the soccer moms who bought Wii Fit also buy 20+ million copies of Mario Kart and NSMBW? Sure... for their kids maybe, but that's still a different market. And I happen to know that a ton of "core" gamers bought Wii Fit, including many on this forum.

Anyway, you can't sustain a console longterm on only the "next big thing".
Posted: 04/22/11, 04:01:21

Well as close to every core Wii owner as you're gonna get, I think. A little hyperbole, but not that much.

Video games are still relatively new. I don't think you can talk in absolutes like your final comment there. There has never been a console like the Wii before and I don't think comparing it to past consoles is particularly useful.
Posted: 04/22/11, 04:06:09
I'm not really comparing it to past consoles, I'm comparing it to itself. It's clearly losing steam, meanwhile Microsoft is selling millions of Kinects because that is new, fresh hardware and (apparently) it is exciting people.
Posted: 04/22/11, 04:23:05
WTF is the mess with gargantuan controllers

how are the kiddies supposed to play if it weighs 20 pounds and their fingers can't reach the buttons

is this another attempt by Nintendo to get rid of fat kids?
Posted: 04/22/11, 04:31:22
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