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What do you think of 3DS' Play Coins and how are you using them? [roundtable]
1) Do you like the pedometer feature of the 3DS? You earn 1 Play Coin for every 100 steps registered as you carry around your 3DS, and you can earn a maximum of 10 coins a day (after getting 1000 steps).

2) Is the 10 coin limit too restrictive?

I don't see a problem with it at all. I easily get the 1000 steps every day, even if I'm just walking around the house doing my normal routine.

I feel the Play Coins are a nice bonus feature on top of StreetPass that should motivate people to carry their 3DS around wherever they may go.

The 10 coin daily limit may start to feel more restrictive once a person's 3DS game library grows, and you're having to spread the coins across multiple games.

3) And on another note: What have you been using your coins on so far? Are you accumulating them in the hopes of picking up a game that will use the feature?

I haven't used too many of the Coins for the Mii Plaza games Find Mii and Puzzle Swap. The coins in Puzzle Swap can end up giving you pieces you already have, and I'd rather just use StreetPass Miis anyway for both games (even though it's been very rare for me to get any StreetPasses).

So I have been spending my coins generously on Super Street Fighter IV figurines and have a total of 103 figurines, while still keeping a bunch of Coins in the bank (currently at 50), ready for future 3DS titles I will buy later on.

4) How would you like to see Play Coins implemented in games? Just for optional bonus content?

Final note: It's awesome that the Coins are universal across any 3DS game, and it's all up to the game developer to decide how to use those coins.

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Posted: 04/13/11, 03:57:35  - Edited by 
 on: 04/13/11, 03:59:20
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When I go to any of those places I am not going to be gaming so why would I bring a game system? And yeah, but bringing it with me does increase the risk of something happening to it. So unless I am going to be using it why would I bring it along? It just doesn't make sense.


Oh well if it's like a better version of Farmville...

Posted: 10/02/11, 22:36:53

For the coins/StreetPasses? How does that not make sense? Just because it's a new feature that's right now exclusive to the 3DS (the Vita will have similar features if I'm not mistaken) doesn't mean it somehow doesn't make sense. I rarely game with it outside of home too. Not because I'm afraid of damaging it because really, it would stay in my pocket. The feature is there so I take advantage of it. Plus in the off chance that I would be able to game with it while I'm out, then I can just whip it out, play whatever, then pop it back in the pocket when I'm done.
Posted: 10/02/11, 23:18:36
Do you still carry your 3DS around?

I'm not sure that any games have used it in an essential way, which is probably good. Supposedly, we'll get some new StreetPass games. But I still have a couple of puzzle pieces and one ghost left, so...
Posted: 10/03/11, 20:11:13
I do, actually, even though it's mostly pointless. I never have time to play anything at work. Maybe once I stop biking for the winter I'll actually use it during my work commute.
Posted: 10/03/11, 20:15:35
Can anbody answer, what is the point of completing the puzzles?
Posted: 10/03/11, 20:23:02

Posted: 10/03/11, 20:24:36
Ok, then. Would be nice if it unlocked a hat or something, like Find Mii.
Posted: 10/03/11, 20:25:59
Also, the completed image is in 3D and pretty neat...
Posted: 10/03/11, 20:33:25
Well, it unlocks the 3D dioramas, right? I'd rather have those than hats, anyway.
Posted: 10/03/11, 20:33:33  - Edited by 
 on: 10/03/11, 20:33:50
Yeah, the dioramas are ok. But hats are all the rage man, where have you been?

This makes me really look forward to the November update streetpass content.
Posted: 10/03/11, 20:37:36
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