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Dr. Mario Online Rx (Nintendo WiiWare) discussion [game]
8.06/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dr. Mario Online Rx on the Wii!

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Who here has Dr. Mario Rx? I'd love to get some online going. I haven't played in forever so my skills have atrophied, but I'm a fairly advanced player I'd say and I'd love to get a challenge that isn't some Japanese housewife. Anyone wanna try to plan some gaming?

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Posted: 12/06/09, 07:43:58
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sorry I'm not doing a better job of going easy on you. I'm programmed to play a certain way. We'll just keep handicapping.
Posted: 12/19/09, 21:47:15
hmm, I seem to have lost you Lewis. Still around? Good games, if not. I wish there were more options of things to "say".
Posted: 12/19/09, 21:52:41
Nah man, it's cool. Kenny was on, so I played with him for a minute.
Posted: 12/19/09, 21:59:06
Nice games Ludist :)

I forgot how much I enjoyed playing Dr. Mario, heh.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:08:23
wanna play KG?
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:13:04
I've got a bizarre problem. Anytime my laptop refreshes a page (or interacts with my router), my Wii Remotes go nuts. Has this happened to anyone else?
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:13:27

I can go a few rounds before getting ready for work :)
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:13:55
wow that is weird. good games ludist. when I first started playing Dr. Mario I played against my friend (on NES) and he was level 15 and I started at level 0 and he still beat me. Then as I got better, any time I beat him at a certain handicap level, I'd move up one, until eventually I was level 15 too and could beat him. Now we're pretty much evenly matched. Great game because its still fun to play against people who are at a low handicap because you really have to focus to beat them.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:15:16
kgtennispro said:
Nice games Ludist :)

I forgot how much I enjoyed playing Dr. Mario, heh.
Thanks man, you're more on my skill level. Pretty even there. :)
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:15:25
ok KG, I'll invite you.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:15:42
Alrighty, I'll try playing at the same level as you as first and we'll see how much you kick my ass, lol
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:16:43
haha ok, I'm inviting now.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:17:07
is this working?
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:20:17

You're not popping up under join a friend for some reason.

EDIT: Hosting a room now.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:21:40
hmm, try inviting me
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:22:03
damn Nintendo and their archaic matching system! I think I just turned 10% more troll after today's experience.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:26:46
Very strange...

Do I pop up on your Friends Leader Board?

I can see you at the top of mine, but just your FC is listed under name instead of your actual name unlike everyone else on my list :/
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:27:56
hmm yea you're on my leader board, but all of my friends just have their FCs. this is mind boggling.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:29:26
Alright, how about we both disconnect, then reconnect to Wi-Fi, and then you try hosting one more time.

If that doesn't work then I just give up for now, lol.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:30:20
haha ok I'll try it.
Posted: 12/19/09, 22:31:23
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