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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.66/10 from 28 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii!

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It's been 10 years now since the first game. Anyone else looking forward to experiencing this on Wii? Just 3 more days before the release. Got a copy reserved at Gamestop comes with a bonus soundtrack disc. I never beat the original and got stuck fighting the Cybil boss at the amusement park several years ago last time I played it. A part of me feels I should try and beat the original then play this game. I think my brother left his PSX here still when he took his PS2 so I may have that option still...Hmm.

So far the first 2 reviews have been positive for it.

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Posted: 12/05/09, 16:45:53
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I just beat the game a couple hours ago, and it was awesome. I cried at the end :'(

This was my very first Silent Hill game, and I really want to check out the other games now. I'm gonna start with the first one, since... it's the first. I can't wait to check out how the basic story originally turned out :D
Posted: 01/18/10, 06:22:40
Hey I cried too, HIGH-FIVE!!

The song in the credits really adds to the emotion too doesn't it? It's beautiful!

May I ask what ending you got?
Posted: 01/18/10, 21:44:05
I just finished the game and did not expect the ending at all. From the opening VHS footage to the ending, this game is clever. I have never played a story-driven game that felt so complete. Hell, I though Ghostbusters had a decent story, but now I see Shattered Memories on an entirely different level. This truly is a novel inside of a game and is the most emotionally relevant Wii game I have played.

The only nightmare scene that was frustrating to me was the one where you had to go through the hunting cabin, otherwise, I was able to get through them on the first or second attempt. If anyone is still on the fence about trying this game out, I would encourage you to give it a shot.
Posted: 01/21/10, 06:57:09
That's a really interesting sales comparison. Hopefully we hear something official soon, and hopefully it's positive enough to keep the series going.
Posted: 01/21/10, 07:38:58
The ending I got was where Cheryl accepts that her father is dead, and Harry's memory shatters apart.

The nightmare sequence in the school really frustrated me, because I didn't figure out at first that I had to take pictures of each paparazzi location mentioned in the text message. So I was running back and forth retracing my steps over and over :p
Posted: 01/21/10, 12:20:38
Yeah, I really enjoyed going through this game. It's very unique, and my gripes with the Nightmare sequences aside, the plot and atmosphere are absolutely compelling from start to finish.

It was memorable enough to get me interested in other games of the series. I picked up Silent Hill 2 and just got out of the "nightmare"/alternate hospital. It's cool so far, but oddly enough, I think I may prefer SM's approach to the gameplay. Something about SH2 hasn't completely grabbed me yet (maybe it's the somewhat slow pacing, or the less-than-stellar voice acting at this point), but the game is indeed genuinely creepy in sizable doses (the hospital as a whole made me uneasy the whole time). And Pyramid Head is one of the better stalking menaces I've seen in a game. But even so, the clunky combat and zillions of locked doors sort of rub me the wrong way compared to SM's style.
Posted: 01/21/10, 16:39:51
Homecoming was king of

"this door is locked, unaccessible, what have you"
Posted: 01/21/10, 17:28:55
@Simbabbad I liked 2. Creepy mood, very interesting setting and storyline. Prefer the Resident Evil games but it was still good.

I'll be honest though, I finished the game very confused. It wasn't until I went online and actually read about the multiple storylines and what happened in mine that I started thinking "wow". Until then it was more "huh?"
Posted: 01/21/10, 23:45:26
I played a little bit of Homecoming at Comic Con a couple years ago, and I thought it was fun (though I spent like 10 minutes stuck on this one puzzle :p), though I didn't like how I couldn't reverse the Y axis for my camera. I heard that the final game still doesn't let you change that, which sucks because I always prefer to invert that in games. It also had stupid-ass ragdoll physics, which completely ruins the immersion for me in any game that has it. I don't want heavy machinery to start flying in the air like a bunch of balloons when I accidentally bump into it. It's even worse than in something like Gears of War for instance, because in that game you could at least explain it as being caused by your character's bulging muscles or something [face_silly]
Posted: 01/22/10, 00:19:02
I think the Y axis inversion option only applies to aiming your gun; when not equipped with a gun, you can't invert it. I could be wrong though.
Posted: 01/22/10, 00:39:02
Yay, love seeing more Shattered Memories love.
Glad you enjoyed it
Posted: 03/24/10, 03:36:54
I'm glad you liked it

This is still the only game in the series I've played, but I plan on playing the others at some point, in order of release. I want to see how the original Harry's story was like
Posted: 03/24/10, 04:42:01
SM was my Wii GOTY 09, had 5 playthroughs with the Wii version and four on the PS2.
Posted: 03/24/10, 05:19:37
How's the PS2 version look/control?
Posted: 03/26/10, 04:27:50
carlosrox said:
How's the PS2 version look/control?

The controls and graphics are pretty good.

Contains potential spoilers.

Wii/PS2 comparison video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3npcgujs5EY

Wii/PS2 Ice-world comparison - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj9ZR6G1zk4

Wii/PS2 Ice-world transition comparison - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFADEne_wfU
Posted: 03/26/10, 05:08:57
I was lurking over at GAF a little while ago and saw that they were all discussing the story, wondering what the significance of each thing was, and someone pointed out that the fact people are actually discussing a video game's story is significant. I have to agree
Posted: 03/26/10, 06:44:07

Silent Hill always does that, especially to fans of the series. They like to go on forums and discuss like mad.
Posted: 03/26/10, 09:14:30  - Edited by 
 on: 03/26/10, 13:10:35
I've heard in Homecoming that the Nurse Enemies actually have fetuses inside their stomach. Apparently it's really hard to see and I could only notice in during certain lighting conditions. You guys should check it out, it kinda blew my mind when I heard about it. But to be honest I checked it out and I'm not entirely sure if it is a fetus or not. Something weird IS going on though because there is definitely a real dark spot right in her stomach when you flash light onto her back.
Posted: 03/26/10, 13:12:58

Yeah I know. I was thinking...what the hell does this have to do with Homecoming? In fact what do any of the enemies have to do with Homecoming? Nothing annoys me more than seeing the Pyramid head appear in anything that isn't Silent Hill 2 whether its the games or the movies.

Another thing that bugs me is shaking heads. Just because Jacob's Ladder did it that doesn't mean it works just thrown in randomly into any game or movie. The shaking heads had a reason in Jacob's Ladder. What's the reason for it in the House On Haunted Hill remake? It's stupid. I can't stand people milking ideas when they don't even know why they're doing it. Reminds me of the piece of shit Hitcher remake, both Halloween remakes, and several other movies/games.
Posted: 03/26/10, 14:51:28


--My wife is playing right now, and she's a few hours in.

What were some things to look out for as far as game-ending glitches/bugs? I remember something about not filling up your roll of film, or something? I think she likes it, says its "ok." I'm guessing she hasn't really dug in all the way yet? I haven't played it at all.

Posted: 06/20/10, 04:24:38
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