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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.66/10 from 28 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii!

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It's been 10 years now since the first game. Anyone else looking forward to experiencing this on Wii? Just 3 more days before the release. Got a copy reserved at Gamestop comes with a bonus soundtrack disc. I never beat the original and got stuck fighting the Cybil boss at the amusement park several years ago last time I played it. A part of me feels I should try and beat the original then play this game. I think my brother left his PSX here still when he took his PS2 so I may have that option still...Hmm.

So far the first 2 reviews have been positive for it.

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Posted: 12/05/09, 16:45:53
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I noticed some people said because of the length of the game they might only rent it. From everything Ive read, the game has alot to offer. Ive even noticed several people who have played through the game say they will play through the game several times to see the different endings, ect.

I think the game will have a good bit of replay value. I will def. buy this game. But to be fair, I never rent games. Its either, I want to play the game or I dont. And for those games that I do buy and dont feel like keeping I sell them on ebay mostly. Sometimes I will take them and trade them in at Gamestop, but usually not, since Gamestop hardly gives anything for games these days, unless the game is fairly new.

Ive never played a Silent Hill game. And to the OP, I dont think it matters than you didnt beat the first one. THis new Silent Hill has nothing to do with the original, other than the dad wrecking his car and looking for his daughter scenerio. In a way, it probably should have just been its own SH game, but I know the last few Silent Hill games were not very good. So, they probably wanted to avoid people thinking the same thing.

And one last thing, it really peeses me off that the PS2 and PSP versions are only $29.99. Sure the PS2 is last gen and all, but comeon, why forcre the Wii owners to pay an extra $20. That is another reason why Im waiting. I have a feeling the game might drop in price soon. If I didnt already have so many games to play, then I would probably buy it. But everytime I check out the game and see that $29.99 for the other systems, it turns me off from buying the game.

THe game should have only been released on the Wii. I thought the whole big deal with this game was the way the flashlight controlled with the Wiimote. If so, then why release it on Sony's past systems. If anything, release it on the newer systems as well, but wait, none of those so-called hardcore gamers would want the game since it would have Wii-like graphics. I guess its still hard to believe that this fat into the Wii's lifecycle that games that are made for the Wii are still being made for the PS2 and PSP. In a way, it is a slap in the face to Wii owners.

Only make these games for the Wii, then people would be forced to buy a Wii if they really wanted some of these games.
Posted: 01/02/10, 16:18:54
Simbabbad said:
Silent Hill is all about psychological mind fuck. Since I played the series, every first Wednesday of the month, when the city fire alarm starts as a test, I freak out expecting everything to turn rotten and rusty and old and decaying. I kid you not, every time I have a shiver down my spine because of how "scarred" (in a good way) Silent Hill made me.

When it comes to pure, absolute fear, though, Fatal Frame takes that cake. Silent Hill is disturbing, not unlike Killer7, but Fatal Frame is just pure scary. Greatest fear of my life : playing alone, at night, the first Fatal Frame... in a particularly scary/tense moment... then the damn cat walks on the top of the couch right behind my neck. I woke up my bf.

Of course, Ramses did it again when I played Dead Space on 360. Again, at a tense moment, as he was close to me, he puts his paw on my leg and spread his claws.

Stupid cat.

You have excellent cats.

David V
Posted: 01/02/10, 17:06:27
[ref=id=510&pagenumber=3#9015]Simbabbad said:[/ref][quote][ref=id=510&pagenumber=3#9014]gamewizard65 said:[/ref][quote]THe game should have only been released on the Wii. I thought the whole big deal with this game was the way the flashlight controlled with the Wiimote. If so, then why release it on Sony's past systems. If anything, release it on the newer systems as well, but wait, none of those so-called hardcore gamers would want the game since it would have Wii-like graphics. I guess its still hard to believe that this fat into the Wii's lifecycle that games that are made for the Wii are still being made for the PS2 and PSP.[/quote]The power gap between PS2 and Wii is nowhere near the power gap between PS3/360 and Wii.

Releasing it on PSP/PS2 is smart. They know part of the Silent Hill audience owns those systems, the ports didn't cost nearly as much as what it'll bring in sales, and the Wii is just blurry territory in sale potential for that kind of game.

It's just much less risky to release in on Wii AND PS2 and PSP. If they couldn't have done a multiconsole release, we wouldn't have the game at all. Be thankful we do, it's not like it takes anything away knowing there are inferior versions on other systems.[/quote]
I understand all that. I just hate seeing the price for the others at $29.99. It makes it harder to buy the game for the Wii for $20 more. Esp. since Im on the fence now about getting the game. I mean, I will eventually have the game. Though I think Im going to wait to see if it drops in price over the next several months. Money is tight right now and I keep triing to think of ways to come up with the extra cash. Gamestop is having a special where if you trade in 3 games you get an extra $10 or if you trade in 4 games you get $20. I dont have many games I am willing to trade in right now, and the ones I do have that I would part with, only brings me $17.50 plus the extra $20 I would get equals $37.50. I would have to put in $15.49 of my own money plus they get the 4 games. If I only sold 3 of those games on ebay I would get at least $50, at the most $60. But still thats more than Gamestop is offering. Only problem is, I would have to list the games today and then it would be next sunday evening when the auctions end, unless someone would use buy it now, which I do use in my auctions. Point is, I would have to wait over a week to have the money.

I hate it when I want a game so badly, though I know I should wait, especially when I have plenty of games that I have not played and they are newer games as well. I know Im not going to be happy until I get Silent Hill. Its not like it is ruining my life or anything, I just can't get the damn game off my mind. Only thing is, if I do break down to get it, it had better meet and exceed all my expectations or Im gonna be bummed. Im expecting alot out of this game. I have a pretty good feeling that this game is going to be one of my all time favorites or pretty damn close. So, if it ends up only being like average to me, then I will be bummed.
Posted: 01/02/10, 19:22:12
I'm enjoying this so far--it does feel "movie-ish" in the actual mysterious progression and general lack of combat.

I'm curious about the rest of the series, though. I have a PS2, so if I wanted to try one of the other games, which would be a good point to jump into? Is Silent Hill 3 any good?
Posted: 01/03/10, 09:53:56
I agree that 2 is the best. I like the psychology, the characters, the music, the enemies, the locations, etc etc the best. I also thought it was the scariest by far. I can't stand that garage band music with vocals they feel the need to put in all the games now. I think it's ridiculous, I fail to see how it fits into the game. I like the vocal track in Shattered Memories alright, thought I prefer the version without vocals.
Posted: 01/05/10, 12:54:38
A little bumpage since I just finished the game this weekend.

I've never played a Silent Hill game before, (though I'll likely pick up the first one on PSN soon), so I was going into this one fresh and without any real expectations.

I have to say, it's a pretty unique experience. The game completely separates exploration segments from chase segments, which is an interesting design choice. There's a complete absence from "shock" scares, which I think is for the best (they always come off as cheap to me in videogames), and the exploration stuff relies completely on atmosphere and the narrative to remain interesting. For the most part, this is successful. I thought the parts of the game that took place outdoors during the day were less interesting than the rest of the game, just because everything was well lit. Combined with the complete lack of danger, I found myself wanting to be back in the dark or the ice world. The nighttime/dark segments really deliver, though.

As far as the plot is concerned, I liked it a lot. I thought the ending was pretty well telegraphed, but the story was delivered effectively. I especially liked how things progressed towards the end of the game itself.

I'll probably go through it again at some point, once I get through some other games I haven't finished/played yet. I can see why people who aren't motivated to play a game more than once might wait for a price drop, but if you're a completionist or like going for multiple endings in a game, there's more there than what you'll see in one run.
Posted: 01/11/10, 18:30:52
This game is scaring the crap out of me. I have never played a scary game before and it is such a different experience compared to watching a scary movie. When watching a movie, you can hide behind your hands if a part gets scary and it will go on without you. But in this game, you have to move your character forward and you have to pay attention so that you can pass it. That is tough to do. The monster scenes are scary, but the voice mails are absolutely disturbing.

I can't play more than an hour at a time. It messes me up too much. I love it.
Posted: 01/11/10, 21:22:50
Wish I wasn't as jaded as I am a lot of the time. I envy people who actually find games like RE4 or Dead Space scary. I was showing a couple of friends Dead Space last weekend and I had this one Japanese friend who really wanted to play Dead Space cuz for some reason or another he's seen like the entire game on Youtube but wants to experience for it himself. So anyways he tried playing and after like 15 mins he handed over the controller to me and said he was too scared to play it. He was literally screaming out loud when Necromorphs surprised him and chased after him. Reminds me of when I was 10 and some of my friends couldn't play Resident Evil so they handed the controller over to me. I used to be shitscared of Resident Evil when I was first playing through it but after that I was good.

The only games that continue to scare me where I don't/won't play them alone at night are Silent Hill 1-3. Those games are just too much for me and pretty much the only games that truly put the fear of god into me. Then again it's been awhile since I last played em...maybe I could handle it now.

Glad you guys are really enjoying Silent Hill, I always envy people who experience something for the first time and it's a completely new experience for them, sometimes I like it when they experience a later sequel first.
Posted: 01/12/10, 00:13:22
Well, as soon as I have some extra money I will buy the game. It probably will not be until Feb. I hope we are still having alot of winter weather then. Right now its really cold with a good bit of snow. But around here, come Feb. it could be all gone with mild temps. Though, it should be cold and snowy according to many. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Posted: 01/12/10, 07:29:52

That's how I was with my first "scary" game, Resident Evil (remake) on the Gamecube. Actually I got an hour or two into it and was like F it, I don't want to deal with this! It wasn't until years later (and after I finished Resident Evil 4) that I came back to it.

Since then I have played a fair amount of scary games, and though they still creeped me out at times, none matched the scares I went through with Resident Evil remake (and even 4, to some extent, as it was the first "scary" game I actually played more than a few hours of).

But now I think I am, as Carlos says, jaded. Dead Space was fun and all, but didn't really scare me much. It's almost weird to me how I went from being so scared over a game I returned it, to now where I'm like... whatever. Mind you, I think part of it is that no game I have played since is actually as scary as Remake... that game freaked the hell out of me. Even 0 was weaker, because it had so many ridiculous enemies like giant frogs and monkeys.

I heard Fatal Frame was a super scary series though. That's why I wanted 4 to release here so bad, not because I thought the game would be amazing per se, but I thought hmm, maybe this has a shot at scaring me the way Resident Evil did...
Posted: 01/12/10, 08:22:42
May I ask how old you are Zero? Really surprised REmake was your first horror game. I thought you were a bit more old school/older than most of us?

I also hear Fatal Frame is scary but I just don't see it. J Horror usually has no effect on me. At least, 'The Ring' style J Horror.

Have you played the old Silent Hills? Penumbra is also really creepy as well as STALKER. The thing about STALKER is the enemies are extremely intimidating. Their sounds and behaviours can be really terrifying. Especially when you walk into a dark, abandoned building and some ungodly creature suddenly grunts at you in the dark. The anamolies are also really scary too. Most things present themselves as serious threats to you.
Posted: 01/12/10, 15:09:13
The thing that keeps this game from being scary as opposed to just really engaging is the split between the real and ice worlds. I liked the fact that there were no cheap scares, but the bits of the game where you're outside in the daylight were very boring to me. You know you're in no danger at all and the exploration was just less interesting to me when you didn't have to use your flashlight. I think it's a testament to how well the exploration works at night and indoors; you know you're in no danger but the atmosphere is still compelling and delivers tension.
Posted: 01/12/10, 17:53:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/12/10, 17:54:40
@carlosrox I'm 30 but I pretty much grew up on Nintendo consoles and never had much interest in M-rated games, PS2 was my first non-Nintendo console and Resident Evil remake on Cube was my first M-rated game. Even now there are a lot of M games I get into, but I prefer a solid "mature" T (like Ico/SOTC/Zelda/Metroid style) in general.

After the first time I gave up on Resident Evil remake I went on to play (I think in this order, or close...)

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil remake (finished it this time)
Resident Evil 0
Silent Hill 2
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Eternal Darkness
Dead Rising
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
Dead Space
Dead Space Extraction

And a bit of Condemned, though I mostly watched my cousin play that. And the first hour or so of the Suffering?

I've been meaning to play Silent Hill 3 for awhile but I never find it for a decent price, it'll probably be easier to find Shattered Memories for cheap soon enough.
Posted: 01/12/10, 18:31:45
To me something like Silent Hill 2 (or any Silent Hill for that matter) or Shadowman are the very definition of a truly mature title. Shattered Memories is a prime example of how to do a game geared towards adults who look for more than just blood n guts in their games.

People who think stuff like Gears Of War is "mature" really need to learn there's more to "maturity" than some blood and thrown in swearing.

What did you think of all those games? I think you really oughta try Shattered Memories as well.

ps. I love me some Ico!!
Posted: 01/12/10, 20:35:20

I found a lot of the normal world stuff pretty creepy too. I thought the game established the tension and uneasyness quite well, even if you usually knew you were safe in the non-ice world areas.
Posted: 01/14/10, 23:17:46

The only segments I found boring were the exclusively limited to outdoor, daytime exploration. The nighttime, indoor stuff was always fantastic, due to the great use of the flashlight, shadows, etc. Outside during the day? Eh. I live in New England, I could just step outside if I wanted to see that. :p
Posted: 01/14/10, 23:22:46
Oh. I guess I might agree then. But then again there's very few outdoor, daytime exploration moments.
Posted: 01/14/10, 23:29:36
Indeed, which is why they kind of stood out for me. I didn't mind the bits where you're walking outside and talking to someone else, because you're not exploring in the traditional sense; you're moving with someone else and advancing the narrative. The parts where you were outside in the day just seemed like superfluous transitions to me. Considering what the game actually IS, it doesn't really need to make sense temporally and as such I wish that it all took place at night or indoors.

A minor complaint, to be sure.
Posted: 01/15/10, 00:11:41
Konami sent out a pretty limited amount of copies. Every time I go out to try and pick it up, it's sold out.
Posted: 01/16/10, 19:30:40
I really do believe in some kind of Wii Conspiracy going on.
Posted: 01/16/10, 21:25:07
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