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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.66/10 from 28 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii!

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It's been 10 years now since the first game. Anyone else looking forward to experiencing this on Wii? Just 3 more days before the release. Got a copy reserved at Gamestop comes with a bonus soundtrack disc. I never beat the original and got stuck fighting the Cybil boss at the amusement park several years ago last time I played it. A part of me feels I should try and beat the original then play this game. I think my brother left his PSX here still when he took his PS2 so I may have that option still...Hmm.

So far the first 2 reviews have been positive for it.

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Posted: 12/05/09, 16:45:53
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I loved/still love this game. I'm trying to get all the endings, and uncovering every detail and alteration within the surprisingly robust story is great. I can see why others may be scared off by the length, though. But for me personally, this has been one of the best experiences on Wii.
Posted: 12/16/09, 18:55:22
Simba: Yeah... I have to say I'm glad that a lot of people are enjoying it.. If it wasn't for the story, I wouldn't have pushed on till the end. I'm happy that I gave it a good try though.. Maybe in the next one they will make the nightmare scenes a bit differently...

Posted: 12/16/09, 19:50:46
Finished the game this morning.

Loved the hell out of it. Such a fantastic game. The ending was just...whoa.

Such a great game. A bit short, but that didn't bother me. I don't mind short games as long as they're enjoyable all the way through, which this game definitely was.
Posted: 12/16/09, 23:22:42
If you are looking to get more excited about this game you should listen to the 12/15//09 Giantbombcast. They were pretty happy with it.
Posted: 12/16/09, 23:45:50
One of the best experiences of this generation for sure and probably my GOTY. This game and Penumbra on the PC should not be missed.

What really pisses me off are the other developers sitting on their asses releasing shit on the Wii. EVERY Wii game should have at least this much love and care put into it. This game should SUCK compared to other Wii games. We should be like 'meh, flashlight control? lol i did that already in Resident Evil:Destruction, Winter, and . This SHOULD be old hat. It's not though, it's brand fucking new. And that's a joke. Developers need to wake the fuck up. The Wii is just tailor made for games of this calibre.
Posted: 12/18/09, 23:13:18
I know, you're absolutely right.

I understand how the industry was caught off guard with the Wii, but a smart guy would have sensed something after the E3 stampedes of people trying to get their hands on a Wii demo booth and all of the anticipation towards the launch. This game is two holidays later than it should be.

And now, even though the Wii continues to get into people's homes faster than anything on earth, publishers hit the ground with each new release - not running, but dropping into a roll, falling into a hole and burying themselves. As if the Wii customer is a strange new beast that seeks out games with its super-sensitive snout.

Or perhaps more worryingly, it's as if Wii games will poison their reputation as a games maker and taint their precious Silent Hill/Modern Warfare/Final Fantasy franchise.

It's madness.
Posted: 12/19/09, 12:25:20
Yeah I'm with you there. It's freakin' ridiculous. It is not Nintendo or the Wii I blame. Nope. Never ever ever. It's all the publishers and developers faults. Many people have said before Nintendo cannot carry the saddle all by themselves. I think the industry secretly hates Nintendo, I really do.

For a couple reasons.
1. They're so damn good. The quality they achieve is second to none.
2. They swim in money and have profits second to none. I'm sorry but I'm sure a ton of publishers and developers are like FUCK ALL THEY MAKE IS WII SPORTS N MARIO N LOOK AT THE MONEY THEY MAKE
3. Frustration they can't compete with the first two reasons. They really can't compete with Nintendo on their own console but who's fault is that? I guess it's Nintendo's fault for being too good. How bout you get off your ass and make some quality games? Maybe then you'll be more like Nintendo
4. Nintendo's unwavering influence on the industry. No one has changed the industry as much as Nintendo consistently has. Even when they lose they change the industry a whole lot. Their least successful system the Gamecube may be the odd man out but every other system helped define the generation in a big way. You could easily argue the Playstation changed gaming more but think of the N64's influence. First real leap into 3D gaming, a real working analog, first system to successfully bring FPS to the consoles (fuck that halo bullshit turok, goldeneye, perfect dark, and others were the first real console FPSes ever and they were fanfuckingtastic), rumble, etc, etc. The same can be said of any system but the N64 had some of the best games of all time on it, with Zelda OOT leading the forefront as arguable greatest game of all time. Having said all that it wouldn't surprise me that some petty publishers/developers would have some sort of anti-nintendo/jealousy vibe going on there. I'm sure Nintendo's public image hasn't helped. That whole kiddy bullshit along with them apparently being tyrannical back in the day.

So in conclusion I do have a theory that many people secretly hate Nintendo even though gaming needs Nintendo to survive. It boggles my mind how ANYone on this planet can hate Nintendo...the company that single handedly revived gaming, and reshaped it time after time after time. Anyone who hates Nintendo needs to fucking grow up. It's kinda like loving animation and hating any of the big animation studios like Disney or Pixar. Their influences are unquestionable. They CREATED the industry. How can you hate them for that? We're all playing videogames today because of what Nintendo created.
Posted: 12/19/09, 13:33:00
Well I do hate Dreamworks. I hope that doesn't count. :p
Posted: 12/19/09, 14:31:17
Not really cuz they're just whoring out 3D with a new movie every week. Dreamworks is a whole other beast. I liked their 2D stuff but haven't cared much for any of their 3D shit.
Posted: 12/19/09, 14:51:51
Really for all the different endings this game is worth the money I spent. Should have at least 18+ if not more hrs. I've played through it 3 times now. The first two endings were similar. The majority is all the same but the changes are enough to painlessly go through game again in a small Eternal Darkness kinda way. Each play through adds pieces to the whole story especially exploring and calling all the phone numbers seen on walls etc.

This most recent play through (4th)started out different instead of going to the diner.

My favorite level is after first reaching Alchemila hospital and the first part of that nightmare is cool. Wish the opening part of that level would've lasted little bit longer. Harry could'nt look behind him but one could hear the creatures coming. The music for that level is one of my favorites other than the track during the Lisa incident. Some of these rainy mornings I bump that on my way to work early in the morning especially when it's real early and the sun hasn't come out yet...
Posted: 12/22/09, 00:58:56
I played the original Silent Hill back on the PSX back in the day, but to be honest I just don't remember the game. I do remember I liked it but I don't remember a lot about except it did mess with your head pretty hard. I took a break through most of the PS2 era though so I never played the rest of them.

Glad to hear some positive stuff about this game cause I really wanted to pick it up but was on the fence about it. Guess ill grab it up now.
Posted: 12/22/09, 03:51:42
Just started playing Origins on PS2 tonight...will check back later as I get further. Only got an hour in. Seems creepy enough, though pretty straight forward.
Posted: 12/22/09, 08:55:36
Nope but I've seen odd graphical glitches. Some objects in the game have this weird rainbow color effect on them like a few of the rearview mirrors on some of the cars....no sound as I stepped out of the car just before entering the sewer at the Lighthouse...and disappearing models.
Posted: 12/23/09, 04:50:16
Would it be good for the first one I have played? I was always a RE fan and have never tired Silent Hill.
Posted: 12/23/09, 18:41:27

I'd say definitely, just because you won't have anything to compare it to. You're literally going in with a fresh mindset.
Posted: 12/23/09, 18:48:09
It's not out here untill March! Same with FF:CC :(
Posted: 12/23/09, 18:59:15
Shattered Memories is a great starting point. It really has little to do with any past entries in the series. Fantastic game.
Posted: 12/23/09, 19:02:28

But at the same time...major spoiler below, folks.

It's pretty much a sequel to the bad ending of the original game. Harry died in the accident. Now, Cheryl is in major denial.
Posted: 12/23/09, 19:18:26
Wow I didn't even know about that ending.
Posted: 01/02/10, 01:16:25
MikeD487 said:

But at the same time...major spoiler below, folks.

It's pretty much a sequel to the bad ending of the original game. Harry died in the accident. Now, Cheryl is in major denial.

Never thought about it that way.

But I loved it. While the ending may have been 6th Sense-ish I didn't see it coming and it was a bit of a shock. But knowing it kind of opens up other things to see how they affect the game.

The game was fantastic and so much different than other Silent Hills (which I am a big fan of) that you really can't know what to expect. Probably my 3rd favorite Wii game this year. Beyond New Super Mario and A Boy and His Blob.
Posted: 01/02/10, 08:18:57
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