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Super Street Fighter IV 3D (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.34/10 from 21 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Street Fighter IV 3D on the 3DS!

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Super Street Fighter IV 3D (Nintendo 3DS) Review (9.0)  by  

So, it's come to my attention that several of us regular Nintendo fans have either lapsed in their experience with the Street Fighter series, or are just now checking it out on 3DS. In an effort to avoid getting 'PWNED' (do the kids still say that?) online, I'm offering a sort of "Boot Camp" for the 3D Edition of SUPER Street Fighter IV.

What I'm proposing to do is to sort of "train" those that aren't so good (yet) in friendly, non-competitive online matches. I mean sure, playing against the computer is all well and good. And that's how many of us "vets" grew up playing back in the day. But nothing quite matches a real, human, thinking opponent. Computer AI will eventually fall back on patterns that can be easily recognized by the player, and thus can become too easy. Human matches don't do that - the really good players learn to adapt and change their strategy as the fight goes on.

So, hopefully I will be able to help those that need that kind of assistance and experience, without just immediately striking them down with ridiculous combos that not only deter further play, but also don't teach the player anything. Let's trade Friend Codes (I've got mine listed on the User Database, as well as in the 3DS thread) and we can practice combos, special moves, Super moves, Ultra Moves, reversals, learn to anticipate what moves may come, etc.

If anyone's interested, post here and let me know. I'll leave it as an open invitation for the better part of tomorrow. I'm going to bed now, but I'll check this tomorrow afternoon/evening and if the interest is there, we'll do some practicing.

Any other Street Fighter vets that wanna help out (Dynablade!), please feel free to do so! I would appreciate the help with teaching, as I'm sure anyone else who wants to learn.

The Negative World Street Fighter Dojo is open!

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Posted: 03/28/11, 07:08:53  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/11, 07:10:19
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Hey a win is a win!
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:35:44
Sorry for the CHEAP hit at the end... that was lame on my part.

I gotta go for right now. My three-year old is acting like... well, a three year old. *sigh* Temper tantrums are not a fun thing to deal with, ha ha!
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:43:09
I'll duck out for a bit... thanks for schooling me! I need to work on my throw timing. I think I got ONE over on you? Yeesh.

Well played.
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:43:09
^ Thanks! It was fun. We should play again soon.

As for anyone else -I'm back. Anyone that wants to throw down or start training, post here and let me know!
Posted: 03/29/11, 04:09:48
Someone join my lobby. Let's throw down.

A biit noobish...I'm only comfortable with Ryu/Ken at the moment.
Posted: 03/29/11, 04:19:18
Cool. Let's do some training!
Posted: 03/29/11, 04:20:57
Awesome games man!!

Do you play with the shortcuts on or off? There were lots of times where it felt like you were holding back.
Posted: 03/29/11, 05:01:37
Yeah, good matches! It was fun!

I play without the shortcuts - I've been playing the game since it came out on 360/PS3, so I know the button combinations pretty well. Once in a while I'll use the touch screen for pressing all three punches or kicks when I need to pull off an Ultra Combo. It's not always easy hitting all three buttons on the 3DS during those times.

(though to be fair, I always assigned a button to all three punches or kicks for the console versions too, so this is not a knock against the 3DS's controls!)
Posted: 03/29/11, 05:06:01
This sounds like something I would be down with. I can shoot Ken's fireball, and I've been able to do it since the arcade days. However, it does not really do much against a skilled assassin. Teach me, Sensei!
Posted: 03/29/11, 05:26:17
Anyone interested in a bit of fightingggg?
Posted: 03/29/11, 05:27:45
Any of you n00bz have any suggestions for characters besides the old school ones? I haven't played much SF since Super Street Fighter II and I pretty much don't know the moves of anyone since then. But I'd like to try out a (n00b friendly) character or two that I've never played with before. It'd be a shame to get SF IV and just stick with Ryu like I usually do on II.
Posted: 03/29/11, 07:34:11
The more I play this game the angrier I get.

I know I suck at SSFIV already, but with the 360 version I'm at least able to pull off everything I want to with Guy.

It seems like less than half the time I actually do what I'm trying to input. I'm hoping maybe with time it will grow on me, but right now it's just making want to go back to the 360 version where I can still lose most of the time, but at least be able to control my fighter accurately.
Posted: 03/29/11, 07:41:33

I would suggest trying out Juri, the evil new girl that specializes in Tae Kwon Do. All of her moves are quarter-circle or half-circle motions, so if you're comfortable with Ryu/Ken, then pulling her moves off will come easy. She has a projectile move, and some devastating kick-based Special Moves that can really deal damage with proper timing. Her Super Move is nearly unavoidable (fills the screen with projectiles) so if your Super Bar is full, and you want to guarantee the move will at least hit your opponent, you can rely on that. Her Ultra Moves are really powerful, but proper timing is needed. If you "whiff" then you're gonna leave yourself wide open. Still, they're pretty easy to pull off so with a little practice you should be okay.

If you want to try someone else that's "kinda" new, try Sakura. Her moves are like Ryu/Ken's, but with a slight twist. If you're comfortable with the Shoto fighters (Ryu/Ken/Akuma) then Sakura will come second nature. Of course, her moveset isn't all THAT different, so if you're looking for someone totally new, try:

Cammy. No projectiles. But quick. Her moves can sometimes take priority over others, and her Super and Ultra Moves can really deal damage. Again, all moves are done with the quarter-circle/half-circle movements on the d-pad, so learning her moveset should be a breeze.

Finally, for someone completely different (but old-school), try Guile. His moves are all charge moves (hold back or down for two seconds, then forward or up and an attack) but he's one of the most well-rounded characters in the game. I'd also suggest trying Chun-Li - most of her moveset is also "charges" plus she has that Lighting Kick which is easy to pull off and can surprise your opponent. It's devastating if you can trap them in a corner.

Anyway, hope that helps!


Heh, I'm kind of the opposite. I have a really hard time controlling my characters in the 360 version. The 360's d-pad SUUUUUUCKS for 2D fighters. I'm having much better results with the 3DS's pad.
Posted: 03/29/11, 17:56:35
Man, Guile is a cheapass if you're on the easy control mode! You walk right up to people, they jump and you can just Flash Kick out of nowhere. The mode seems like a good idea generally but it borderline breaks charge characters.
Posted: 03/29/11, 18:53:29
Yeah, easy control mode makes charge characters... Wrong. It's not right that he can do sonic boom RIGHT AFTER sonic boom, or fliash kicks from a standing position. But it's still different enough to be fun.
Posted: 03/29/11, 19:15:50
Can't you play with the easy controls off? I've noticed various control options and when you go online there is an option to only play against people using your controls. But yeah, I never use charge characters because I suck enough at pulling off moves as it is, so you charge and then mess up and then you have to wait 2 seconds to try again.

I do use the quick touch moves sometimes, but I at least try to do all the normal moves myself. I tend to use it for the supers, and I tend to only use supers when I'm losing. Which is all the time.

@GameDadGrant I was messing around with Sakura yesterday, I like her but yeah, she's a bit too close to Ken/Ryu to feel like she is new to me. And Cammy isn't new to me either! She was in Super Street Fighter II... I think? Or one of the games on SNES anyway. That is about where I left off, though I did play a small bit of Alpha and 3 and even a bit of IV at a friend's house some months ago.

Maybe I'll try out that Juri. Although, oddly enough, I don't like picking "evil" characters in fighting games. I like playing the heroes!
Posted: 03/29/11, 19:40:27
I need the help. I played three online matches at lunch (I was trying to play solo Arcade Mode, but I made the mistake of setting the online mode on), and even though I won two of them (spamming Ha-Do-Kens against me never works), I got my rear handed to me in the third.

I like it so far, but I know I need some help with Combo Breakers, Reversals, etc. The touch commands really help me right now, but I want to ween myself away from those eventually.
Posted: 03/29/11, 21:09:28

If you like playing the heroes, try using Abel. He's a *little* more difficult to learn, but once you "get" him, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. C. Viper is another popular choice, but I'm not a fan of her moveset. Plus, she's kind of on the evil side. But not really. She's kinda borderline - like, I think she's good deep down, but she's working for the bad guys. For some reason. *shrugs*


Let me know when you can spar, maybe we can train a little bit tonight?
Posted: 03/29/11, 23:48:45

Yeah, I'll be on tonight some before bed. Look for me on there (or I'll look for you).
Posted: 03/30/11, 00:32:45
Alright. It's about 10:15pm (EST) now and I've got a Lobby open (Versus) for anyone that wants to jump in! Cheers!
Posted: 03/30/11, 05:15:12
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