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Pokémon Black Version Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
9.04/10 from 17 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon Black Version on the DS!

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Pokémon Black Version Review (Nintendo DS) (8.7)  by  

NOTE: This thread is for discussion of both Black and White.

Unless there is and I missed it.

I've gotten tons of hours on this thing! Probably cause it continues to count play time even when you've got the DS closed in sleep mode, but still!

How's your Pokedex? What was your starter? Hardest gym? Fight any battles online? Do any trades?! What version did you get?!?!?!?!

Favorite city so far? You experience a critical capture yet? Pick up your Victini? Looking forward to rated battles on the 30th? Relieved that there's no calls from Joey?!

I've got a few questions of my own:

1. Aside from trading/transferring, can you run across older Pokemon, or are they all Gen V? I actually like Gen V, feels like original Pokemon to me again, aside from a few. (Fucking Druddigon looks stupid!)

2. Are shinies as hard to come by as I heard for the other versions? Don't think I've ever run across one.

3. Wouldn't a Pokemon MMO end the world? The world map could be all the regions from all 5 generations, basically being the main game and 4 expansions right out the bat... You'd play as trainers, and could directly control your Pokemon in combat, going to a more RTS style for multi-battles, or even turn-based if you chose that method! PvP would be battling other players, PvE would be battling and capturing wild Pokemon, and end-game could be earning badges and fighting real players in the Pokemon League! hfiefhwifhiwlurhweirhwuileh I've been repeating this same idea for like 11 years now!

Anyhow, here's where I'm at, playing almost non-stop: 7 badges, 101 Pokemon seen, 63 captured, Snivy was starter, hardest gym was the bug one, which I still beat almost exclusively using Snivy (Forget his second form's name, since I nickname my Pokeymans.) and was proud of that, since Bug Bite hurts like a bastard! My highest level Pokemon is currently Simipour, who is much more powerful than I would have initially thought, as I had only started putting her first to take advantage of my Amulet Coin for double money against trainers.

I've already got a certain legendary from a certain cave that I remembered after I learned a certain ability. (Trying to keep spoilers, what little there are for Pokemon, to a minimum.)

I think the story, so far, beats the crap out of previous non-spinoff games. A lot more in-depth with the characters. Still pretty basic, but I feel like they're actual characters to some extent now instead of Pokemon billboards.

Loving the more cinematic feel to the game. There's an actual brief cut-scene later on in the game that's pretty sweet!

Animated sprites make it feel so much more alive.

Triple Battles are fun but a little chaotic, but rotational battles are genius and a lot of fun!

My sister was on the DP forums or something, and was able to get a whatchacallit Roroark or whatever from a trade, she used it in battle against me and I thought it was her Panpour, pretty cool Pokemon, but I still dominated her and saved the battle video! A little disappointed you can only save one at a time, is there a way to upload them?

I haven't gotten to use any of the Munna stuff with the Dream Dust yet... is that for end-game?

I haven't really gotten into a Pokemon game since Red/Blue, because they all felt very similar to Red and Blue without enough change aside from unfamiliar Pokemon, which never felt quite as good as the originals to me, nostalgia and all that. I did enjoy Diamond/Pearl, and even beat them, but I don't remember being enthralled with them like I was with Black, which is the version I got. Nintendo did me good!

I grabbed my Victini the other day and he took quite a few Ultra Balls to catch, as I currently only have one Pokemon with any status effects. Love the battle music for fighting Legendaries! It's almost tribal, very much gets you into the mood.

Got my first (and so far only) critical capture on a Deerling, which I nicknamed Megabambi. Was a cool moment, and a great feature. Seems very very rare, though.

I'd go on, but I've ranted and raved enough!

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Posted: 03/13/11, 02:09:22  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 04:16:49
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PogueSquadron said:
Well to be fair, I'm borrowing it from a friend, and he rarely plays it. His brother mostly used it to play FF4, Golden Sun, and Chrono Trigger.

Just beat the 4th gym. I did die once against one of the trainers. I went in expecting to just demolish the trainers with Sandile and Dig, and then I get all these flying electric Pokemon! Craziness. I did die but came back with Bouldore doing most of the work with Smack Down, and Sandile taking care of Blitzles and Zebstrika. Those Volt Switches were killing me! I imagine that's a special move, because they were crushing my guys (who are a little low on the Sp.Def side).

I need to regroup a little now and get a grass, electric, and water Pokemon I can rely on. Pansage isn't cutting it for me. I'm too heavy on fire, rock, and ground right now.

Is the Relic Castle worth exploring right now at this point? I got scared away from the ghost Pokemon, even though Sandile should be able to take care of them now. I don't really have anything to take down the psychic Pokemon, but I think I could maybe get a Blitzle to take down the Sigiglyphs or whatever they are since they are flying.

It is so hard not to play this game when I have other things to do, haha.

Nah, it's not really worth it or important to explore the Relic Castle. You can't even really get deep into it at this point.

I'm wondering how useful the elemental monkeys are in the game. You get them pretty early on, and I know you can evolve them with the Water, Fire or Leaf stones, but... I haven't bothered to yet. I wonder if it's worth it at all? Like, do they suddenly become super-awesome after they evolve? Hm.

I'll evolve them eventually since I'm aiming to complete the Pokédex, but that's the only reason I'm gonna do it.
Posted: 04/01/11, 05:18:35  - Edited by 
 on: 04/01/11, 05:19:09
Just beat gym 5. Palpitoad is kind of awesome. I'm loving Scald. I'm also liking Maractus a lot, but that's only because he's a cactus and that's awesome. Definitely relieved to get my latest HM too! I'm in love withthis game.

I will admit though, while I like the deeper narrative, I'm finding the unexpected rival fights and stuff to be a tad annoying. I always thought I was pretty careful to hit up the Pokemon Center, but sometimes I apparently forget and it leaves me a little unprepared.

I also dropped the DS again. The hinge is even wonkier now. I don't know what's wrong with me. I have even dropped it farther then maybe a foot. It's not like i dropped it standing up or anything...just slid out of my grasp while sitting in a low chair at Starbucks and it sounds like a train wreck. Maybe my iPod Touch has spoiled me.

I LOVE THIS BOARD. Also, I will find it immensely hilarious if Zero or Simba or whoever can't change things back the way they were. It will be Waluigi FOREVER!!!!!

Posted: 04/01/11, 08:50:56  - Edited by 
 on: 04/01/11, 09:12:58
Also, it's Winter now! I was surprised when it happened just now...I thought that I would've had to be playing the game for a month before the season changed, not the date on the system...I may have to check the date, because really, shouldn't this have happened yesterday?
Posted: 04/02/11, 07:09:13
Bumping this again so I don't flood the board with Poke questions.

I'm at the point where I can get a Staryu. Now, I forget how this works...

If I want to get a Staryu with a modest nature, do I catch a modest Staryu/Starmie, and THEN breed? OR, do I catch a Staryu/Starmie with high base stats, and then breed until I get the nature I want? I can't remember if it's the nature, or the base stats, that get handed down with breeding (at least with genderless Pokemon).

EDIT: Nevermind, I think I got it. So, when A Staryu breeds, the Ditto will pass on its IVs (which, from what I understand, are stats UNIQUE to that particular Pokemon, not the base stats that stretch over that entire species). The Pokemon's stats are then comprised of those numbers, the base stats, and whatever happens due to the Pokemon's nature.

So getting a good Staryu/Starmie is more an issue of finding a Ditto with good stats, rather than getting a good Staryu. I think I may have wasted my time for the past 15 minutes haha.
Posted: 04/08/11, 02:52:50  - Edited by 
 on: 04/08/11, 03:11:25
I just got Pokemon White, making my way to the first gym right now. Very interesting change in the presentation. It was kind of weird at first, but I'm liking it. Still had to turn off animations and bump up text speed because the game runs slow as a snail in that department by default. Went with the grass starter, which is the first time in a long time. Also got the Mystery Gift for the fire legendary thingy.
Posted: 04/08/11, 04:36:16
Missy, you'll be going from "fire legendary thingy," to knowing the names of all 653 or whatever Pokemon again in no time, your life slowly draining away, EV training so you can finally beat those crazy Japanese people online (I love toying with them using my Sturdy/Endeavor/Shell Bell/Sandstream (From Tyranitar) Aron combo.) and getting pumped for the Dream World.

Pogue, I couldn't help you there, all I know about breeding is that these fuckers are like RABBITS.

A new egg every 20 seconds!
Posted: 04/08/11, 05:48:02
Yeah, I've also found myself turning off animations, because I was trying to do some level grinding...Maybe it's me, but I almost feel like this game is worse in that aspect. By the time I got to the E4, I really wasn't in any position to take them on at all. I may be forgetting past experiences though, as I'm sure I always had to do a lot of leveling up. This time was a little worse, as I had to find a Pokemon that would help me out (wound up being Leavanny). I had absolutely no money whatsoever, so my level grinding consisted of me fighting the Elite 4 and losing...over...and over...and over again. There's no way on god's green Earth I could put up with this game if it wasn't portable. Since it IS portable, I wind up trying to gain a level on a Pokemon while I'm ordering lunch...while I'm eating lunch...while I eat dinner...it's bad, haha.

I think I have the Ditto thing right though...if anyone can confirm that that's what I need to do, that'd be great, just so I know I won't be wasting my time (that is, confirm that my stats will come from the Ditto when breeding, not the Staryu).

I also want to add that Staryu and Starmie are two of my favorite Pokemon names. I love when they have evo's of Pokemon that have plays on words like that (you/me). I loved when they had Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam. This generation was pretty pun heavy, so you could imagine my delight. On the other hand, I think names like Swanna are completely super lame-o. Seriously, I can think of better Pokemon names than that.
Posted: 04/08/11, 07:12:11
If you're having trouble with the Elite Four, be sure to re-battle the rich kid and his family and everyone in both stadiums every single day, with your amulet coin. Huge amounts of money! Also, check your Pokemon types. If your group's anything like mine, then you may be facing one or two specific Pokemon per trainer that is giving you serious trouble. The right Pokemon can turn even something it's supposedly weak against into a total joke.

I took so many tries to beat Alder or whatever on my second run of the Elite Four (The full run) that it was driving me crazy. His Volcarona was absolutely DEVASTATING against everything I had, including water types. My sister on the other hand was getting decimated by the Elite Four themselves, but her first try against him was an easy win because Chandelure made that Pokemon completely worthless!
Posted: 04/08/11, 09:27:53
I was eventually able to take down the E4. I changed some moves that I had on some of them, and pretty much dominated with Krookodile and Leavanny, throwing in Swanna and Gigalith to help take some of them out.

I kind of got to the point where my Pokedollars were low, so I just made sure I had enough items to get by, and was able to beat that whole section. Now I'm apparently doing some Ditto hunting.

Dittos are a freaking pain to catch in this game. Getting to the area where they are is a little annoying in itself, and then you find them and they're in the upper 50s/lower 60s. And even then they're more rare than the other Pokemon you run into.

And THEN, me being the anal person I am (at least with a couple of my favorite Pokemon), I take the Dittos to the "Judge" in Nimbasa City so he can evaluate them. Right now I have one that is "above average in all areas" with its highest stat being speed (which would be good for Starmie)...but apparently there are two other categories that Pokemon fall into. I think the best one would be "Outstanding."

I'm wondering if I should even bother trying to get a better Ditto. Does anyone know if it's worth it, or if an "above average" rating by the Judge should be good enough? I won't be super competitive and will likely just play with people on this board at some point, so I have a feeling I can get by with what I have, but any input would be great.
Posted: 04/08/11, 19:47:47
Well, I finally beat the "Main Quest" tonight. It took me a while, but I finally did it.

The Elite 4 were no match for me, and I thought it was going to be an easy ride to the end. In fact, I actually beat "King" N rather easily. What I didn't expect was facing Ghetsis immediately afterward. I mean, at least the game heals your party before the fight, but there was one monster my opponent had that could pretty much take out my entire team by itself (some Flying/Dragon Type, forget the name). I had to do some grinding before I was able to take 'im down.

I'm really digging this post-game stuff, though. I love it when games do this - give me some incentive to keep playing. This game is awesome. The fact that this game has so much content *almost* makes me regret getting a 3DS right away. I have a feeling this could last me quite a while.
Posted: 04/09/11, 07:30:39

I'm having a bitch of a time with Heart Gold training for the Elite 4. There's literally nothing but the Victory Road cave to train in and it takes forever to level up what I need to get into fighting shape. But I'm not using Ho-Oh or any legendaries for the Elite 4 which is probably crippling my chances.

About to go back into White, though. Finally got off work and need something to do before I pass out.


That's what I'm worried about. I also get super into a Pokemon game until I burn myself out and then never actually get to do the cool stuff. Like Heart Gold I'm grinding for the Elite 4, but after a few days of on and off (mostly off) grinding I just moved on.
Posted: 04/09/11, 08:51:37
Straight from NoA's twitter, the Pokemon Global Link site is launching this wednesday!

I can't wait to see this feature!
Posted: 04/11/11, 23:16:25
Also Victini's gone
Posted: 04/11/11, 23:25:41

What I wound up doing for the E4 is probably not recommended, but it helped. I grew tired of getting such little EXP from wild Pokemon (and grew very impatient trying to find Audinos to kill).

I had to raise up a Leavanny specifically for the E4, because I wanted something to fight the Psychics. I had Krookodile, but even he would get killed and then I'd have nothing to fight with. So, I threw a Lucky Egg onto Leavanny and put him in the front of my party, and just swapped him out to share experience with Krookodile (this was also mainly because I had to start from a Sewaddle, so I needed a lot of levels quickly). And THEN, I had to walk around forever with Sewaddle's second EVO because the freaking Pokemon only evolves when it's happy. Happy? You get in there and fight, goddamnit!

By the end of this, I had no money left. At all. But slowly but surely, I was able to last longer against the E4, and I started making enough to buy some revives and hyper potions. By the time I could beat them all, I was able to take down pretty much anything.

So yeah, if you value your money, I'd advise against it, but at the very least, it was more interesting for me as a player, and it was nice to see myself do better against the E4 as time went on. I
Posted: 04/12/11, 02:55:44
The strategy I used on the Elite 4 wasn't elegant either, but it worked - I basically did some grinding prior to facing them, leveling up my Serperior so that it's speed was rather high, and other stats were solid. I think I had it at Level 53, if memory serves. Then I would always start off the battle with Leech Seed, and then each turn I would just hammer away with Giga Drain. They weren't the prettiest battles I've had, but hey - it worked!
Posted: 04/12/11, 18:09:00
I've pretty much done all the post game stuff that has interested me (or that I'm high enough level to do), so I'm looking to make a team of 6. One of the spots is filled so far, so I'm trying to think about other Pokemon that I like and would like to use.

I always used to stick with Dugtrio, but it looks like he's gotten so much worse over the years. I was reading that one good role for him would be to pick off injured Pokemon since he can have the ability "Arena Trap."

If not, I did use Hippowdon in Diamond/Pearl, so I might go with him again as my one Ground Pokemon.
Posted: 04/16/11, 02:05:13
This post-game stuff is no joke! I tried going to Route 11 (I think?) and the trainers there are rocking these like, super-tough Level 60 (and higher!) teams that nearly decimate my monsters! Maybe I need to do some grinding... challenging the Elite 4 again, and maybe that Challenger's Cave that opened up finally.
Posted: 04/16/11, 13:46:35
I haven't gone back to the E4, but it sounds like that's something you do towards the end of the post game events. You'll be able to get some good leveling as you make your way around the right side of the map, as well as checking out Black City/White Forest. In those places, you can battle the trainers once a day. I think this is also true in the Challenger's Cave, but I could be wrong.

I basically have one Pokemon at level 74 and everything else is in the upper 40s, 50s, and 60s haha.
Posted: 04/16/11, 23:39:06  - Edited by 
 on: 04/17/11, 03:31:47
All of the elite fours pokemon are at least level 71 I think,maybe 72.The champions are higher,around level 75 and his highest is 77...so I wouldn't go there to grind yet.
Posted: 04/17/11, 00:12:26
I'm having such a hard time trying to figure out what other Pokemon I want to raise. I have my Starmie, who is apparently decent. He's nothing special, outside of the fact that he's one of the few Pokemon I've ever bothered to EV train.

There are some that I'm keeping my eye on. I still like Gigalith, but I'd rather just catch a Hippopotas and raise it up to Hippowdon.

In regards to the post game stuff - how much are you rewarded for a lot of it?

So far I have:
Beaten Cynthia in Lacunosa Town.
Went through Challenger's Cave
Briefly explored the Abysmal Ruins (I thought it was pretty boring)
Caught all but one of the Sages (I think the only one left is the one in Cold Storage)
Caught Volcarona in the Relic Castle
Caught Kyurem in Giant Chasm
Caught Tornadus but not the other genies since I just have this version.

Will I really get rewarded for doing anything else? The only thing left I feel that I want to do is beat the Pokemon League again. Is it just a matter of raising/training now?
Posted: 04/17/11, 00:26:34
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