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Pokémon Black Version Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
9.04/10 from 17 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon Black Version on the DS!

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Pokémon Black Version Review (Nintendo DS) (8.7)  by  

NOTE: This thread is for discussion of both Black and White.

Unless there is and I missed it.

I've gotten tons of hours on this thing! Probably cause it continues to count play time even when you've got the DS closed in sleep mode, but still!

How's your Pokedex? What was your starter? Hardest gym? Fight any battles online? Do any trades?! What version did you get?!?!?!?!

Favorite city so far? You experience a critical capture yet? Pick up your Victini? Looking forward to rated battles on the 30th? Relieved that there's no calls from Joey?!

I've got a few questions of my own:

1. Aside from trading/transferring, can you run across older Pokemon, or are they all Gen V? I actually like Gen V, feels like original Pokemon to me again, aside from a few. (Fucking Druddigon looks stupid!)

2. Are shinies as hard to come by as I heard for the other versions? Don't think I've ever run across one.

3. Wouldn't a Pokemon MMO end the world? The world map could be all the regions from all 5 generations, basically being the main game and 4 expansions right out the bat... You'd play as trainers, and could directly control your Pokemon in combat, going to a more RTS style for multi-battles, or even turn-based if you chose that method! PvP would be battling other players, PvE would be battling and capturing wild Pokemon, and end-game could be earning badges and fighting real players in the Pokemon League! hfiefhwifhiwlurhweirhwuileh I've been repeating this same idea for like 11 years now!

Anyhow, here's where I'm at, playing almost non-stop: 7 badges, 101 Pokemon seen, 63 captured, Snivy was starter, hardest gym was the bug one, which I still beat almost exclusively using Snivy (Forget his second form's name, since I nickname my Pokeymans.) and was proud of that, since Bug Bite hurts like a bastard! My highest level Pokemon is currently Simipour, who is much more powerful than I would have initially thought, as I had only started putting her first to take advantage of my Amulet Coin for double money against trainers.

I've already got a certain legendary from a certain cave that I remembered after I learned a certain ability. (Trying to keep spoilers, what little there are for Pokemon, to a minimum.)

I think the story, so far, beats the crap out of previous non-spinoff games. A lot more in-depth with the characters. Still pretty basic, but I feel like they're actual characters to some extent now instead of Pokemon billboards.

Loving the more cinematic feel to the game. There's an actual brief cut-scene later on in the game that's pretty sweet!

Animated sprites make it feel so much more alive.

Triple Battles are fun but a little chaotic, but rotational battles are genius and a lot of fun!

My sister was on the DP forums or something, and was able to get a whatchacallit Roroark or whatever from a trade, she used it in battle against me and I thought it was her Panpour, pretty cool Pokemon, but I still dominated her and saved the battle video! A little disappointed you can only save one at a time, is there a way to upload them?

I haven't gotten to use any of the Munna stuff with the Dream Dust yet... is that for end-game?

I haven't really gotten into a Pokemon game since Red/Blue, because they all felt very similar to Red and Blue without enough change aside from unfamiliar Pokemon, which never felt quite as good as the originals to me, nostalgia and all that. I did enjoy Diamond/Pearl, and even beat them, but I don't remember being enthralled with them like I was with Black, which is the version I got. Nintendo did me good!

I grabbed my Victini the other day and he took quite a few Ultra Balls to catch, as I currently only have one Pokemon with any status effects. Love the battle music for fighting Legendaries! It's almost tribal, very much gets you into the mood.

Got my first (and so far only) critical capture on a Deerling, which I nicknamed Megabambi. Was a cool moment, and a great feature. Seems very very rare, though.

I'd go on, but I've ranted and raved enough!

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Posted: 03/13/11, 02:09:22  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 04:16:49
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All the other legendaries have been a snap to catch, my Virizion resisted a bit, but this guy runs the second you take your first turn.
Posted: 03/17/11, 03:53:41
Xbob42 said:
All the other legendaries have been a snap to catch, my Virizion resisted a bit, but this guy runs the second you take your first turn.

All roaming legendary pokemon run immediately,mean look or sleep it and then quick ball over and over.
Posted: 03/17/11, 05:16:27
Will do, thanks!
Posted: 03/17/11, 05:40:41
I used my master ball on him. Am I lame?

This is seriously the best Pokemon game. It does so much right.
I spent a good while transferring my Diamond creatures and playing that catch game. Rayquaza forever!
Posted: 03/17/11, 06:22:43
No problem with using a Master Ball on him!

But I used Mean Look and it worked perfect, tossed about 6 ultra balls and caught the bastard.

Anyone here have Pokemon White?

If so, do you have Thunderus (Roaming legendary.) yet? If so, wanna trade him to me and then I can trade them both to you (then we can return our originals to each other) to get the Landorus or whatever?
Posted: 03/17/11, 06:57:18
No, see, I'm lame. I used my Master Ball on Zekrom because I did not feel like fighting him before N, lol.

I do that every game though (except Ruby, where I actually always caught Groudon "the hard way" in every playthrough, he wasn't too bad to capture).

Azelf still remains the absolute WORST one for me. It took me hours to catch that SoB. Nothing like trying to stall out an Azelf that's comfortable just buffing itself with Nasty Plot, ignoring confusion/paralyze/sleep because I have really bad luck and then having it go through my entire team with Confusion, of all things.

I almost threw my DS out of frustration, lol. And I did a damn victory dance when I caught it.

Now that I think about it, Rayquaza has always been just as bad for me, although it would instead kill itself after it was out of PP. A Pokemon that would rather commit suicide than be caught, lol...

@ anon - if it's any consolation, I haven't finished HeartGold either.
Posted: 03/17/11, 11:49:19
Anyone else wanna battle? Or Paleo again? In-game teams of course

I have a competitive team if you'd rather do that but in SoulSilver
Posted: 03/17/11, 16:02:29  - Edited by 
 on: 03/17/11, 16:02:50
I'll battle soon, still raising up my team, though!

Anyone else notice a lot of the music in the game is very reminiscent of Chrono Trigger? And some of Final Fantasy titles. I think that's why I love the music in this one so much.

I wish I had some links to give examples, I'll jot them down when I hear them so I can link, the only one I can think of at the moment is...

Skip to 1:45 and listen until about 1:49, where a note kicks in that reminds me of... what is it I'm thinking of? Chrono Trigger? FF6? FF7? Anyway, it's AWESOME. I love that note.

Edit: Remembered this one, too! Didn't put an embedded video cause it kinda has a minor spoiler of the character standing next to a certain legendary. But this one has a few parts that remind me of Chrono Trigger and maybe Secret of Mana.

Also... If you're doing random battles online, be sure to have a very diverse team with badass moves, and take some of the one-use gems. A lot of the Japanese players have been playing for a while, I got creamed 5 times in a row last night, with my closest getting their last Pokemon to half HP. Gonna try some double battles today before getting into Triple or Rotation, the heightened diversity should be a better playstyle for me, because I'm not too great at identifying a lot of these new Pokemon types by sight yet. (Remember, there's 641 or so and I remember the original 151, a few of the 2nd gen, and almost nothing until V, most of which I can identify.)

But even then, my awesome Simipour got decimated by a Japanese players' Ninetales due to Sunny Day, which halved the power of my Dive (most powerful water move my Simipour knows.) and I got one-shot by Solar Beam. And another really took advantage of... uhh, the one Pokemon that looks like a Power Ranger or whatever, the ones made up of blades. He can learn the fighting move Sucker Punch, which turns the power of the move the opponent uses against them. So I attacked with a few of my strongest moves and got killed - even with my OWN bladey guy! (I nickname them all so I forget names.) but I'm quickly, VERY quickly, learning the tricks of the trade.

I almost felt bad about losing so badly, but then I remembered these folks have had the game a while and are likely Pokemon fanatics, so they're giving it their all in every match. So I went 0-5, big deal, I was fighting people with 500+ wins!

But it may be a while before I completely memorize this...

Hence why I plan on keeping it handy from now on!

Game is AWESOME!

P.S. Do stats change per round online? It seems like although my Simipour got the first move at the start of a round, without any discernible buffs, he'd go second on the next round. Does it just switch off? That doesn't seem accurate. I thought I knew most moves that put you first, but some I'd assume would be "normal" speed were going before my super-quick Simipour. Also, even though your level gets lowered to 50, do you retain stat bonuses from proteins/carbos, etc? If so, I've got some buying to do!
Posted: 03/18/11, 04:22:35  - Edited by 
 on: 03/18/11, 04:45:36
ploot said:
I used my master ball on him. Am I lame?

Yes, yes you are.

Your Master Ball is for Shiny Pokemon, especially those that can run or kill themselves or will die with whatever you hit them with. It is a last resort for when you have to abso-fucking-lutely catch that mother and you will never have another chance again, ever.

Besides, REAL MEN catch the legendaries traditionally. Sleep or Paralysis, False Swipe, 50 Ultra Balls minimum, as many turns as the pokemon has PP. START THROWIN.

REAL MEN hunt the runners. You do not use fly, you do not enter buildings, you ride your bike and chase that mother around the map like a MAN.You use MAN MOVES like MEAN LOOK and BLOCK and HYPNOSIS. You use QUICK BALLS and MAX REPEL and SPECIALLY TRAINED POKEMON 1 LEVEL LOWER THAN THE POKEMON BEING HUNTED. You check your map EVERY TIME YOU ENTER A NEW ROUTE/AREA to try and catch that bastard in the same route and Max Repel his ass out. He is FAST, he uses ROAR to fuck you up, he can run in GRASS, on WATER, and while he's fucking ASLEEP. You must LEARN HIS PATTERN, you LEARN TO PREDICT HIS MOVES, you must become a fucking NINJA.


Using the MB on a petty running Pokemon. For shame.
Posted: 03/18/11, 06:46:59  - Edited by 
 on: 03/18/11, 06:54:37
Posted: 03/18/11, 07:24:10
So I did some more random matchups today, decided to try out doubles like I said since there's less cheesing, and found it much more fun. Went up against an apparent Japanese lady and when the fight started to go South on her, she either disconnected or got disconnected. Think it's kinda lame that there's no disconnect punishment or at least encouragement to finish the fight.

But the second time around I got ANOTHER alleged Japanese lady, and beat her with 2 Pokemon left. Was a fun match, and her Pokemon types were strong against my Lucario and my sharp guy, but their most powerful moves are devastating even then, so I was able to overcome by force.

And my god are watching the videos people upload addicting or what? First video I watched was of this American or European guy against this Japanese lady, and all of their Pokemon were shiny on both teams, he utterly creamed her, though. They both had a lot of sleep moves, but he had taught all of his Pokemon spore, and was able to use Spore + Substitute to never get hit, and he had a poison heal ability + an item that poisons the Pokemon that holds it, so he was able to continually use Substitute without any issue. It was a hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable battle.

Another one was kinda of insane, a total of 109 turns as this lady's Chansey went up against some guy's ...Vaporeon looking thing. They both did a lot of self-healing, and the Chansey had an insanely high health pool. Eventually she switched out to her Chandelure at an opportune moment and finished him off. Really good stuff. (Skipped ahead a lot, of course.)
Posted: 03/18/11, 09:42:49
Alright, I beat the 5th Gym Leader last night, and I'm moving on to the next town. The going is slow for me, but I'm trying to play as often as I can. I have a feeling I'm never really going to be that great at battling, but maybe I can "make up for it" by collecting a bunch of monsters and having a wide variety to choose from.
Posted: 03/19/11, 03:01:44
I've been exploring some of the post-game content, collecting some previous gens Pokemon, like:


I also ran into Tornadus once, but the sunovabitch fled.

Tried battling Cynthia, but her Pokemon are way too high level for me right now.

Also, I went into the Abyssmal ruins, pretty awesome place.
Posted: 03/19/11, 03:05:20  - Edited by 
 on: 03/19/11, 03:08:31
My fiancee has White and Thunderous. How does that trade thing work?

I have yet to see a shiny... Like EVER. Aside from the aforementioned red Gyarados from loooooooooong ago.
Posted: 03/19/11, 05:04:30
Dillo64 said:
and while he's fucking ASLEEP

Haha! So true! Love it.
Posted: 03/19/11, 05:13:39
ploot said:
My fiancee has White and Thunderous. How does that trade thing work?

I have yet to see a shiny... Like EVER. Aside from the aforementioned red Gyarados from loooooooooong ago.

We just add each other's friend codes via the Pal Pad and use the Pokemon Center. This way we can both get Landorous and keep our original Pokeymans!
Posted: 03/19/11, 05:43:06
I believe you are dropped to a flat level 50 stat for your Pokemon. With that in mind, you may share a similar speed with the Pokemon you are facing, so in that case you will switch turns with each normal attack used between the two of you. I'm not super serious into Pokemon so I could be completely wrong, but I feel comfortable with these answers!

I think I'm going to order White off Amazon. My giftcard is in there, looking at me, and it needs to go away!
Posted: 03/19/11, 05:51:27
I'll need to wait for my fiancee to wake up to trade with her, but in the meantime you can register my fc in your pal pad. Gimme yours! And also help me in my PC thread.

2021 9230 0240
Posted: 03/19/11, 06:20:10  - Edited by 
 on: 03/19/11, 06:21:44
I am 5414-9175-0315!
Posted: 03/19/11, 06:43:27
Posted: 03/19/11, 06:56:19
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