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Pokémon Black Version Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
9.04/10 from 17 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon Black Version on the DS!

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Pokémon Black Version Review (Nintendo DS) (8.7)  by  

NOTE: This thread is for discussion of both Black and White.

Unless there is and I missed it.

I've gotten tons of hours on this thing! Probably cause it continues to count play time even when you've got the DS closed in sleep mode, but still!

How's your Pokedex? What was your starter? Hardest gym? Fight any battles online? Do any trades?! What version did you get?!?!?!?!

Favorite city so far? You experience a critical capture yet? Pick up your Victini? Looking forward to rated battles on the 30th? Relieved that there's no calls from Joey?!

I've got a few questions of my own:

1. Aside from trading/transferring, can you run across older Pokemon, or are they all Gen V? I actually like Gen V, feels like original Pokemon to me again, aside from a few. (Fucking Druddigon looks stupid!)

2. Are shinies as hard to come by as I heard for the other versions? Don't think I've ever run across one.

3. Wouldn't a Pokemon MMO end the world? The world map could be all the regions from all 5 generations, basically being the main game and 4 expansions right out the bat... You'd play as trainers, and could directly control your Pokemon in combat, going to a more RTS style for multi-battles, or even turn-based if you chose that method! PvP would be battling other players, PvE would be battling and capturing wild Pokemon, and end-game could be earning badges and fighting real players in the Pokemon League! hfiefhwifhiwlurhweirhwuileh I've been repeating this same idea for like 11 years now!

Anyhow, here's where I'm at, playing almost non-stop: 7 badges, 101 Pokemon seen, 63 captured, Snivy was starter, hardest gym was the bug one, which I still beat almost exclusively using Snivy (Forget his second form's name, since I nickname my Pokeymans.) and was proud of that, since Bug Bite hurts like a bastard! My highest level Pokemon is currently Simipour, who is much more powerful than I would have initially thought, as I had only started putting her first to take advantage of my Amulet Coin for double money against trainers.

I've already got a certain legendary from a certain cave that I remembered after I learned a certain ability. (Trying to keep spoilers, what little there are for Pokemon, to a minimum.)

I think the story, so far, beats the crap out of previous non-spinoff games. A lot more in-depth with the characters. Still pretty basic, but I feel like they're actual characters to some extent now instead of Pokemon billboards.

Loving the more cinematic feel to the game. There's an actual brief cut-scene later on in the game that's pretty sweet!

Animated sprites make it feel so much more alive.

Triple Battles are fun but a little chaotic, but rotational battles are genius and a lot of fun!

My sister was on the DP forums or something, and was able to get a whatchacallit Roroark or whatever from a trade, she used it in battle against me and I thought it was her Panpour, pretty cool Pokemon, but I still dominated her and saved the battle video! A little disappointed you can only save one at a time, is there a way to upload them?

I haven't gotten to use any of the Munna stuff with the Dream Dust yet... is that for end-game?

I haven't really gotten into a Pokemon game since Red/Blue, because they all felt very similar to Red and Blue without enough change aside from unfamiliar Pokemon, which never felt quite as good as the originals to me, nostalgia and all that. I did enjoy Diamond/Pearl, and even beat them, but I don't remember being enthralled with them like I was with Black, which is the version I got. Nintendo did me good!

I grabbed my Victini the other day and he took quite a few Ultra Balls to catch, as I currently only have one Pokemon with any status effects. Love the battle music for fighting Legendaries! It's almost tribal, very much gets you into the mood.

Got my first (and so far only) critical capture on a Deerling, which I nicknamed Megabambi. Was a cool moment, and a great feature. Seems very very rare, though.

I'd go on, but I've ranted and raved enough!

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Posted: 03/13/11, 02:09:22  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/12, 04:16:49
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Wow. I wasn't ready for all that! My fiancee and I are playing pretty much nonstop (between hectic schedules). Loving it quite a bit! I'm not quite as far as you are, but I just received SURF and am ready to start exploring like mad.

Victini was a beach of a capture for me, but I eventually grabbed it with a Great Ball. It was down to one sliver and I had it paralyzed. Must've gone through five Ultras and ten or so Greats before it was caught.

I had a few "critical captures." Is that what they're called? The ball shook before hitting then just snagged it? I was wondering what that was. It even happened once and the Pokemon escaped. DANG!

I enjoyed the flying-type gym because I used my Zebra of Death who didn't once get hit and DESTROYED everything in its path in one hit. Good times! As for my water-type, I decided to grow a Tympole all the way up to its highest evolution. It's a beast!

After the two big/biggish cities, I have come to welcome smaller towns! They're a breath of fresh air once in a while.

Anyhoo, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Tonnes-o-fun indeed!

Edit - Oh yeah, I also started with Snivy and it evolves... Strangely. Just weird.
Posted: 03/13/11, 03:36:04  - Edited by 
 on: 03/13/11, 03:47:31
Xbob42 said:
(Fucking Druddigon looks stupid!)

The Pokémon you encounter during the game are all Generation V. You don't get access to the previous generation monsters until after the end-game. I kind of like this approach - it makes the game feel more new, despite the fact that for the most part, it isn't.

I'm really digging the animated battles, but what I love even more is the fact that the battles are so quick. Like, there's not a lot of "down time" between attacks, effects, etc. It's quite snappy. Much, much better than the rather slow-paced battles from Diamond/Pearl.

I'm really enjoying it so far, but I haven't been able to put too much time into it. I've only just recently beaten the 3rd Gym. I wish I had more time to play this, because I honestly think I could sink an entire week into this and still not be satisfied.

I'll pop into this thread later with more stuff to chat about. But I will point out that I have White Version, my starter was Oshawott, but I actually have all three starters thanks to trades. Haven't gotten Victivi yet (not even quite sure how exactly to do that), nor have I gotten any "critical captures" or any rares yet. My Pokédex says I've seen 35 monsters so far, and I've obtained 26 of them. Yeah, I'm still pretty early on...
Posted: 03/13/11, 04:57:28
There was a thread, but I think everyone was just playing the game instead of talking about it...



Yeah, don't hate on Druddigon, just caught one of those today.

Also got my 7th badge today.

Also, the Dream World stuff isn't going to be available to most English players until like... the end of March or something.

ALSO ALSO.... (I use 'also' a lot)

I've fallen in love with Scolipede, as you can see by my avatar with it and Snivy... they're both my bros now.
Posted: 03/13/11, 05:47:51
Scolipede is gross! YUCK!!!

Also, I just have to chime in (again) that this game is SO addicting. YAY for Pokemon.
Posted: 03/13/11, 05:54:59  - Edited by 
 on: 03/13/11, 05:55:18

Believe it or not, I'm creeped out by centipedes... but only Pokemon can make me love an animal that I hate.
Posted: 03/13/11, 05:58:15  - Edited by 
 on: 03/13/11, 05:58:30
The color scheme for Druddigon looks like something done by a five-year-old, especially his head! And his wings look like weird flaps of skin shaped like leaves instead of real wings! I HATE HIM SO MUCH!
Posted: 03/13/11, 06:11:14
Loving it though I am only just entering the big 3D city. Don't have much time for play through. But at least I'm more engaged than when I was playing Golden Sun, which I've still yet to beat.
Posted: 03/13/11, 07:46:19
Centipedes of all kinds need to explode.

So now that I have Surf, I went back to my hometown and I'm retracing my footsteps to find secrets. This is the most fun I've had with a Pokemon game in a very long time.
Posted: 03/13/11, 18:42:32
Posted: 03/13/11, 18:56:57
Damn, Pokemon's like the only game where you can watch the credits roll, load up your save, AND HAVE MORE TO DO THAN YOU ORIGINALLY DID.

I love this game.
Posted: 03/14/11, 00:51:27
People only hate Druddigon because it looks like a digimon lol.
Posted: 03/14/11, 01:21:57
Wow, I'm really getting engrossed in this game. I just made it to the 4th City (and for some reason got forced into playing dress-up with my Pokémon) but I'm loving every second of it. So very engrossing.

I'm doing a lot of "double-training" thank the Exp. Share item. I'm so glad they give that to you so early in the game. Makes raising a proper team so much easier.

I'm kinda surprised I haven't gotten a Fishing Rod yet, though. I wanna catch me some Water-Type monsters, but right now it's impossible...
Posted: 03/14/11, 04:31:21
GameDadGrant said:
Wow, I'm really getting engrossed in this game. I just made it to the 4th City (and for some reason got forced into playing dress-up with my Pokémon) but I'm loving every second of it. So very engrossing.

I'm doing a lot of "double-training" thank the Exp. Share item. I'm so glad they give that to you so early in the game. Makes raising a proper team so much easier.

I'm kinda surprised I haven't gotten a Fishing Rod yet, though. I wanna catch me some Water-Type monsters, but right now it's impossible...

You get one after your first clear, until then you catch them via surfing!

The exp share is a GODSEND. I only level my main Pokemon otherwise, but with the exp share the Pokemon that uses it actually gets the MOST exp, so keeping them leveled is easy and fun! I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
Posted: 03/14/11, 04:49:57

How soon in do you get it? I'm after the second gym and I've yet to come across it.
Posted: 03/14/11, 05:06:01

It's in one of the buildings in the first big, 3D city.


Oh snap, I gotta beat the entire game first, THEN I get a fishing rod?!? Craziness!
Posted: 03/14/11, 05:57:21
GameDadGrant said:
Oh snap, I gotta beat the entire game first, THEN I get a fishing rod?!? Craziness!

Unless there's one I missed on my first playthrough, then yes.

But you get plenty of fishy Pokemon from Surf!
Posted: 03/14/11, 06:06:29
Well... I just beat the 4th Gym, and I got them to lower the bridge to the next town. I'm loving these little cut-scenes the game is sprinkling in from time to time. Really makes the game seem bigger and (to use an overused term) "epic" than it ever has in the past. I thought at first the 3D, polygonal graphics wouldn't add much to the game (and I suppose it doesn't really to the core gameplay) but I gotta admit. I'm liking this new, 3D world of Pokémon.

I'm also astounded by how immersed I'm getting in the game. I think I spent a good three hours or so, just playing this game tonight. And I didn't even really get that much further than I was when I began. The amount of content in this thing is staggering.
Posted: 03/15/11, 06:38:51
I am getting this game when I pick up my 3ds, so I will be posting my friend codes and everything here soon.
Posted: 03/15/11, 08:34:31
Had to take a Pokebreak before I had a Pokeaneurism!

Pokedex is up to 310 or something... So... much... post-game...CONTENT!


Posted: 03/15/11, 11:20:21
So, did you guys see the twist at the end I was talking about? Did you like it? You don't fight the champion, instead you catch your legendary and fight N. I thought it was awesome
Posted: 03/15/11, 15:05:25
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