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HOLY COW! The greatest Zelda fan art EVER

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Posted: 02/22/11, 06:24:29  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/11, 20:11:55
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Amazing. The guy's managed to tie together a universe that's never had a single cohesive art style.
Posted: 02/22/11, 20:59:13

That's how I feel... WOW.

When does the bidding war begin??

This is what Michaelangelo should have painted so long ago....if he knew Zelda that is... All that's missing is Link and Zelda reaching out for each other and about to touch fingers..

Wonderful Zelda Art this is...
Posted: 02/23/11, 00:22:23

Posted: 02/23/11, 00:38:56

He's sixteen in Adventure of Link. Not an adult, but Twilight Princess Link didn't seem very old either.
Posted: 02/23/11, 01:31:06  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/11, 01:41:51
I like adult Link.
Posted: 02/23/11, 01:41:07
It is in that Kotaku link above, but here's the making of video:

Posted: 02/23/11, 02:52:39
Simbabbad said:
Link was never an adult before Twilight Princess...

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
Posted: 02/23/11, 03:59:35
@ Brick

Nice find. Wow that is a very impressive picture
Posted: 02/23/11, 04:28:59
That picture is amazing. I'd prefer it in a more... Zelda-esque style, but combining so many elements from all over the series with so much detail is just awesome.

@GameDadGrant He was sixteen, but I guess you can call that close enough.
Posted: 02/23/11, 04:36:53
Man! It only took that guy 14 and a half minutes to make that piece?!? Thats really cool stuff.
Posted: 02/23/11, 05:09:49
The extra large image can be found here

When I downloaded it, I brought it into photoshop and shrunk it to 55% then split it in three sections to put it side by side so that it forms a nice 1920x1200 WS image. Great Desktop Walpaper.
Posted: 02/23/11, 05:18:50  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/11, 05:19:41

Ummm.... share?
Posted: 02/23/11, 05:40:10
Phalanx said:

Ummm.... share?

I support this post
Posted: 02/23/11, 06:07:44
It's kind of epic.

But I also kind of hate the style used on the faces.
Posted: 02/23/11, 06:09:40
Close-up of Saria from same artist:

Posted: 02/23/11, 06:16:01

Can't see the picture.
Posted: 02/23/11, 07:04:21
@GameDadGrant - Huh. I wonder why that is. Well, to get to it, just click on the link that TB edited into the bottom of the original post, then on the right side click those pictures until the Saria picture ends up being one of them, and that should get you to it.
Posted: 02/23/11, 08:05:00  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/11, 08:06:53
i was about to post the saria picture too

btw, looking at "the making of" video gave me goosebumps

can Nintendo PLEASE fucking hire this artist and give him or her some kind of compensation

s/he should NEVER EVER pay for a zelda title for the rest of their life
Posted: 02/23/11, 08:53:06
wouldn't you want a poster of this inside Zelda SS?
Posted: 02/23/11, 09:00:03
some people on youtube wrote how they were upset the art didn't have triforces.

i have a different point of view but for some reason it wouldn't post so here it is:

I'm reading a few posts about the triforces being there... Does this really needs the triforces? if you really think about it EACH and EVERY zelda shirt, gadget, etc. has a triforce (actually, the hyrulian emblem with the eagle) to represent the series... I actually love the fact that the artist is telling us: no, the reason you love Zelda is NOT because of the triforces (as in, we play the game because we want to obtain power, courage, or wisdom)... instead, this game is so beloved to us and is embedded so deeply within our hearts because of the characters within it. they speak to us, resonate within us, they leave a stamp, they leave a mark. the characters in the zelda world define the adventure itself, not the obtaining the triforce. In the game itself, the triforce is a function that is used to reach Zelda, it is not the aim or goal of Link nor Ganon himself. there is something deeper that makes this adventure so significant. this game has a soul
Posted: 02/23/11, 09:41:25
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