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OT: Mustache tries to talk about sports sometimes... [community]
Its true! Lets talk about sports!
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Posted: 02/06/11, 03:24:01  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/17, 02:22:38
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We gotta beat up on the Red Sox this week like we're supposed to, and we'll win the East b/c I think Baltimore will lose at least one in Tampa. The problem has been that we haven't been dominant against them considering how bad they are this year. We get Tex back tomorrow hopefully, that'll put us at full strength for the first time in a while.

Either way, I don't want to play the Orioles at any point the rest of the year. If the game is close, they just win.

ALSO, horrible choke job by Team USA in the Ryder Cup. The big name veterans (Phil, Furyk, Tiger and Strick) came up really, really small down the stretch.
Posted: 10/01/12, 01:48:27  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/12, 01:49:52
Stupid Melbourne and their stupid winning of a stupid Grand Final.

Posted: 10/01/12, 02:43:02
Well both my football fantasy teams suck and so do the Cowboys. Boy, it will be a long season for me.
Posted: 10/02/12, 06:33:29

Ugh, what a disappointing game it was for me today. MLB.com had the O's/Rays game on there for free, and I had to swallow 7 Yankees runs in the freakin' 2nd inning. The Red Sox STINK so much. Gosh, SO BAD.

I still haven't updated this thread. Blaaaghh. I guess I have to, *sigh*


Romo did not have the hot hand last night.
Posted: 10/02/12, 12:33:52

That Red Sox lineup last night was TERRIBLE:

Anyways, THANK YOU BEARS DEFENSE! Got me a huge win in one of my other leagues.

Posted: 10/02/12, 14:48:54  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/12, 14:51:55

Tells you have no name that line-up is when the only name I recognize is Jarrod Saltalamacchia and that is because he was a Brave.
Posted: 10/02/12, 15:20:23

I, too, recognize Salty, and I only know Nava and Ross because the Orioles JUST played them on TV. Are they completely not even TRYING to win anymore??
Posted: 10/03/12, 00:46:11
lol and I wanted to see a Red Sox game this fall. I'd ask for a damn refund if that lineup showed up.
Posted: 10/03/12, 00:50:45

..hitting ".111". Haha, WHAT? Might as well put me out there.
Posted: 10/03/12, 01:14:56
So with all the injuries and all the other crap that happened this year, the Jays still came in 4th...I'm okay with this
Posted: 10/03/12, 05:26:40

I really wish they played the Yanks harder.. Would've made these final two games easier to hack.
Posted: 10/03/12, 05:30:09
It's a party out here for DC and Baltimore baseball. It's the big topic now a days since the hockey lock out. Skins need to step it up!
Posted: 10/03/12, 05:40:23

Haha, I KNOW! NW is not the place to talk about baseball though; I mean, not outside the sanctuary of this thread. I'm receiving a LOT of flak being excited about baseball. Totally unfair, I tell ya.. 199-freakin-7. 15 YEARS.
Posted: 10/03/12, 05:48:47

I feel bad for the Pirates not being able to break their dubious record streak. Maybe next year.

Also an interesting tid-bit, the streak started in 1993. Chipper Jones' major league career started in '93. So the Pirates are the only team not to have a winning record during his major league career.

Man am I going to miss Chipper Jones.
Posted: 10/03/12, 05:53:31
Yanks win in extras! Yeah!!!! We just gotta win one more and the East and home field is ours.


The crazy thing is that they can end up finishing 2 games under .500 if they win tonight...all they had to do was not play absolutely dreadful for the past two months and they would have gotten this. Too bad...like you said, maybe next year. They are finally showing improvement year-to-year.
Posted: 10/03/12, 14:33:49

That was dreadful. The Red Sox are..what is the opposite of Clutch? Boston Choke Artists.
Posted: 10/03/12, 23:41:10
Man. The A's. Who'd've thought?

Red Sox..might I suggest a different sport?

O's @ Texas. Mannnnnn. I'm going to eat all of my fingernails on Friday.. ALL OF 'EM.
Posted: 10/04/12, 10:51:02
I don't want to play either team, but I guess I'd rather play Texas if push comes to shove.

I hate how we have to open on the road, and don't know where we are playing. Some reward for having the best record. Glad they are changing this rule next year, but it's pretty silly how it got approved in the first place.
Posted: 10/04/12, 14:33:16
So they changed the rule for the division series where teams in the same division couldn't play each other then? As for the opening on the road and having the last 3 at home, it was that way in the first few years after they expanded the playoffs then they changed it because that was dumb. I'm surprised they went back to it.
Posted: 10/04/12, 17:46:45
Best team in baseball:


I haven't really kept track of the Bum Jays since they one their last world Series.. and I haven't really been into watching the sport on TV in forever.. (It's boring - not so much to play..but to watch, only bowling and Golf are worse)

I didn't even know the Red Sox got so bad! Wow.. what happened? Same thing with the Jays I suppose... get really good win a series or two....then you suck for awhile..sometimes forever.
Posted: 10/05/12, 00:34:21  - Edited by 
 on: 10/05/12, 00:34:47
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