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OT: Mustache tries to talk about sports sometimes... [community]
Its true! Lets talk about sports!
Upcoming events!:

ATP World Tour
Order in the court

Barclays Premier League Football (Soccer)
BPL League Table
Check Smerd's thing for more info!

2/26 Daytona 500

NBA Basketball
Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. And the aliens are behind it, or something to that extent..

NHL Hockey
Icing on the cake

PGA Golf
Rough times




Kangaroos are World Series Champs of the Universe

MLB Baseball
CUBS win the World Series

NFL Football
Patriots beat the Falcons in the first overtime Super Bowl

Arizona Cardinals- -JKR-
Atlanta Braves- chrisbg99
Baltimore Orioles- Mr_Mustache, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Boston Bruins- TheOldManInZelda
Buffalo Bills- Mr_Mustache, TheOldManFromZelda
Buffalo Sabres- NinSage
Chicago Bulls- chrisbg99, Jargon, ludist210
Chicago Cubs- Jargon, Anand's hat, DrFinkelstein
Cincinnati Bengals- Earendil, Mop it up
Cincinnati Reds- Earendil, MasterSandman_II, Mop it up
Dallas Cowboys- Snorlax, gtarrant
Dallas Mavericks- Snorlax
Dallas Stars- MightyOwned
Detroit Lions- DrFinkelstein
Detroit Red Wings- DrFinkelstein, GameDadGrant
Detroit Tigers- DrFinkelstein. mrbiggsly
Houston Astros- missypissy, kriswright
Houston Rockets- kriswright
Houston Texans- missypissy
Minnesota Vikings- chrisbg99
Montreal Canadiens- anon_mastermind
Montreal Expos- anon_mastermind
New England Patriots- anon_mastermind, Wellsy529
New Jersey Devils- MasterSandman_II
New York Giants- NinSage
New York Mets- TheOldManFromZelda, Wellsy529
New York Yankees- TheBigG753
Oakland Raiders- MasterSandman_II
Oklahoma City Thunder- DeputyVanHalen
Philadelphia Flyers- PogueSquadron
Philadelphia Phillies- PogueSquadron
Pittsburgh Pirates- -JKR-
Pittsburgh Steelers- CB200
St. Louis Cardinals- grantimusprime
San Diego Chargers- vinniebrock
San Francisco 49ers- Xbob42
San Francisco Giants- Xbob42
San Jose Sharks- Xbob42
Seattle Mariners- missypissy
Seattle Seahawks- missypissy
Texas Rangers- Snorlax, kriswright
Utah Jazz- vinniebrock
Vancouver Canucks- TheOldManFromZelda
Washington Capitals- Abdooooo, ludist210
Washington Nationals- ludist210
Washington Redskins- Abdooooo, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Washington Wizards- ludist210

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Posted: 02/06/11, 03:24:01  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/17, 02:22:38
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Bautista hurt his wrist on Monday so he's on the 15 day DL, and yesterday Lawrie hurt his ankle trying for a foul ball in the camera area, which, for some reason, has a 5-6 foot drop from field level on that side. We're lucky he's only day to day but you wouldn't think so seeing the play.
Posted: 07/20/12, 03:13:29

Olympics are cool, but I prefer the Winter ones by far.


Boy, Lawrie has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this year!
Posted: 07/20/12, 03:18:43
So my rugby league team is currently sitting on a ten match winning streak and stands alone at the top of the league ladder. The Grand Final is less than 2 months away, and I fully expect my team to be there on the day.

So I've been reliving the club's past premiership glories, such as our 2004 GF win...

At around the 12 minute mark, towards the end of the match, the cameras start focusing on the crowd and this girl, fan of the opposing team is shown:

Am I a bad person to still find this fricken hilarious 8 years later?

Good times.
Posted: 08/07/12, 12:04:54  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/12, 12:09:06

Haha, NO, you're not a bad person! I found it kind of hilarious, too.

You know who loves to cry? Russian Olympians. Soooo much.
(And this thread hasn't been updated in weeks, eek!)
Posted: 08/07/12, 21:08:11

Never before has a young girl crying evoked so much widespread glee .
Posted: 08/07/12, 23:14:33

Haha, are you suuuuure?

Posted: 08/08/12, 00:09:25

I guess I can add myself to the fans portion. My teams are MLB- Baltimore Orioles, NFL - Washington Redskins, NBA - Oklahoma City Thunder
Posted: 08/08/12, 19:58:39

Oh man! Another O's fan!?

Posted: 08/08/12, 21:04:26
Thanks! Yeah, despite growing up in Southern California, I've actually been a fan long enough that I can remember watching them win a World Series. Maybe I'll live long enough to see another one.
Posted: 08/08/12, 23:00:09
Shadowlink said:

Never before has a young girl crying evoked so much widespread glee .

Mr_Mustache said:

Haha, are you suuuuure?

Yep. Mine's from 8 years ago .

And I honestly I dunno about this one. I mean someones gone out of their way to set this up and film it. I'm sure it's hilarious for you guys (I sense Patriot hate? ) , but it feels kinda staged, you know? Like the 'Leave Britney Alone!' vid.

I remember seeing the girl in my clip during the original live telecast. Watching her heart break in real time, as her teams hopes for a game-winning comeback crumble into dust. She was symbolic of our final ultimate triumph over the Roosters (big rivalry there).There's something special about watching such sweet sweet anguish play out before you .
Posted: 08/08/12, 23:33:52  - Edited by 
 on: 08/08/12, 23:35:16

Push the button


Minor Premiership Get.

Next stop the finals. Bring it on.
Posted: 09/02/12, 02:45:17  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/12, 02:46:15
When the Mariners play bad teams, we win. When we play potential playoff teams, we get creamed. BUT at least we still win. I shake my head when I see the Astros these days. They've won 40 games all year. Currently sitting 40.5 games out of first place in their division. W T F.

Texans are basically a shoe-in for AFC South, since it's weakest division in football (IMO). Don't expect a deep playoff run or this "AFC Champions" thing I see a lot of people saying.

Seahawks...we'll have a winning season. Won't win the division, won't make the playoffs, but we'll get over .500
Posted: 09/02/12, 02:54:06
I'm so behind on this thread.. (fixing now)


Hey, they're doing something good this year; and they won today so they're now within 1.0 games of AL East 1st Place. Eek!


Haha, I dunno. This is how girls act here.. I didn't think anything fake about it, really!


I dunno.. I kinda feel like the Titans will put something together this year for some reason. And what if Luck catches fire?
Posted: 09/03/12, 23:44:50
Anybody watch football last night? Man, that game started out sloppy, no?
Posted: 09/07/12, 00:03:07
I got pretty bored with the game, decided to play Xenoblade instead. 3 hours later, I had made some pretty good progress!
Posted: 09/07/12, 00:12:45
Another victory for the mighty Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs!

The win earns the team a week off next week and a spot in the First Preliminary Final. Only two matches now stand between them and that sweet sweet trophy.

Death to the Eagles!
Posted: 09/07/12, 16:20:04

I hope Sunday isn't that boring. 2nd half was a lot better. Giants have some coverage issues though.


Yeah, booooo, Eagles!
Posted: 09/07/12, 22:26:41
Stupid Syracuse. They've got a homegame against USC right now (USC is tough), so Syracuse was like "oh man, big profile game; lets play it in New York City!!!" Sooo, they're playing at Metlife / Giants Stadium..but the weather is f'n horrible (to the point where a tornado touched down today, what?), and the 2nd half is super-delayed. They sent the players back to the locker room, and the fans out of the seating / bowl area.

Irony: Syracuse plays at home in a Domed stadium. Unbelievable.
Posted: 09/09/12, 01:02:56
This has been quite possibly the most disastrous Buffalo Bills regular season start in the history of the franchise.
Posted: 09/09/12, 20:56:25

So true. Way to reward the Syracuse fans for supporting what's been an awful program the last decade, by scheduling "home games" against marquee opponents to be in NYC. They are doing the same with games against Penn State and Notre Dame in the coming years as well. Good to see they are stimulating the Upstate NY economy. I was really glad when the announcer for the game on ESPN (whos an SU alum) called them out for doing this. It's really too bad that they are trying to be "New York's College Team" by tying themselves to the city, rather than the state. If they insist on playing the games outside of the Carrier dome at an NFL stadium (which I don't like to begin with), I'd rather see them play in Buffalo.

Anyways, awesome Saturday of college football from what looked like a poor slate of games in advance. Lots of really close games all day, and some really big upsets. Big Ten got embarrassed again, which is always awesome.

Great sports day today as well...looks like I'll be vegging out again. Opening NFL Sunday, Yanks-Orioles on right now, final round of BMW with Mickelson/Vijay/Tiger/McIlroy all in the top 4. And then the Steelers game tonight.
Posted: 09/09/12, 21:06:20
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