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OT: Mustache tries to talk about sports sometimes... [community]
Its true! Lets talk about sports!
Upcoming events!:

ATP World Tour
Order in the court

Barclays Premier League Football (Soccer)
BPL League Table
Check Smerd's thing for more info!

2/26 Daytona 500

NBA Basketball
Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. And the aliens are behind it, or something to that extent..

NHL Hockey
Icing on the cake

PGA Golf
Rough times




Kangaroos are World Series Champs of the Universe

MLB Baseball
CUBS win the World Series

NFL Football
Patriots beat the Falcons in the first overtime Super Bowl

Arizona Cardinals- -JKR-
Atlanta Braves- chrisbg99
Baltimore Orioles- Mr_Mustache, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Boston Bruins- TheOldManInZelda
Buffalo Bills- Mr_Mustache, TheOldManFromZelda
Buffalo Sabres- NinSage
Chicago Bulls- chrisbg99, Jargon, ludist210
Chicago Cubs- Jargon, Anand's hat, DrFinkelstein
Cincinnati Bengals- Earendil, Mop it up
Cincinnati Reds- Earendil, MasterSandman_II, Mop it up
Dallas Cowboys- Snorlax, gtarrant
Dallas Mavericks- Snorlax
Dallas Stars- MightyOwned
Detroit Lions- DrFinkelstein
Detroit Red Wings- DrFinkelstein, GameDadGrant
Detroit Tigers- DrFinkelstein. mrbiggsly
Houston Astros- missypissy, kriswright
Houston Rockets- kriswright
Houston Texans- missypissy
Minnesota Vikings- chrisbg99
Montreal Canadiens- anon_mastermind
Montreal Expos- anon_mastermind
New England Patriots- anon_mastermind, Wellsy529
New Jersey Devils- MasterSandman_II
New York Giants- NinSage
New York Mets- TheOldManFromZelda, Wellsy529
New York Yankees- TheBigG753
Oakland Raiders- MasterSandman_II
Oklahoma City Thunder- DeputyVanHalen
Philadelphia Flyers- PogueSquadron
Philadelphia Phillies- PogueSquadron
Pittsburgh Pirates- -JKR-
Pittsburgh Steelers- CB200
St. Louis Cardinals- grantimusprime
San Diego Chargers- vinniebrock
San Francisco 49ers- Xbob42
San Francisco Giants- Xbob42
San Jose Sharks- Xbob42
Seattle Mariners- missypissy
Seattle Seahawks- missypissy
Texas Rangers- Snorlax, kriswright
Utah Jazz- vinniebrock
Vancouver Canucks- TheOldManFromZelda
Washington Capitals- Abdooooo, ludist210
Washington Nationals- ludist210
Washington Redskins- Abdooooo, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Washington Wizards- ludist210

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Posted: 02/06/11, 03:24:01  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/17, 02:22:38
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But I don't *get* American sports on TV here!

I have nothing against baseball. Used to play back in the day. I can take or leave American football though. Too technical. Don't really care for basketball either.

But I wish to god we had a decent ice hockey league here, I'd totally watch that all the time. Ice hockey is awesome.

Actually there's a thought. Like I said, I don't get games here. And I obviously have no ties to any paticular team. But out of deference to 'Stache, I am willing to be counted as a nominal supporter for an NHL side. For fun .

NHL fans, make the case for your teams. Explain to me *why* your team should be worthy of my support. I'll pick whoever makes the best argument .
Posted: 11/16/11, 05:27:46
Final NASCAR Race of the season is on now! Woo!

Only three points separate Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart at the start. To make things even more interesting, Edwards is starting from the Pole, and has already led a lap. If the race ended now, Edwards would win by 17 points.

You can watch this online on Nascar.com with Race Buddy. Check it out!!
Posted: 11/20/11, 22:29:10
If the Giants cover the spread of 6 points vs the Eagles tonight, I win 30 bucks. Go Giants!
Posted: 11/21/11, 02:16:06
The race just ended, Tony Stewart finishing 1st, Carl Edwards finishing 2nd.

Whats that mean? They TIE on points, and Tony Stewart wins the Championship on the "Most Wins" tiebreaker.


EDIT- He's also the first Owner-Driver to win the Championship since Alan Kulwicki all the way back in 1992.

Posted: 11/21/11, 03:12:18  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/11, 03:24:04
Haha! The WASHINGTON REDSKINS have the TOP TWO stories on Yahoo (not "Yahoo! Sports," NORMAL Yahoo) right now:

NFL Player tells team to cut him
NFLer tells fan to kill himself on Twitter

Oh, Redskins. You so crazy!
Posted: 11/21/11, 23:52:35
You should add "Arizona Cardinals" to my fan list. :P Sad, but true.

It was a lousy week in the NFL for me. All the teams I cheer against won. Sigh. That's what I get for cheering against people...
Posted: 11/22/11, 00:01:45

Woops! Sorry, didn't see ya here. I'll add you right up!

How long have you liked them? The Cards are my "2nd" team if I absolutely had to pick, though I am partial to the 49ers as my dad is a big fan of them, and Jerry Rice is pretty darn cool. I used to play Tecmo Super Bowl a lot, and I picked the stinkiest team I could think of (as I always rolled with the Bills). Looking for a challenge, I went with the Falcons (they're pretty stinky), but I found that I was relying on Deion Sanders too much. Next best bet? The Jets. Yeah, they stink. Rob Moore became my favorite target for years and years, and then when I became more of a football fan, he made his way to the Cardinals. Retaining my affinity for him, an allegiance to the Cardinals was born. I had family who lived right near the stadium back then, and they actually got me a Rob Moore jersey as a gift for my High School Graduation that I wore under my gown.

So yeah, the Cards are cool with me! I never thought I'd see them in a Super Bowl!
Posted: 11/23/11, 21:50:23

Every time I hear Ndamukong Suh mentioned, I lose a little more respect for him. He's just about out with me.

I thought he was a nasty player, like Bruce Smith nasty, but it turns out he's just a bully and a punk.
Shame shame.
Posted: 11/25/11, 02:07:18
What a pussy, stomping on another player like that. Lions coach should bench him next game.
Posted: 11/25/11, 21:12:44
His excuse was fucking pathetic. Dude should either be suspended by the league for at least two games, or the Lions should put him on the bench for just as many. The Lions are making it pretty hard to be the lil' darlings of the year if 90% of the time anyone talks about them now is because they have a guy ripping helmets off QBs and tossing them downfield or stomping some dude's arm "trying to get loose".
Posted: 11/26/11, 03:30:08

Yeah, totally. If anyone didn't see, his excuse was "I was trying to catch my balance," or some other load of BS like that. How can you even say that and think that you're going to get away with it? I REAAALLY don't think the Lions are going to suspend him; they need him right now in their quest for a Wild Card. The LEAGUE needs to step in, I really don't think this'll be handled from the inside.

I agree with you, everyone had Lion Fever, but stuff like this...mannnn. I think their downward slide started with the San Fran game when the coach got in Harbaugh's face after the handshake thing didn't go exactly as he wanted it to. How do you go from being the story of the league and undefeated at 5-0 to a total backlash as we've seen here? "Thats payback (or "karma" was it?) for all the things he said" when talking about Matt Ryan (in reference to your "guy ripping helmets off QBs" comment). What exactly did Matt Ryan say before??

Haha, Detroit is batty.
Posted: 11/27/11, 01:37:44
Well, apparently his team got a hold of him and he has since decided that he did do what everyone saw him do and that he is sorry. Rumor has it the league will suspend him 2 games though, which is justified. The guy makes way to much money and obviously fining him hasn't gotten it across that his stuff is good. Not sure how that talk with Goodell went but apparently he's still got something to figure out on what is actually a "dirty player".

ANNNNNNNNND the Texans lose another QB. Luckily we played a terrible team today in the Jags but I'm not sure how well this team can hold up. Our only saving grace left is that we will basically own the tie-breaker on the Titans either way (either by beating them 2-0, or by having a much better divisional record).

And the Seahawks lost. Another team of mine with a QB problem.
Posted: 11/28/11, 03:07:06
Man, Kurt Busch (NASCAR!) and his team "mutually" part ways. Unlike most other sports, NASCAR stuff/signings are done WAY in advance (like, during the end of the previous season), so any available cars are snatched up already. He's a marquee guy; imagine the 10th best QB / Pitcher / Whatever in your respective favorite league suddenly in Free Agency in the Prime of his career with nowhere to go. I guess its kinda due to an attitude problem, but he still gets it done (unlike Terrell Owens or Randy Moss).


Yeah, he really is dirty. And he did that stuff at the absolute wrong time. Gotta control your emotions!

I can't believe the Texans are down another QB, haha. But they won yesterday! Weird, eh?
Of course, they lost Johnson -- again -- so that won't help.
Posted: 12/06/11, 01:43:01
TJ Yates is pretty good, for a rookie. He looked really comfortable in the pocket, had some solid throws, but even though Kubiak said he wouldn't shrink the playbook for him, the past few weeks (even when we had Matt 1 and Matt 2) it's been a lot of handing off. Which I can't blame them for. With Foster and Tate as your 1-2 punch in running why not go to it, then play-action / roll-out the deep bombs when you catch them sleeping. Compared to old Matty-Ice, Yates looked like a pro. Matt Ryan looked like he was running from ghosts most of the game for some reason.

AND, despite my Seahawks killing the Eagles on NATIONAL TELEVISION, the Cowboys just eating ass in such a way as they did Sunday has to be the best football moment of the week. To kind of quote the Cardinals coach, "Thanks for icing your own kicker". Least everyone gets to see that amazing match-up between the Seahawks and Rams next Monday night. Remember that incredible struggle last year when the NFC Worst Championship and playoff berth were on the line? Remember how hard it was to stay awake as two anemic offenses marched 6 yards in three plays and punted? It's baaaaaaaaaaack.

And Suh got suspended 2 games. And the Lions got rocked by the Saints. A game I was conflicted on. I hate the Saints, mostly the "fans" that popped up a few years ago and still kind of linger, but the Lions just self-destructing is good. Though without Suh I don't feel as good saying that.
Posted: 12/06/11, 03:52:45  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/11, 03:54:40

Conflicted on, how do you mean? Like, you didn't know who would win? I think the Lions gas ran out a while ago..kinda like the Bills. Ever since the Niners beat 'em, it hasn't been the same. The Niners on the other hand.. Clinch! Incredible. But they lost Willis, oh no!

Arian Foster is nuts. He's made a few of my Fantasy Teams this year and last very happy.

I also giggle at the Cowboys second guessing themselves. Why do you ice your own kicker?
I think there was a suggestion that the special teams unit was not set, and rushing or something.
I didn't see the game so I don't know.
Posted: 12/06/11, 04:35:56
They had everyone out there and pretty much ready to go with 6 seconds left on the playclock. Apparently the Coach thought this wasn't enough time and the kicker would be rushed, so he called a Time-out to regroup. Then the kicker made it, got iced, and then missed it. Then they lost again.

And conflicted in the sense that without Suh tearing someone's face off and seemingly no-one on the Lions outraged (at least publically) there's nothing to root against them for. They are just that struggling team from Detroit that everyone kind of just accepts as not-good. The Bills are a good comparison. A team that gets a string of injuries, falls on its face, and might as well phone it in now.

And will someone for the love of God BEAT THE FUCKING JETS! They need to be eliminated from the Playoffs A S A P!!
Posted: 12/06/11, 04:43:01
Hey, do any of you guys vote for the Pro Bowl? I vote every year, but totally forgot about it last year. Deadline sneaks up on ya. Worry not, I've got this year's ballot already complete. Its fun!


Well, if they weren't fully ready and'd be rushing, that isn't that bad. In that situation, if they rushed, or got a Delay of Game penalty, people would be saying "why didn't they call timeout if they weren't ready? That HAD one. What are you guys saving it for?!" Kinda rough the way things panned out.

Poor Bills. I've been telling people that as a fan, this season is more disappointing than last, and yes, we opened that one up 0-8. In 2010, we never had that Playoffs Carrot dangling in front of our face. This season, we had that thing halfway down our throats. The Jets, ugh, the Jets. Bills totally pooped their pants in that last game, too. And I thought the Raiders were good, I wish they'd make up their mind!
Posted: 12/07/11, 01:59:23

Fuck the Jets.

AFC South Champs!!! Pretty good game. Sadly I was at the office yesterday so we just had the radio blaring, but man that last play was a total "wow" moment.

Tonight, Rams v Seahawks. D:
Posted: 12/12/11, 15:49:05

I was thinking about that! Congratulations Houston, and Texans fans galore! Did you see the primo seats that T.J.'s family got to sit in in Cincinnati? Haha, they were all alone in nosebleeds!

Rams vs. Seahawks = RATINGS
Posted: 12/13/11, 00:10:42
The New Zealand test cricket side beats Australia for the first time in 18 years, and notches up it's first win on Australian soil in 26 years.

Oh the shame of it all.

Posted: 12/13/11, 00:41:45  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/11, 00:42:15
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