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OT: Mustache tries to talk about sports sometimes... [community]
Its true! Lets talk about sports!
Upcoming events!:

ATP World Tour
Order in the court

Barclays Premier League Football (Soccer)
BPL League Table
Check Smerd's thing for more info!

2/26 Daytona 500

NBA Basketball
Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. And the aliens are behind it, or something to that extent..

NHL Hockey
Icing on the cake

PGA Golf
Rough times




Kangaroos are World Series Champs of the Universe

MLB Baseball
CUBS win the World Series

NFL Football
Patriots beat the Falcons in the first overtime Super Bowl

Arizona Cardinals- -JKR-
Atlanta Braves- chrisbg99
Baltimore Orioles- Mr_Mustache, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Boston Bruins- TheOldManInZelda
Buffalo Bills- Mr_Mustache, TheOldManFromZelda
Buffalo Sabres- NinSage
Chicago Bulls- chrisbg99, Jargon, ludist210
Chicago Cubs- Jargon, Anand's hat, DrFinkelstein
Cincinnati Bengals- Earendil, Mop it up
Cincinnati Reds- Earendil, MasterSandman_II, Mop it up
Dallas Cowboys- Snorlax, gtarrant
Dallas Mavericks- Snorlax
Dallas Stars- MightyOwned
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Detroit Red Wings- DrFinkelstein, GameDadGrant
Detroit Tigers- DrFinkelstein. mrbiggsly
Houston Astros- missypissy, kriswright
Houston Rockets- kriswright
Houston Texans- missypissy
Minnesota Vikings- chrisbg99
Montreal Canadiens- anon_mastermind
Montreal Expos- anon_mastermind
New England Patriots- anon_mastermind, Wellsy529
New Jersey Devils- MasterSandman_II
New York Giants- NinSage
New York Mets- TheOldManFromZelda, Wellsy529
New York Yankees- TheBigG753
Oakland Raiders- MasterSandman_II
Oklahoma City Thunder- DeputyVanHalen
Philadelphia Flyers- PogueSquadron
Philadelphia Phillies- PogueSquadron
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Pittsburgh Steelers- CB200
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San Francisco Giants- Xbob42
San Jose Sharks- Xbob42
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Washington Capitals- Abdooooo, ludist210
Washington Nationals- ludist210
Washington Redskins- Abdooooo, ludist210, DeputyVanHalen
Washington Wizards- ludist210

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Posted: 02/06/11, 03:24:01  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/17, 02:22:38
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I am not particularly sold on the value of a salary cap to maintain parity considering in the last 30 years when contracts started going out of control in the MLB has had 14 different teams win the World Series since '94 (when the NFL instituted the cap) to 15 for the NFL and we lost a year because of the MLB strike, which could have potentially had the Expos win it had the season played out. For arguments sake, since '94 the NBA has had 10 different teams (though they've had a cap since '84 but funnily enough still would have had 10 different teams winning) win the Championship and the NHL has had 13 teams win a Stanley Cup since '94 (with a lockout year in 2004/2005) and 7 since they implemented a cap for 2005/2006 season.

So yeah I'm not sure if you can argue that a salary cap creates parity. There is so much more to it, teams coming together well and things falling into place at the right time matter more. Though yes being able to pay huge sums of money to great players helps with that to some degree.

Also Vikings winning the NFC North was great and it was especially great to see Teddy Bridgewater come back (results could have been better) after that knee injury that some thought might end his career prematurely.
Posted: 12/18/17, 16:15:01  - Edited by 
 on: 12/18/17, 16:17:50

Not only his career, but I thought it was a life-threatening injury too? Or am I mistaken there?

The Rams looked legit in Seattle yesterday, too.

I sure hope the NFL revises their stupid catch rule. While the rule was enforced correctly, the Steelers got hosed.
Posted: 12/18/17, 16:38:31
The NFL's salary cap creates parity in that there are usually 5 good teams, 5 bad teams, and 22 teams that are mostly interchangeable.
Posted: 12/18/17, 16:43:21
Cool double post
Posted: 12/18/17, 16:43:23  - Edited by 
 on: 12/18/17, 16:45:43

I don't think his life was ever in question but no one was sure if he'd be able to recover enough to play football ever again.

Though with Keenum having a great year the Vikes are in a pickle. Do they go with Case but who knows what next year holds or Teddy who despite returning may not get back to the level he was at at the time of the injury and beyond? Though I got to figure Teddy might not demand as big a contract because of the uncertainty.
Posted: 12/18/17, 17:06:42

The Bills will need a QB. Tyrod will most likely move on after the completion of this season.
Posted: 12/18/17, 17:56:21
Well the Wentz-less Eagles beat the Giants (not that that's any surprise since the Giants stink this year)...what is up with that defense though? I unfortunately didn't get to watch the game but only saw the score change online. Nicky Foles throws for 4 TDs and the game is still that close? I think the Eagles still have a good shot of getting to and even winning the NFC Championship game, but without Wentz, it's definitely an uphill battle.
Posted: 12/18/17, 18:02:47
Well today was quite eventful in terms of NFL playoff seedings. Gotta give credit to the Bills for doing what they had to do and things falling into place to get them into the playoffs.
Posted: 01/01/18, 03:12:43

What an amazing Sunday of football. It's sad that some people are giving the Bills shit for making the playoffs based on luck and not merit. I just don't understand that line of thinking. The Bills won the games they should have. The Chargers started, what, 0-4?? That's not luck, that's merit. You get what you deserve.

It's awesome hearing the stories of Bills fans donating to Andy Dalton's charity, $17 dollars at a time. And watching all the reactions online has been so much fun. I'm very happy for Kyle Williams, who has stuck with the organization since being drafted by the team 12 years ago. It also made me ponder truly just how long it's been in my own life. I was a senior in high school in 1999!!
Posted: 01/02/18, 14:10:19

Congrats to the Bills and kudos to all the Bills fans who have donated to Dalton's charity, super classy move.

I was hoping this would be the season that finally convinced Mike Brown to get rid of Marvin Lewis, but alas it looks like he's coming back. If that's the case, then I am done with the Bengals until Mike steps down from running the team. He's done nothing but bring misery to fans of the team, and I'm out.
Posted: 01/02/18, 20:04:24
So who wins in a battle of futility? The 2017 Browns or the 2008 Detroit Lions?
Posted: 01/03/18, 00:02:26
41 Days until Pitchers and Catchers report!


The Browns can't win anything, so...

And I don't mean "The 2017 Browns." Talking about, like, ever.
Posted: 01/03/18, 02:32:58  - Edited by 
 on: 01/03/18, 02:33:07
That video was quite amazing. I complained a lot about being a Bills fan, but geez....the Browns suck!
Posted: 01/03/18, 14:54:13
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