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PK Gaming Hall of Fame has inducted its first entry!
In case anyone was curious, PK Gaming has started their Hall of Fame. Each month we'll be inducting a game (maybe two) into our exclusive Hall of Fame. The rules are simple. The editors must unanimously agree on the title and it must be at least five years old, if not older. Also we're restricting one game per franchise per year to prevent over-flooding of a series.

This month, January 2011, we start with a favorite of many and found on the Super Nintendo. In fact, half of it's name shares that with the console it's from! The game is SUPER METROID!

Read what the editors thought of the game and why it deserves a spot in the PK Gaming Hall of Fame by clicking on the article link below. Enjoy our different views and reasons for enjoying this fantastic game!

Hall of Fame: Super Metroid

Thoughts anyone?

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Posted: 02/01/11, 07:08:09  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/11, 19:21:31
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I probably would have chosen a different entry I'm looking forward to seeing what else places though!
Posted: 02/01/11, 09:53:37

A different entry in the Metroid series or a different entry all together?
Posted: 02/01/11, 16:59:28
Aw, Super Metroid? I wanted Other M! Not really.
Posted: 02/01/11, 18:15:50
Awesome choice, although I was half expecting Super Mario Brothers 3 or Ocarina of Time when I clicked.
Posted: 02/01/11, 18:43:45
That's a cool idea.

Leave Other M alone!
Posted: 02/01/11, 19:03:32

Far from my favorite Metroid, but Other M did a lot of things right and I personally can acknowledge that.
Posted: 02/01/11, 19:12:59
I just think it gets waaaay too much hate. Especially from people who haven't played it who just jump on the hatewagon. It's like the Wii Music of 2010.
Posted: 02/01/11, 19:20:18
So if the entry has to be approved unanimously, where are the other two tools' paragraphs about it?

And when are those two tools finally gonna start posting here?

Please don't tell them I called them tools.


I was expecting Echo the Dolphin, for obvious reasons.

Its labyrinthine level design and the speed of the character being those obvious reasons. Obviously.
Posted: 02/01/11, 20:28:59  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/11, 20:30:19
Dr. Fink, an excellent choice to begin a Hall of Fame, though I agree with @Pandareus, where are the opinions of the other PK members?

Anyway, that's awesome you discovered the greatness of this game even though you were not necessarily a Metroid fan for the longest time. The game truly stands the test of time. Super Metroid was the game that first hooked me to the Metroid series when it first came out on the SNES.

On a related topic, I should really replay Zero Mission for the GBA. Many people have compared it favorably to the other 2-D Metroid games, but I only beat it once a long time ago and don't remember a whole lot about the game.
Posted: 02/01/11, 20:48:48

Duuuuude. Replay that shit. Many times. Now.

Go for the endings. It's trying to beat the game with a 15% run that really makes the design of the game shine. (Probably best do the timed runs first to re-familiarise yourself with the map & shortcuts though)
Posted: 02/01/11, 21:29:45  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/11, 21:30:42
@Pandareus I didn't know there were other PK Gaming editors... do they not post as much? And yeah, why aren't they here?!
Posted: 02/01/11, 22:10:40

The current issue is that while all us PK editors decided (over a skype call one night) what our first inductee would be, half of the team, well three of the five, certainly have not been very active, which is an issue in it's own right. Though we still wanted to not miss our mark of an end of the month induction so we decided to post it without those guys and they will hopefully add their thoughts in ASAFP. Paleo knows them much better than I do though, so I can't really drop the hammer on them. So that explains why even though it was picked by us all, only two opinions are currently there.

And Zero, there are other editors. If you pay close attention as the days go by, they do occasionally post but it is significantly less frequent than Paleo or myself. We're hoping they step up their game.

@roykoopa64 & @Shadowlink

I've never played Zero Mission! GASP! I know! But if it shows up on the 3DS Virtual Console, I'll nab it in a nanosecond.
Posted: 02/02/11, 00:18:22
@DrFinkelstein A different entry altogether. Metroid and I aren't quite on the best of terms
Posted: 02/02/11, 02:30:23

Well keep your eyes peeled! Metroid in January means no more metroid all year for Hall of Fame's (as much as I love the Prime series).

We've already discussed a possibility of one down the line that nobody, and I mean, nobody! will think of. So I'm excited to write about that one. We're going to hold off on it because we want to play it again before it gets inducted.
Posted: 02/02/11, 02:53:54

Well guess what! Now you can vote on it. :P

Well, your opinion of the choice that is.
Posted: 02/02/11, 02:58:15
@DrFinkelstein Sweet hehe

@Paleo_Orca Yes, I would not have chosen it for the first induction, but I respect the choice

I acknowledge its strengths and contributions as a game; it's just not one of my personal favorites.
Posted: 02/02/11, 03:19:01
How did you guys fail to mention Mega Man II in the Duane and BrandO entry??
Posted: 02/02/11, 03:31:53

Because if I were to write about Mega Man II I'd have to write about generally all of them. They're all great and I didn't wanna ramble on. It's up to the consumer of the article to take the initiative and check out the choices. They're all laid out on the Duane and BrandO site.
Posted: 02/02/11, 03:39:38

I agree with Mr_Mustache on this one, you should have posted the Mega Man II video instead. :3c Hehe...
Posted: 02/02/11, 03:41:11
Not to be a negative nancy, however anytime Nintendo people come up with these "greatest of all time" lists the lists are nearly almost identical. Which is fine, the games they are awarding are uniformly excellent however I can recite the top ten off the top of my head or close to it without even clicking the link.

As to Super Metroid I still haven't played it...


*slowly backs out of thread*
Posted: 02/02/11, 03:58:20
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