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The Nintendo e-Shop: What do you expect at launch for that? [roundtable]
So today the Nintendo e-Shop was named (or at least I believe that's what they're calling it) which is essentially the Virtual Console for the 3DS. They made a small reference to Super Mario Land which I fully expect to see on the service but it got me thinking about the future of it.

First off; What are we all expecting at launch? Obviously the service, since it's launching simultaneously with the device, is going to need content on it right away. Can we expect to see Link's Awakening? Super Mario Land? Tetris? Wario Land? For the Gameboy alone, just look at this long list of games for the choosing. What can we expect to see? Will it have a strong start but then taper off into the abyss like the Virtual Console on Wii generally is these days?

Personally I expect a few titles, but God knows which ones. I'm sure there will be at least a classic gem or two immediately on it. As for new content though, who knows what they're coming up with right now. And also, weren't they talking about remaking some games with v3D (visual 3D) support? This whole thing is just a big ? mark and I can't wait till the answers pour in.


On a final funny side note, big whoop that the PS3 and Xbox360 are playing games commonly at 60 frames a second... according to wikipedia the original Gameboy did just about that too, lol. Who knew.

It's baaaaaaaacck.

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Posted: 01/19/11, 17:49:20  - Edited by 
 on: 01/22/11, 01:56:58
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If Pokemon Red and Blue come out with online trading and battling, oh man. Oh man oh man.

Not gonna happen.
Posted: 01/20/11, 00:42:36

Did you ever buy the GBA remakes? I guess it would be good to have Red and Blue on there but I'd only buy if it had some kind of 3D effect too, or something else updated.
Posted: 01/20/11, 00:46:19
@DrFinkelstein Well yeah. I don't mean NO internal memory, I just mean...no substantial internal memory. Just a little bit for firmware updates and whatnot. I certainly hadn't heard about 2GB.
Posted: 01/20/11, 02:38:31

Of course! Red and Blue have the nostalgia factor though.
Posted: 01/20/11, 02:46:51

This is pretty much a bunch of BS that the 3DS's shop channel will not be available at launch. Come on Nintendo! Serioulsy, there is the shop channel for the Wii and the DS, esp. the DS. How hard would it have been to have the shop channel available for the 3DS at launch?!

Christ! All I do is bitch anymore! But it is a bunch of BS!
Posted: 01/20/11, 06:54:02

IMO that's one of the most justifiable things to bitch about regarding the 3DS.
Posted: 01/20/11, 07:19:39
I hope Donkey Kong '94 and Shantae come to it. I'd love to play both of those games.
Posted: 01/20/11, 07:41:10
Posted: 01/20/11, 08:48:39


I'm wondering. The controls being always on the bottom screen make me hopeful that we can reconfigure them. I really want to switch B A for Y B.
Posted: 01/20/11, 08:53:37
Posted: 01/20/11, 12:01:18
@Pandareus I sincerely hope so. That's one of the reasons I never played GBA games on my DS, becaus the button placement feels wrong. Anyway, Super GameBoy allowed re-mapping the buttons, and Mario All-Stars allowed it, and so I hope the 3DS will too.
Posted: 01/20/11, 16:46:51
Maaaaan I love the look of one of these last frames from that video above.

Posted: 01/20/11, 16:52:18
ludist210 said:
Hey guys, heads up: the e-Shop won't be ready at launch. Ouch.

This is a misinterpretation (not on your part, though).

The system will require an update the first time you turn it on. Once it is updated, you should be able to access e-Shop.

Nintendo isn't finished with the interface (or the Internet Browser) but they'd rather mandate an update at launch than delay the launch of the hardware.
Posted: 01/20/11, 17:42:09
Those GB games are looking good, just please let us re-map the buttons.

And yes@Simbabbad, the d-pad placement makes it look a bit uncomfortable for extended sessions. It can't be worse than the GCN controller d-pad though. That one was pretty bad.
Posted: 01/20/11, 17:58:11

Good to know. Thanks for clarification, Casper!

By the way, since you're in the know, how will storage work? Does the 3DS have any internal storage, or is it all on the SD card? Can games be loaded directly from the SD card (and not how the Wii handles it now)?
Posted: 01/20/11, 17:58:57

So.... wait. What? The e-Shop will be available at launch, then?
Posted: 01/20/11, 18:01:32

That's what he's saying. You'll have to run the update to get it (not an issue), but yes, it will be present.
Posted: 01/20/11, 18:12:24

The 3DS does have internal storage, but the specs have not been published. However, content can be downloaded DIRECTLY to the SD card, and RUN DIRECTLY FROM the SD card (no internal swapping like the Wii).


I cannot guarantee that the service will be available at launch. All I can say is that it should be available. This is the information that I have received directly from Nintendo. This is exactly what I was told:

"Like the DSi launch, you will need to perform a system update once the system is powered on. e-Shop, Internet Browser, system transfer and other features will not be functional until the system has been updated".

I've been told that this is because the interfaces are not finished. Instead of them delaying the launch, they are going to work on these features even while the 3DS is already in the manufacturing process. Once the hardware launches, it will need to be updated, for obvious reasons.


Let me also add that it is possible that they may not be finished with the interfaces by the time the hardware launches, and in that case, those features might not be available even after the launch update. But regardless, the system will have to have an update to use those features, whether it's at launch or at a later date.
Posted: 01/20/11, 18:22:44  - Edited by 
 on: 01/20/11, 18:27:55

Oh I hope that's the case. There's not a lot of 3DS games I want at launch but to have access to the DSiWare I've missed out on all these years would be great.
Posted: 01/20/11, 18:25:10

Well that's a relief. I guess I need an SDHC card for my 3DS then. Thanks for that info, Casper!
Posted: 01/20/11, 18:27:57
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