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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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Posted: 07/30/08, 18:48:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/18, 20:51:18
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Well, I bought the bundle, and I'm definitely going to play Minit, A Short Hike, and Super Hexagon. Anything else in there that's definitely worth checking out? (I already played and loved Celeste)
Posted: 06/11/20, 04:04:28
Here's a list of about a dozen suggestions, and a lot of them look neat to me! Now my bundle backlog includes...

A Short Hike
Super Hexagon
Wide Ocean Big Jacket
Far From Noise
The Supper
Signs of the Sojourner
EDIT: Pyre
EDIT: Quadrilateral Cowboy
EDIT: Pikuniku
Posted: 06/11/20, 06:34:41  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/20, 21:37:20
and Pyre got added, too! I've been meaning to play that sorta!
Posted: 06/12/20, 05:54:36  - Edited by 
 on: 06/12/20, 05:54:45
I was about to pick up Minnit in the Switch sale, and then realized that for the full price of it on there I could just get the Black Lives Matter Bundle... so I did! Looking forward to trying out A Short Hike and few others!

Overland is "for sale" for 18 bucks on Switch right now too... suckers! 😁
Posted: 06/12/20, 19:54:14
Bundle games! (presented worst to best)

The Supper -- 20 minutes of mostly unremarkable point-and-click adventure. Good creepy pixel art, I guess.

Golf Peaks -- Use cards to make moves in short puzzles/mazes. Simple, clean, not a bad time waster for your phone maybe.

Super Hexagon -- The most intense three seconds of your life, lived over and over again!

Wide Ocean Big Jacket -- Short story (an hour-ish) about a family going camping where not much happens to some nice characters who I like.

Sidewords -- The standout so far for me, what a neat little word game! Would be perfect on my phone, but the Bundle site only has a Windows download. For three bucks, I'll probably buy it on the Android store at some point.
Posted: 06/13/20, 21:36:41
I actually kind of wish I played games on PC! This is amazing!

I do see the points though of people who don't want a huge bundle. I just bought Firewatch on Switch for $1 MORE than this 1600+ game bundle costs. Obviously not as economically wise. But I played it for a few hours last night and really got into it. When I get bundles, I jump around between a lot of games aimlessly without a clear sense of what I'm doing. Sometimes it helps to just get 1 at a time.
Posted: 06/13/20, 22:26:33
Yeah, I'm no PC gamer so I wish Nintendo would do Switch deals like that. Well, kinda? There is the whole brilliantly-observed time vs money thing I came up with! Well, parroted from people smarter than me anyway.

I picked up Stick of Truth and am enjoying it! It's a fun deconstruction of RPGs with that trademark disgusting sense of humor. The ridiculous scenarios actually remind me a lot of Conker, and the fact that it looks just like the show (complete with tons of voiced lines) is one of its biggest strengths. It's a bit unpolished at points, largely in the controls/input lag area, but not a big deal. Worth the money so far.
Posted: 06/13/20, 22:32:49
I wonder if that's worse on Switch? I don't know if it had any lag on PC. But I will say that 60fps kind of made it look less like the show. Still very cool. Glad you're enjoying it!
Posted: 06/14/20, 05:03:56

I'm not quite sure if it's lag or simply kind of rough controls, but it still feels a little janky picking from the radial command menu (I wish the directional input would "snap" to the commands) and the spellcasting/farting.
Posted: 06/14/20, 18:29:49
Okay, so hooowwwww is Stick of Truth not rated AO?? I remember games like Conker feeling like a "hard" M, and this thing is way beyond Conker! I just did a sequence where I battled foul-mouthed gnomes on my character's parents' bed while they were having raucous, very explicit sex, for crying out loud! And hot coffee would've made GTA AO, apparently. Pfft!
Posted: 06/17/20, 06:00:42

Yeah, it's crazy what's in M-rated games nowadays! It was only 13 years ago that the PG-13 sex scene from Mass Effect caused the huge SEXBOX controversy. And hot coffee is just Barbie doll dry humping!
Posted: 06/17/20, 06:04:54

AO never really even made sense to me as a numbers thing: apparently 17 is the limit for M, but 18 is for AO? Is one year of maturity even something that can be measured by any degree of accuracy? And despite there being only a year gap, there're like five AO games in existence and a zillion M ones.
Posted: 06/17/20, 06:27:25
It definitely should be AO. You haven't seen anything yet in this game btw. I don't want to spoil anything but yeah, it honestly feels even way beyond things they've ever done on the show.
Posted: 06/17/20, 16:04:42

It's so arbitrary. Same thing for countless things. Apparently when you turn 18 you magically have the ability to determine if smoking and filling your lungs with disease is okay, but then you have to wait a few more years to be smart enough to know if you should also destroy your liver with alcohol. And everyone knows about the mysterious switch in the human brain that goes from child to adult after 6,570 days on Earth. At Day 6,569 if you get into a fist fight (or have sex) with someone older than you it's right out, but wait that 24 hours and everything changes!

What a weird mess we are, lol.
Posted: 06/17/20, 16:06:31

Yeah, movies are the same way! If you're 17 you can see an R, but ya gotta wait an extra year to see the JUICY NC-17 UNRATED VERSION with SIX EXTRA SECONDS OF UNCUT BOOBS!

@J.K. Riki

The human brain doesn't even finish developing until age 25! Anyone who dates a 23 year old is a salacious pervert!
Posted: 06/17/20, 18:14:52
Secret_Tunnel said:

Yeah, movies are the same way! If you're 17 you can see an R, but ya gotta wait an extra year to see the JUICY NC-17 UNRATED VERSION with SIX EXTRA SECONDS OF UNCUT BOOBS!

The ironic thing is now thanks to the Internet almost everything NC-17 is tame compared to what kids have already been consuming in droves when their parents aren't looking.

Lol, boobs. It's such a funny word.

Secret_Tunnel said:

The human brain doesn't even finish developing until age 25! Anyone who dates a 23 year old is a salacious pervert!

And then it starts dying, so really if you aren't exactly a 25 year old dating a 25 year old you're robbing the grave. People are sickening.

Posted: 06/17/20, 18:40:04  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/20, 18:40:36
More bundle games!

Minit -- Pretty good micro-sized Link to the Past style game. I'm not sure if the die-every-minute gimmick adds that much.

A Short Hike -- Fun and relaxing little exploration game. I like the simplified BOTW-style gliding/climbing/stamina use in a top-down game.
Posted: 06/18/20, 20:16:50
Best Buy is clearancing out Fire Emblem Warriors for $25 if anyone is interested (or $10 for N3DS version):

Posted: 07/21/20, 02:52:51  - Edited by 
 on: 07/21/20, 02:53:09
@Mop it up

How scaled back is the 3DS version? Iíve been tempted to try the game out just to mess around with the Shadow Dragon characters, Lyn, and Celica. But I wonder how plausible that is, given the abundance of 3DS FE characters.
Posted: 07/21/20, 03:27:59
I looked at footage of it and it doesn't look great. I'd say there are worse ways to spend $10...but you could definitely stretch that $10 into something more modern and on sale. I think Capcom just had (or has) Okami on sale for $10 or something like that.
Posted: 07/21/20, 04:56:32
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