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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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Posted: 07/30/08, 18:48:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/18, 20:51:18
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Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't know it had eligibility requirements. So I'm not sure what they'd be, but I didn't get an email about it.
Posted: 12/18/17, 06:33:41
@Mop it up I just thought of something and if it is true man I screwed myself. MAYBE... you need to click to redeem the offer BEFORE you link the accounts, because like... it's probably an offer to try to get people to link them, so people with them already linked are not eligible?

In fact now that I really think about it that is probably it. So anyone trying to do this, make sure to redeem the offer before linking and see if that works!

Ah well, if I missed it through my own actions, it's only $5.
Posted: 12/18/17, 15:05:49  - Edited by 
 on: 12/18/17, 15:06:17
It sounds plausible. I'm pretty sure I accepted the offer before linking Paypal to the eShop.

I'm sorry it's been a hassle, if I had realised the deal was so complicated then I would have been more cautious with posting it.
Posted: 12/19/17, 02:55:13
Not your fault! Keep posting deals!

Today's deal... ROCKET LEAGUE for 25% off (after discount: $15) in the eShop until December 28th. GO GET IT EVERYONE!!!

Link if you don't believe me for some reason.
Posted: 12/19/17, 19:57:27  - Edited by 
 on: 12/19/17, 19:58:22
Posted: 01/08/18, 05:35:04  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/18, 05:35:24
Woahhhhhhhhh that's awesome but I gave away my Wii U to my nieces and nephews!
Posted: 01/08/18, 06:17:21

Pretty good sale of digital Switch games, including ARMS and Doom for $42 each.

I'm tempted to get Worms for $25. I am the only one that still likes those games?
Posted: 01/25/18, 20:45:53  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/18, 20:49:24

Dang! Rabbids too? Those just released! This seems super unlike Nintendo!
Posted: 01/25/18, 21:00:28
Time to get Wulverblade
Posted: 01/25/18, 21:48:38
@J.K. Riki This isn't the first time Kingdom Battle has been on sale. It's published by Ubisoft, so they control the pricing for it.
Posted: 01/25/18, 22:22:01  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/18, 22:22:46
Wulverblade is awesome. It's Final Fight set in 120 AD Britain and you have to stop the invading Romans.
Posted: 01/26/18, 18:04:20
No idea what deals are coming from this but Toys R Us are closing all 800 retail stores in the US. I imagine this will lead to some good deals on games.
Posted: 03/15/18, 14:08:04
Whaaaat? Dang, I rather like TRU.
Posted: 03/15/18, 14:08:56
I guess they're just not really able to compete with Amazon and the likes.

I think the online store will still remain open?

I don't mean to make this all about game deals though, it sucks for everyone who will be laid off. But it's happening whether we buy clearance games or not I guess so might as well get whatever deals come along.
Posted: 03/15/18, 14:11:11
Yeah, I feel bad for the employees of the company. Though I must admit I only ever go to TRU once a year at this stage in my life, and that day is Black Friday when they practically give away stuff like games and amiibo with crazy buy 1 get 4 free sales. And I will miss that, but otherwise it's more nostalgia that makes me feel bad about them going away, to be honest.
Posted: 03/15/18, 17:04:54
30,000 employees...man.
Posted: 03/15/18, 17:50:18
Toys R Us was great! I remember waiting in line for an hour to get Mew way back in the stone age of 2004 when they had to trade it to every kid one-by-one with the GBA link cable.

The one I always went to had this MASSIVE ball hanging from the ceiling, and I wanted it.
Posted: 03/15/18, 20:31:13
I think it's a variety of things. Specialty shops in general have been disappearing throughout the past decade or two, I don't think people really care about them anymore. I also remember seeing a statistic where I think it was at least 80% of sales at Toys 'R Us occurred during the holidays, so I guess most people don't go toy shopping throughout the year anymore. Lastly, the prices at Toys 'R Us were not competitive, often higher than elsewhere. The trade-off was that they typically had a large selection, so they might carry a product that's tough to find elsewhere. For example, they charged $13.99 for amiibo instead of the MSRP of $12.99, but they carried a lot of them and would often have a figure that other stores had stopped carrying.
Posted: 03/15/18, 20:47:57
Posted: 03/16/18, 02:17:33
Feels relevant...

Posted: 03/16/18, 07:03:21
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