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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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Posted: 07/30/08, 18:48:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/18, 20:51:18
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I know some on here swear by it, but I just bought Best Buy's Gamer's Club Unlocked deal, where you get 20% off all new game purchases for the next two years. The normal price is $99, but is was on sale for only $30!!! Pays for itself in 3 games. I think the sale goes through tomorrow. Great deal!
Posted: 12/27/14, 06:57:24
Lots of eShop sales going on, including a bunch of Capcom games on sale. Bolded the most interesting looking deals.

Balloon Pop Remix – $1.99 (was $4.99) until Jan. 31
Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay – $19.99 (was $29.99) until Jan. 20
Coaster Creator 3D – $6.99 (was $9.99) until Jan. 8
Disney Frozen: Olaf’s Quest – $19.99 (was $29.99) until Jan. 20
Johnny Hotshot – $1.99 (was $4.99) until Jan. 31
Johnny Impossible – $1.99 (was $4.99) until Jan. 31
Johnny Kung Fu – $1.99 (was $4.99) until Jan. 31
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – $15.99 (was $39.99) until Jan. 2
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies – $22.49 (was $29.99) until Jan. 2
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D – $7.99 (was $19.99) until Jan. 2
Resident Evil Revelations – $8.99 (was $19.99) until Jan. 2
Retro City Rampage: DX – $7.99 (was $9.99) until Jan. 5
Samurai Sword Destiny – $1.99 (was $4.99) until Jan. 31
Smash Bowling 3D – $2.99 (was $4.99) until Jan. 8
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – $7.99 (was $19.99) until Jan. 2
Thorium Wars: Attack of the Skyfighter – $4.99 (was $7.99) until Jan. 8
Zombie Slayer Diox – $1.99 (was $5.99) until Jan. 31
Posted: 12/27/14, 08:09:59  - Edited by 
 on: 12/27/14, 08:10:20

I'm constantly tempted by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate when it goes down to these low prices and it would put me very close to my next DDP card. But it seems like such a time sink...
Posted: 12/27/14, 09:10:02
Just wait for 4.

Don't tell Mustache I said that.
Posted: 12/27/14, 09:24:19
eShop cards on sale again. Only 10% off this time, but still free money if you're buying stuff from the eShop regularly.
Posted: 01/13/15, 20:55:37

Ooh, you dirty, dirty boy. MH4 won't hold a candle to MH3U, graphics alone. Plus, you're stuck on that tiny screen. Huge difference, I promise you.
Posted: 01/13/15, 21:58:16
Nice. Probably pick up a few of the $50 ones to prepare for Majora's Mask, Zelda U, Xenoblade, all that other shit coming out this year...
Posted: 01/13/15, 22:17:39
Looks like Nintendo is putting a selection of games on sale on the eShop along with each Wii game that is coming out in the next few weeks. Along with Super Mario Galaxy 2 for $10 you can get:

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)- $44.99
Yoshis Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (Wii U) - $5.99
Yoshis New Island (3DS) - $29.99
Pushmo (3DS) - $3.49
Pushmo World (Wii U) - $7.49


If you don't have Pushmo or Pushmo World yet, now's a good time to get them. I'll be interested to see what goes on sale along with Punch-Out! and Metroid Prime Trilogy.
Posted: 01/15/15, 04:34:31
Confirmed $15 3DS games (in-store only) at Target (3/29 - 4/4)
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Mario Kart 7
Super Mario 3D Land
Posted: 03/30/15, 11:20:12
New 3DS and choice of game for $209 with free shipping

Game options:

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Super Smash Brothers
Codename: S.T.E.A.M.
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Spongebob HeroPants
Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Fossil
Fighters: Frontier

Pretty good deal. I almost bit on one and Majora's Mask, but it would take a month to ship to Guam supposedly so I might as well wait to E3 and see if the regular 3DS is on its way.
Posted: 04/21/15, 09:55:09
@Jargon Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Posted: 04/22/15, 01:34:46
Target: Buy 2 get 1 free select 3DS games.

Available online and in-store. Just pray that the game you want is selected.
Posted: 05/28/15, 00:29:34
Lots of games on sale in the EShop

I'm tempted by Hyrule Warriors for ~$40 and Fire Emblem for $28 but I dunno... I just started a strategy game in XCom and I bet I can find Hyrule Warriors cheaper at a store at some point.
Posted: 06/17/15, 11:18:33
Nintendo selling reburbished 2DS systems for $60. This strikes me as an insanely good deal, probably because I paid $250+ for my 3DS...
Posted: 07/03/15, 19:59:29
Posted: 07/03/15, 20:02:08
Hmm was hoping to jump on the Gamestop one online and get a good deal but they only have like half the games I want available online.

NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE: Splatoon, Bayonetta 2, Layton vs Ace Attorney, etc.

AVAILABLE ONLINE: Persona Q, Captain Toad, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, etc.

I dunno. If this were the past where I had a ton of time to play games I'd easily do it, but right now I barely have time and still have a huge backlog. Maybe not worth it if I can't get exactly what I want...
Posted: 07/04/15, 20:31:40
"Epic Indie Sale" on the North America eShop through July 23rd. Own any one of these games, get 60% off the rest of them.

[*]BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
[*]Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
[*]Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
[*]Mighty Switch Force! 2
[*]Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition
[*]Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
[*]Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party
[*]Swords & Soldiers
[*]Toki Tori
[*]Toki Tori 2 +
[*]Trine 2: Director's Cut
[*]Trine Enchanted Edition
Posted: 07/09/15, 18:09:22  - Edited by 
 on: 07/09/15, 18:09:40
Lots of good games! I've been eyeing Toki Tori 2 for a long time, so maybe now's the time to pick it up (even though I have too many games on the backlog right now).
Posted: 07/09/15, 18:42:38
Has anyone gone back and bought any Wii U launch / early games?

Mass Effect 3, Deux Ex, Darksiders 2 are usually pretty darn cheap. Any takers? Worth the purchase?
Posted: 07/09/15, 19:59:15

I'd say Deus Ex is your best bet out of those choices. A simply incredible game.

And if I'm not mistaken, Wii U got the Director's Cut version of the game that among other additions and improvements, had a complete rebalancing overhaul of the Boss Fights in the game, virtually the only sticking point in the original release.
Posted: 07/09/15, 20:13:40
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