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Let's revisit the Wind Waker debut trailer! [roundtable]
You know the one...

Yeah, so I loved this trailer from the get-go. I watched it, like, 7 times that day and was bewildered (though highly amused) by the web response (OMG, Link's face is stylized, OMG!!). I took this trailer to mean that Nintendo was shaking up the Zelda formula by smoothing out the control (one of my main issues from OOT), making the action and maybe the platforming more dynamic, adding traps and more elaborate context-sensitive moves, and just generally making a game that played like a Tex Avery cartoon. And then we got Wind Waker. Which played exactly like Ocarina, except slightly less stiffly and with a boat. And with much less content. The only new idea from the trailer that really made it into the final game was the timing-based counter move.

Now, it's possible that I interpreted the trailer wrong all along. Maybe it was always meant to be sort of a mood piece, like Kojima's trailers. On the other hand, none of those scenarios seemed too far-fetched, and things like the stealth DID make it into the game (unfortunately), so...

Suffice it to say, I did not feel the final game lived up to that trailer. And Wind Waker might be my least favorite Zelda.

So how did it go for you guys? How did your perception of Wind Waker change over the years? Feel free to include SpaceWorld 2000. And WW's legacy, compared to Twilight Princess (clearly the superior game in every non-superficial way).

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Posted: 11/30/10, 18:17:46  - Edited by 
 on: 11/30/10, 18:32:13
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omg....LDM...I haven't seen you in such a long time. Glad to see your negativity is unchanged (no sarcasm here. You're still the same)
Posted: 11/30/10, 22:01:04
LOL. Gamecube was pretty sweet, tough to see how it got so much hate to me. There were some droughts though.
Posted: 11/30/10, 22:01:26
Purple lunchboxes is the kiddie... that's why we hate.

Oh hi shadow, I actually got a PS3 now lol.
Posted: 11/30/10, 22:10:15  - Edited by 
 on: 11/30/10, 22:14:53
littledeadmonkey said:
I'm fan of Nintendo, so what I didn't like Gamecube and the games on it (for the most part).
I still liked the Gamecube, but the Wii library is just so much better.
Posted: 11/30/10, 22:13:00

The same could be said of the N64, but it was more of a quality over quantity. The Cube didn't have as strong of a library (in my opinion) as the N64. Still, I have a soft spot for it thanks to Phantasy Star Online and the thousands of hours I sank into it during my college years.
Posted: 11/30/10, 22:19:00
littledeadmonkey said:
I'm fan of Nintendo, so what I didn't like Gamecube and the games on it (for the most part).

You have got to be kidding me. Since when? If you are, why have you been such a horrible troll?

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be an ass, but your schtick is beyond old.
Posted: 12/01/10, 01:19:37
anandxxx said:
But do you guys still hate that trailer? Can you specify what it is that annoys you? Is it just the difference from SW2000?

Yes, the Space World demo had my expectations nearly sky-high for a graphically intense Zelda game. Something to put Final Fantasy X in its place. That, and how awesome Link looked in Super Smash Brothers Melee. The Zelda-themed stages were awesome IMO, and I couldn't wait to see a fully-realized game dedicated to making an awesome and fully realized world. Especially considering how kick-ass both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask were. Both were whimsical, yet kept a "hard edge" that allowed the games to have a "cool" factor to them.

It may seem silly, but that's how I felt. I was also kinda rooting for Nintendo to be "teh mature" at the time. They had really put themselves into a corner where pretty much everything they did was considered "teh kiddie" by the public. I wanted Zelda to come back with a vengeance and show the world that Nintendo meant business.

So yeah. I wanted a Twilight Princess-looking game, but instead we got goofy little Toon Link instead. The mystical, mysterious and dangerous fantasy kingdom of Hyrule was gone; replaced by some bizarre Tex Avery cartoon. For no apparent good reason. After Space World, after Melee... even after those fantastic Oracle of Seasons/Ages commercials, and the announcement of Link's guest appearance in Soulcalibur II - the thought of having a sugary-sweet, simple, silly, cartoon Zelda game irked me.

I'm also still not a fan of Link's character design. He looks like a Powerpuff girl. That's NOT how I envisioned the Hero of Hyrule. Not for a Gamecube game, anyway. And the Moblins looked dumb to me, too. The overall style I'm not a fan of. But I'll admit it's somewhat grown on me over the years. I'm not sure if that's just because I've gotten used to it, or if Nintendo's beaten me over the head with the style so many times now that I've simply succumbed to it.

anandxxx said:

NO IT IS NOT. That part probably annoyed me the most, for some reason.
Posted: 12/01/10, 01:47:04
casper884 said:
littledeadmonkey said:
I'm fan of Nintendo, so what I didn't like Gamecube and the games on it (for the most part).

You have got to be kidding me. Since when? If you are, why have you been such a horrible troll?

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be an ass, but your schtick is beyond old.

I'm a Nintendo fan since 1986-2000 2004-Present. I'm not a fan of Janitor Mario and Chibi Link.Considering all the good games on Cube are pretty much ported to Wii the system was a waste of time.
Posted: 12/01/10, 03:03:27
I didn't exactly hate the way Link looked but I did hate his lips. If I'm not mistaken he had these little red lips that I thank the LORD they got rid of!

I loved the ALLTP's title screen music at the end, and the music as a whole. Not a bad trailer too, I was extremely excited nonetheless. I think Sunshine was also revealed and I was disappointed with the graphics in both trailers to be honest.

EDIT: Rewatching the trailer, what, 10 years later do I now realize he never had those lips in the trailer, rather it's his open mouth!! BUT! I remember seeing on IGN's front page he had the red lips. Hey, maybe it was his open mouth too, I dunno.
Posted: 12/01/10, 03:15:21  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/10, 03:17:06
@casper884 Well then don't be an "ass" then, this isn't IGN, dude hasn't really trolled here and it's not against the rules (though it is silly) to hate the Gamecube.

@littledeadmonkey By that logic all platforms are going to become a "waste of time" because ports of last gen games are all the rage. But it's not a waste of time to play games when they release as opposed to years later.
Posted: 12/01/10, 03:53:26
You know what's fun? The internet archive site. Good for going back in web time and checking out the old IGN. Take a look--!

Care to read how 50% of the GCNGB's threads went at the time?
Posted: 12/01/10, 04:18:25
I fondly recall the Wind Waker trailer and was not only surprised and excited by it, I was relieved. I thought the overrated Space World teaser was generic; lacking that indescribable Zelda look and feel. Sure it was cool and packed a cinematic punch, but it took the Zelda series in a direction I wasn't ready for. The Wind Waker look, however, pretty much nailed my vision of Zelda post-SNES. It is a shame that we will probably never see another Zelda game in the mold of Wind Waker due to the loud E3 groaners, but for me, it is the direction I shall always hope to see the series turn back toward. I'm not saying Wind Waker was my favorite Zelda, but apart from the idiotic sailing and other quibbles, the Wind Waker direction was on a path to pure perfection.
Posted: 12/01/10, 04:21:28  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/10, 04:23:10
@TriforceBun LOL. Wow, I'd call this "Charagon" a douche but maybe he changed his ways and posts here now. Also, that was like 75% of the board at that time, so no point in me calling a single person out.

The funny thing is he says the Spiderman movie looks like it is going to suck, lol.
Posted: 12/01/10, 04:27:09  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/10, 04:28:11
I was totally excited for Wind Waker after seeing the video. Like, crazy-exicted. It seemed so new and fresh. Wind Waker remains my favourite Zelda game to date. The exploration on the ocean just seemed so VAST.
Posted: 12/01/10, 04:38:45

This may not be IGN, be he isn't a doing a good job of showing that he's a different person. His post about the gamecube is typical of his history, not an exception.
Posted: 12/01/10, 05:24:21  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/10, 05:32:09
I loved the trailer then and I still love it today. As much as I love Twilight Princess, I didn't care for the art style much. I prefer it when Zelda doesn't take itself too seriously. I really hope Skyward Sword delivers. So far, I love what little we've seen.
Posted: 12/01/10, 05:30:57
@casper884 Yeah but his post history here is pretty clean (YES, I CHECK INTO THESE THINGS, IT'S MY JOB) so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he hated Gamecube and likes most everything else Nintendo. I don't get that viewpoint, but I also don't get why Anand loves Super Metroid and hates Metroid Prime, or why Simbabbad loves Super Mario Galaxy and hates Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Trolling to me is like, constant negativity, and often also involves insulting the intelligence of people who like things (calling them fanboys/etc.) He's not doing that here. Yet?

I'm not going to point fingers, but certain people who were erm... tough for me to like... on IGN end up much more likeable here. I think this place often has that effect.
Posted: 12/01/10, 05:55:22  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/10, 05:56:23
To focus on the topic here, I was one of those people who absolutely HATED Wind Waker the moment I saw it. I was fully expecting something similar to what I saw at Space World and I was crushed by the reality.

HOWEVER, things changed the moment I played it. I remember walking into an EB that had a demo for the game and once I placed my hand on the controller, there was no going back. The fluidity of the animations, the artstyle, the colors, everything worked. And thus, Wind Waker ended up becoming my favourite console Zelda game (slightly ahead of MM).

Moral of this story: NEVER EVER judge a book by its cover.
Posted: 12/01/10, 06:07:54
Zero said:
I don't get that viewpoint, but I also don't get why Anand loves Super Metroid and hates Metroid Prime, or why Simbabbad loves Super Mario Galaxy and hates Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Come on, mine is a lot easier to understand. They're totally different games!!

Those are pretty much my thoughts exactly. Except I love Zelda II, and there isn't much humor in that. Much intentional humor, anyway.
Posted: 12/01/10, 06:15:41
When I first saw that Wind Waker video, I seriously thought it was a joke. I believe it was at an E3 when that trailer was first shown, though its been so many years forgive me if Im wrong.

Seriously tho. I kept waiting for Shiggy and crew to show the real Zelda game. I just couldn't believe it, I really thought it was a joke. It just looked cheap, fake and man, this has to be a bad joke. I really can't say I hated it, but I kept waiting for the realistic Zelda trailer to be shown. I was in a state of, Im not sure what.

And even once it set in that this was the real game, I was like, wow, what a piece of junk. I wasn't impressed at all. And when Link does that little wink at the end, I was thinking...'yea, this is all fake'. Maybe Im dreaming or Nintendo has lost thier minds. Nintendo losing thier minds is what I stuck with.

Fast forward to when the Wind Waker was released. I pre-ordered it cause we got the OoT as a gift for pre-ordering. I honestly believe and still do to this day if Nintendo would not have offered the free OoT foe pre-ordering, the Wind Waker would not have sold as many units as it did during it's launch.

I will admit that I enjoyed the Wind Waker, but its not my favorite Zelda game. I think OoT barely nudges out Twilight Princess for me, but I really like TP alot. Wind Waker is third. I can't rate any of the pre-N64 Zelda games cause Ive never played any of them. OoT was my first Zelda game.

I bought Majora's Mask and didn't like it's style. I don't want to say I totally dislike the game, but I only played to around the 2nd dungeon and thats it. I have no desire to play it again, but that may change one day.

Also,never played any of the handheld Zeldas. I owned the one Zelda, Link's Awakening when it came out for the Game Boy Color, but Ive never been into the handheld scene(thats all going to change with the 3DS tho.), I like my games on the big screen with big sound/video.

And thats all I really have to say about the Wind Waker and the other Zelda games. I have A link to the Past on the VC, and one day hope to play it. I doubt I ever play any of the NES Zeldas, just not interested in them.
Posted: 12/01/10, 06:29:40
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