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XBLA (and PSN?) is on a good roll...
Awesome thread is back!!

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Posted: 11/18/10, 23:13:48  - Edited by 
 on: 04/12/12, 06:15:53
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You know, when PSN got hacked and went down, I thought there would be great content backed up for months, but it really hasn't happened that way. This week's update is a joke.

Though we do get Breath of Fire IV. Is that any good?
Posted: 08/17/11, 04:37:20
I just played the demo of Chester an XBLA Indie game. It's a 2D platformer with some nice options. For example you can change the look of the level backgrounds with the press of a button and you also have various "character personalities" that can also be switched at will. Both are unlocked as you progress in the game. It's 240 points. Think I'm gonna pick it up today. Oh also ilo-milo is on sale half price now. So many good games - so much backlog so little money
Posted: 09/21/11, 03:08:40  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/11, 21:10:48
Eh. Arguable. I do agree it'd suck if you didn't like what was on it but you could say the same thing about any console too. Steam does indeed have a variety of games though (not as much as consoles though) so I wouldn't be exactly comfortable in saying it sucked or was limited. Does it provide mostly shooters? Yeah, I guess.

So I agree and disagree. If I never knew consoles existed, I could probably be pretty happy with just Steam. Thank god I do know consoles exist though or I'd be missing on some damn amazing gaming.
Posted: 09/21/11, 14:11:32
gamewizard65 said:
I think its time I buy another Xbox 360 so I can play some games. Apparantly Nintendo doesn't give a shit if there is any new games for their hardcore fans to play.

F U Nintendo.

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Posted: 09/21/11, 15:12:41

I like playing on my TV, I still haven't bought a 360 controller for my PC, and I still vastly prefer Steam to XBLA. When I actually get off my ass and get a 360 controller and get it so I can hook up my PC to my TV, there'll really be no competition.
Posted: 09/21/11, 15:30:58
Weren't you a PC only gamer for a long time? If you were happy then, what's changed now? I'm sorta ignorant on strictly PC gaming but from I've seen there may be a bit more variety now than there used to be. Am I wrong?
Posted: 09/21/11, 15:50:21

It'd be more lively if we had more people join in! The game is a lot of fun, it's worth downloading people! What else are you playing on your Wii right now anyway?!?
Posted: 09/21/11, 15:59:22
I heard it was apparently overlooked. Heard from some commentor on Kotaku that Nintendo people were looking forward to it and it's a good game, cuz the dumbass Kotaku article completely wrote it off just cuz it was for Wiiware.

He claimed it was a contender for best of Wiiware, or he heard that himself. Either way it's caught my attention though I doubt it's my kinda game. If I still haven't gotten FAST, I doubt I'll get this first, if ever.

Time to look it up on YouTube.
Posted: 09/21/11, 16:06:38  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/11, 16:08:27
How is Steam's selection limited? The service has a wider variety of games than XBLA. I really don't have a preference between the two to be honest, but Steam is great and the sales are phenomenal.

The next game from one half of Team Meat is exclusive to Steam and it's $5. That alone makes it an awesome service.
Posted: 09/21/11, 16:17:28
Dunno bout that. XBLA and PSN have classic games and stuff which Steam will never get. Turtles In Time? Final Fight? Etc.
Posted: 09/21/11, 16:28:29
Steam has lots of classic games as well. There are around 40 or so Genesis games on the service, for example. It also has plenty of classic PC titles.
Posted: 09/21/11, 16:43:25

That's cool. What are you playing on 360? Right now I'm digging Radiant Silvergun... and I still need to get back to Lost Odyssey soon. I don't like leaving JRPGs alone for too long. When I go back, I forget what was going on, and then I wander around confused for a while before I get back on track...
Posted: 09/21/11, 18:17:52
Simbabbad said:
I'm playing game, game, game,and then I have to play game, game, game, game and then I have to start game, game, game, and Deadly Premonition. I also want to finish 100% or explore deeper game, game, (before I buy game,), game and game.

And then I also want to finish 100% game, play game, a bit more, and I'm also playing game, and game on DS, and have game to start. And as I said, I also have game and game to start.

Also, recently I replayed game, (the first one, the sequel sucks) to have a gold medal time under 30mn in every stage. I play my games like that.

So the game feedback isn't enough to buy it for now.

Looks like I have someone else to add to my Christmas Card List.
Posted: 09/21/11, 19:32:35
Okay figured out the video posting procedure from the site FAQ section. Here ya go.....

One of the things I really enjoy most so far is the ability to customize the level art-style - examples: kind of a watercolor hand-drawn look, a rough pencil sketch, 8-bit pixelized ect. I really like that. And it's only three bucks!
Posted: 09/21/11, 21:11:57  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/11, 21:16:53
Simbabbad said:
So the Motoheroz feedback isn't enough to buy it for now.

Oh no, that's cool. I hope I wasn't coming across like I was trying to sell you on that game. "Play what you want" is pretty much my motto.

By the way, your list there reminded me I still need to pick up Hard Corps myself. And also? I realized there *is* a SHMUP I've finished (in one credit!) - Space Invaders Extreme! I beat that one in one, long playthrough a while back when it was new on DS. I was on a roll, didn't get hit once.

So my list of SHMUPs that I've (actually) beat is.... one.
Posted: 09/21/11, 22:13:02
@Simbabbad So being able to jump with a button wasn't enough for de Blob 2?
Posted: 09/22/11, 12:12:26
That's interesting, since most reviews damned it for being more of the same.

I tried the ilomilo demo yesterday. I liked the presentation and the music (but not the humor, so much), and it was a very clever concept, overall, but it felt a bit slow for me, And having to collect stuff bugged me. It was like, after you figured out the solution, it still took you a lot of time (but not skill) to execute it.

Speaking of the 360, I played some demos to clear up space yesterday, and Fist of the North Star was more fun than it had any right to be. I'll probably pick that up for two fins on Amazon. Sweet, sweet Amazon (please don't pass, internet tax!).
Posted: 09/22/11, 22:32:21  - Edited by 
 on: 09/22/11, 22:44:06
I've gotta try out the ilomilo demo sometime. I meant to do so the last time it was on sale, but never got around to it. I download a ton of demos without ever playing them. I'm like Anand, expect I don't spend money on it.
Posted: 09/23/11, 08:13:41
Heh, I also do that with demos. I spend, literally, at least 90% of my 360 time trying to clear out my demo backlog, since my hard drive is forever filling up. Goddamned Indie Games service.

By the way, isn't it weird that you always have to be connected to the internet to play Indie Games? Seems like a pretty big negative.
Posted: 09/23/11, 18:31:27
Yeah, I think that sucks. I'm always connected to the internet anyways, but anything like that I think is stupid.
Posted: 09/24/11, 00:21:51
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