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XBLA (and PSN?) is on a good roll...
Awesome thread is back!!

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Posted: 11/18/10, 23:13:48  - Edited by 
 on: 04/12/12, 06:15:53
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Hmm, I still don't think I'll be spending the dough for Dead Nation, but Spelunker HD seems interesting all of a sudden.
Posted: 12/07/10, 01:16:35
Sony and the developer are in cahoots.

Too bad it's not a better developer. Nothing else of theirs appeals to me. Digger HD had the potential, but then they went ahead and didn't secure the Hot Butter tune.
Posted: 12/07/10, 03:39:21  - Edited by 
 on: 12/07/10, 03:40:30
Also Digger HD looked ugly as fuck. Could you at least play with the old school graphics?

But yeah, that game pretty much needed Hot Butter.
Posted: 12/07/10, 03:58:48
I've always liked the concept of Spelunker. A super-vulnerable platforming protagonist. That reminds me of one of the characters in my unfinished super-hero team parody outline, who possesses super-strength, but lacks super-toughness, so all he does is throw things, since punching someone would shatter the bones in his hand and cause his skin to rupture. The Pitcher.
Posted: 12/07/10, 15:12:38  - Edited by 
 on: 12/07/10, 15:18:56
@anandxxx But wouldn't the sheer momentum of the throwing cause problems in the longterm?

An on semi-related note, I fell so hard on the ice yesterday that I felt like I had a concussion, even though my head didn't actually hit ground. Just the sudden movement, it was probably the fastest my head had ever gone from 0 to X in my entire life.
Posted: 12/07/10, 16:35:28
Yeah but that was someone hitting your head! I just slipped and my body hit HARD but my head didn't get hit at all. It just hurt from the sheer momentum of things. One second I was up, one second BAM on the ground.

Or maybe I broke my spine a bit and didn't realize it. Either way, my head was f-ing killing me despite not taking any direct damage.
Posted: 12/07/10, 17:37:50
Yeah, I've considered that. It's a potential pitfall. Maybe if his technique was really good, it would be fine? Or if he spun around after throwing something? He could just shove people really, really hard, I guess. But, you know... the vulnerability.

I used to fall and get the wind knocked out of me all the time. Like, once a day. But I don't really fall anymore. The trick is to skate when it's icy. Don't let your feet leave the ground, and stop and accelerate gradually. Just like driving on ice.

I did get whiplash from trying to go on a kids ride at the playground on my knees a couple of weeks ago. And I do get that 'about-to-pass-out' feeling all the time these days. I guess it happens to guys a lot when they are suddenly active after being inactive for a while. It also happens when I go up and down stairs too fast, which is a bit worrisome. Oh, and once in a while, my vision will literally start to spin, and I have to concentrate to make it stop. That's probably bad, as well...

Posted: 12/07/10, 18:13:23
Hey, another um, "interesting" PSN exclusive, from the makers of Rolando which I've never played but which iPhone owners seem to think is something.

The video gets to the gameplay about halfway through.

Okabu - Teaser Trailer from HandCircus on Vimeo.

The gameplay seems all over the place, with physics-based puzzles, and shootery segments... or something.

Still, it looks like a game. Maybe?
Posted: 12/07/10, 20:44:05
Rolando is just a fluidity ripoff...
Posted: 12/08/10, 01:02:03

Hot damn.
Posted: 12/17/10, 07:23:22
Microsoft just sent me a dollar. I'm downloading Miner Dig Deep.
Posted: 02/27/11, 21:01:51
@Simbabbad But Katamari Damacy is awesome. And not made by Sony. There was even a 360 version.

(Yes, I realize this was a very, very old post of yours.)
Posted: 02/27/11, 21:13:51  - Edited by 
 on: 02/27/11, 21:14:59
Hm, maybe I can get another dollar.
Posted: 02/27/11, 23:24:43
I hate Katamari, too.
Posted: 02/28/11, 00:18:33
"Hate" is such a strong word. I just didn't enjoy myself playing it. It was still a more interesting game than, say, The Munchables.
Posted: 02/28/11, 02:51:46
PixelJunk Shooter 2 is now out. Downloading now!
Posted: 03/02/11, 01:41:40
Ugh, it's really coming to the point where I can't keep up.

I'm making a point to finish the last star in SMG2 first. Also I should beat Nac's Blade score in Marvel Pinball before he starts thinking I've forgotten about him. (Revenge is a dish best served cold... but there are limits).

Vagrant Story also came out, yes? Just what I need: yet another tempting RPG on my plate. Sony should have brought this game and Xenogears early in the gen, not late when all the new JRPGs come out.
Posted: 03/02/11, 01:56:57  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/11, 01:58:11
Pac-Man CE DX is on sale for 400 points, or $5, this week. For XBLA if the points thing didn't make it obvious.
Posted: 03/02/11, 02:06:27
I was about to bring up PIxelJunk Shooter 2, but it looks like it's already been covered.

I LOVED the first game. One of the best downloads of the generation for me. I'm pretty excited to play the sequel.
Posted: 03/02/11, 02:14:13
I've forgotten how fun it is to play this game. Already ranked #3 on the first level's leaderboard... but it's not like there's many people yet. I held a #1 spot for a short time on the first game!

EDIT: Yay #1 now! Haha, that won't last long unfortunately
Posted: 03/02/11, 02:20:33  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/11, 02:30:10
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