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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.36/10 from 22 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for GoldenEye 007 on the Wii!

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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.3)  by  


I thought it would be easier for us to come here and add our GE friend codes for all to see...

GoldenEye Friend Codes!

Smerd (Smerd) 4666 6808 2244
Abdooooo 1752 2241 0009
Deerock (Deerock)0467 0406 3777
Dr. Finkelstein (Stephen)5171 5859 4892
Anon_mastermind (Mikey) 0070 8655 6434
Helaciouscrumb (Kit) 0981 2011 9152
NoName 2136 7223 6859
Shadowlink (Tim) 1573-9272-3975
Cryojin 5042-1994-2792
Ben Strife 4446-2716-6853
E-Lo (RoyKoopa64) 3676 0483 3336
CEW00 (DSLeet) 1720-5487-1789
nhatch 2465 1804 3904
chrisbg99 (chris) 3158 5676 9887
brick 1986-3373-6820
DeathlyHallows 0722 5419 4544
Wilie345 (Mark) 3299 7704 9681

Please add everyone on the list as soon as you can...that way more friends are available (and nobody wants our game to say "You have no friends"

Feel free to use our NW version of Voice Chat

Goldeneye Chat!

Happy Gaming!

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Posted: 11/03/10, 18:16:36  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/11, 21:36:49
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Will do Shadowlink. For everyone to know, 830pm est Monday night, ill be on.
Posted: 11/08/10, 01:49:23
I'll try and make it tomorrow. Just got through kicking ass online I finally have the right settings so it's beyond playable now. I apologize to Goldeneye for thinking the controls suck. They just needed some refining and getting used to.
Posted: 11/08/10, 05:30:46

looks like some of us are playing monday night sometime... be sure to put your code in this thread and add everyone on here that is listed...

Glad the controls are working out for ya... Like any game, it takes practice.
Posted: 11/08/10, 06:36:41
Wait so we only need the Wii System Code....right?
Posted: 11/08/10, 08:57:32

No, you need your friend code not your Wii's code.
Posted: 11/08/10, 09:02:11
Wuhhhh where do I even find that?
Posted: 11/08/10, 09:16:02

I believe under Party Invite, and then Add Friends. Somewhere around there! I agree it really should be posted as soon as you log into wifi.
Posted: 11/08/10, 09:30:05

It pretty much is. You just log into Wifi, then choose Party Invite. The code is easily visible there. Besides literally showing you it when you log in, it's probably in the easiest spot in the wifi menu. From there you can choose Add Friend to add others or send invites and such.
Posted: 11/08/10, 15:35:06
Online at around 8:30pmEST..

see you guys then! (this will be the last night for awhile before I return game )

Posted: 11/09/10, 03:07:32
I'll send you the invite Smerd when I sign on. That way we'll hopefully be on the same team.
Posted: 11/09/10, 03:16:10
That was f'n AWESOME.

Abdooo,DrF,and Anon....great games guys!..

Posted: 11/09/10, 04:56:44
Definitely smerd! Rent this again before christmas man!

PS my last game of the match is now
Posted: 11/09/10, 04:59:44
Ouch. I played about 45 minutes or so online just now, and while fun, this game is going to take me a bit to get the hang of. Then again, FPS games in general via online multiplayer always seem seem to take a good bit of acclimation on my part before I go from being horrid to decent. I'm having no issues via the single player mode, but online multiplayer is a different story. Hopefully I can get myself up to snuff and join in on one the NW matches before long. Right now, I'd just be dead weight. Literally.
Posted: 11/09/10, 05:47:48
I feel like I'm better at The Conduit, but I don't know why. Still, it took me a little while too. Plus, the more levels you go, the better your add-ons get so you're likely fighting against people with a little bit better firepower or weapons available and such. But just keep playing, keep getting those points and moving up levels, and play us asap! I'm trying to work nights each day this week so I dunno when I'll be on in the evening next but I'll probably hop on around noon a few days this week. Keep an eye out!
Posted: 11/09/10, 05:51:17

I hear ya. Holy shitballs I sucked! Well, at least I now know how the map works (only see peeps when firing). After most of you left I totally ran shop in the Outpost stage. I had more kills than deaths, 11-7. I quit after that to leave it on a good note.
Posted: 11/09/10, 05:55:39

I'm actually not that great at The Conduit online, either. Of course, I kind of gave up on it pretty quick (perhaps too quickly?) due to the horrid online infrastructure and hackers running a muck. It's too early to tell how I'll fare playing GoldenEye 007 when and if I become fully accustomed to the online mode, but as with MoH:H2, CoD:WaW, & CoD:MW:R, my successfulness seems to depend on my mood at the time more than anything. Sometimes I can play and do nothing but die. Other times I can take the lead of whatever team I'm apart of. It's weird. I guess that's what makes online so interesting... It's never the same experience twice. Anyway, I will certainly keep an eye out and hope to join you soon!


Thanks for feeling my pain. It's good to know I'm not alone! I just know when I was playing, it seemed the same person kept picking me off like it was nothing. I'd shoot and shoot and shoot some more, but I just kept dying! Forty five minutes later and never made it past rank five. Looks like this game is going to take some time for me to work my way up the agent ladder.
Posted: 11/09/10, 07:41:47
Wanted to bump it up for people who still need to add their friend codes on here...
Posted: 11/11/10, 04:36:57
Just wanted to bump this once for new folks. I'll be playing more later tonight, like 10pm. So I encourage others to jump in on the fight!
Posted: 11/13/10, 03:19:50
Has everyone forgotten about this game already?!? The last few times I was online I haven't seen anyone.
Posted: 11/16/10, 21:55:22
With so many games to play, I haven't been hitting up GoldenEye multi that often. Usually I'll play for a half hour or so after I go through a single player mission (just got to the final section of the main game).
Posted: 11/16/10, 21:58:37
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