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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.36/10 from 22 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for GoldenEye 007 on the Wii!

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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.3)  by  


I thought it would be easier for us to come here and add our GE friend codes for all to see...

GoldenEye Friend Codes!

Smerd (Smerd) 4666 6808 2244
Abdooooo 1752 2241 0009
Deerock (Deerock)0467 0406 3777
Dr. Finkelstein (Stephen)5171 5859 4892
Anon_mastermind (Mikey) 0070 8655 6434
Helaciouscrumb (Kit) 0981 2011 9152
NoName 2136 7223 6859
Shadowlink (Tim) 1573-9272-3975
Cryojin 5042-1994-2792
Ben Strife 4446-2716-6853
E-Lo (RoyKoopa64) 3676 0483 3336
CEW00 (DSLeet) 1720-5487-1789
nhatch 2465 1804 3904
chrisbg99 (chris) 3158 5676 9887
brick 1986-3373-6820
DeathlyHallows 0722 5419 4544
Wilie345 (Mark) 3299 7704 9681

Please add everyone on the list as soon as you can...that way more friends are available (and nobody wants our game to say "You have no friends"

Feel free to use our NW version of Voice Chat

Goldeneye Chat!

Happy Gaming!

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Posted: 11/03/10, 18:16:36  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/11, 21:36:49
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If it's late Saturday or something, I can offer myself as cannon fodder. I'm no good at these shooty-shoot games, but I've been wanting to check out the multiplayer for a while...
Posted: 09/05/14, 03:29:46
Mop it up said:
Is anyone interested in playing this game this weekend?

Oh man I want to, but my Sunday is basically out with Father's Day. (That's real Aussie Fathers Day, not fake American Father's Day.) And I really have to clean this place up for our building strata meeting, so that will probably keep me busy for a good portion of Saturday. I really got to convince someone else to host next year.

If all goes well with the cleaning, I might be able to jump on, depending if you guys are around or not.
Posted: 09/05/14, 04:49:26
@GameDadGrant How late are we talking, in EST? It might work. Also, we can party up so that we'll always be on the same team, so I can help you survive!

@Shadowlink Alrighty, keep us posted.
Posted: 09/06/14, 01:01:35
I just checked it out for the first time since "The Shutdown" ... It's cool that online still works. So far Saturday night may work for a bit... it would be 11pm or so...EST if I'm able to make it..

Won't be back in town till 9pm EST at least on Saturday so I'll join you if I see you peeps online.
Posted: 09/06/14, 07:51:45
Annnnd that's the cleaning done. I assume you're all asleep by now though.
Posted: 09/06/14, 10:15:13
Hey Mop...sorry my Wii U crashed and burned in the middle of that last battle.. The game just froze (accompanied with the most annoying loud buzzing sound ever) First time it's ever done that.. Had to unplug the system to make it go away.

It was getting late anyways....so I just left it off.

Have a good night and thanks for playing with me... we did some serious damage once again
Posted: 09/07/14, 07:18:17
@Smerd Ah, so that's what happened! Yeah, this game is known to have freezing issues when playing online, it's happened to me a few times. The game still shows you as online, but if I try to join you then it says you removed me. So I was worried I accidentally did something to tick you off!

It was fun to dust off the ol' PPK and go a few rounds after so many months though. Looks like you haven't lost your touch, I think you went 19-4 on that one round of the Docks!
Posted: 09/07/14, 07:22:36
@Mop it up

Aw Mop-it-up.. You never piss me off - Smerd don't play that way

Yeah I was in the zone there at the docks but you were a close second I believe. People just kept wanting to walk in front of me with their backs turned - imagine that.

Is it the new servers that are causing some freezes? It's betther then nothing though so yeah - it was fun to go back and shoot it out.

Thanks again for a nice night.

Posted: 09/07/14, 07:26:47
So Online still works if anyone is interested - maybe we should play something next weekend..
Posted: 04/20/15, 02:49:28
Smerd said:
So Online still works if anyone is interested - maybe we should play something next weekend..
Wait? It works? How's that possible?

I'd love to play, but all my Wii games are in storage, I need to go get it out!
Posted: 04/20/15, 03:12:35

Someone..somewhere have their own servers going that allow maybe call of duty as well as Goldeneye to still be playable online. I'm too lazy to find out the true details - all i know is that it still works.. and it's still fun.
Posted: 04/21/15, 05:02:29
Apparently the servers for this game (and the Call of Duty series) are run by Activision and not Nintendo, so these games weren't shut down when NWFC was and have stayed up all this time. I know we played a few months after May 20th.

Anyways yeah, choose a day and time and I'll be game if I'm available.
Posted: 04/21/15, 05:10:43
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