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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.36/10 from 22 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for GoldenEye 007 on the Wii!

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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.3)  by  


I thought it would be easier for us to come here and add our GE friend codes for all to see...

GoldenEye Friend Codes!

Smerd (Smerd) 4666 6808 2244
Abdooooo 1752 2241 0009
Deerock (Deerock)0467 0406 3777
Dr. Finkelstein (Stephen)5171 5859 4892
Anon_mastermind (Mikey) 0070 8655 6434
Helaciouscrumb (Kit) 0981 2011 9152
NoName 2136 7223 6859
Shadowlink (Tim) 1573-9272-3975
Cryojin 5042-1994-2792
Ben Strife 4446-2716-6853
E-Lo (RoyKoopa64) 3676 0483 3336
CEW00 (DSLeet) 1720-5487-1789
nhatch 2465 1804 3904
chrisbg99 (chris) 3158 5676 9887
brick 1986-3373-6820
DeathlyHallows 0722 5419 4544
Wilie345 (Mark) 3299 7704 9681

Please add everyone on the list as soon as you can...that way more friends are available (and nobody wants our game to say "You have no friends"

Feel free to use our NW version of Voice Chat

Goldeneye Chat!

Happy Gaming!

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Posted: 11/03/10, 18:16:36  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/11, 21:36:49
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I might be able to make it, but nothing's definitely. I cracked open the game to put this here, just in case:


I added the people who recently posted.
Posted: 05/31/13, 07:04:52
Hey guys, I'm keen!
It'll be 01:30 Saturday morning in the UK but I'll have an espresso at supper time and try my best to stay up.

Code is:

I've added the last few posters.
Posted: 05/31/13, 10:39:18  - Edited by 
 on: 05/31/13, 15:01:26
Alright, dug out the disc and just double-checked my code didn't change in the WiiU transfer..all ready to go.

I'll be ducking in and out a bit this with washing, but I'm in chat so you can get a hold of me one way or the other.

Also for those of you with a 360 close by, we can rig up a voice chat solution if you want
Posted: 06/01/13, 02:30:42
I'm not available at the moment.. I may try my luck later tonight.. Have fun guys!
Posted: 06/01/13, 02:39:56

Well no-one is here yet so definitely drop by later
Posted: 06/01/13, 02:49:52
Oh yeah I totally forgot I have a new number since I had to send my Wii in to get fixed two years ago and I haven't played Goldeneye since.

Posted: 06/01/13, 02:57:46
Posted: 06/01/13, 03:05:39
Join us in the chat!
Posted: 06/01/13, 03:08:22
yeah I tried at around 11:30pm EST and nobody was around..played a few online matches - still got it :) - but I'm nowhere near as sharp as I used to be.. more practice needed
Posted: 06/01/13, 16:47:12

Yeah we did pretty well too. Won our first four or five games (and I got 1st spot the whole way along :D ), but then we shook it up with a few of the other modes and got our asses handed to us.

Best moment of the day was in our first game when Mop (on the opposing team) was still coming to grips with the game and was simply blowing up everything in sight with grenades. Halfway through she came around the corner and ran into three of us, then launched a suicide attack that blew us all to hell.

Embarrassing for our side, but still hilarious.
Posted: 06/01/13, 16:55:40
It was certainly an interesting experience. I'm not sure I liked that mode where you hack the consoles though, not enough action. You basically just run around and shoot the unarmed guys hacking the console, then get shot when you go to do the same thing. The Heroes mode is a good idea though, we just need to find a group who isn't so skilled.

It's kind of tough for me to get past the awful framerate, janky controls, and limited options, but if no one here is interested in other Wii shooters like the Call of Duty or Conduit series, I'd be willing to play again sometime.
Posted: 06/04/13, 02:47:17
Jumping on to back Mop up. If anyone else is around and wants to jump in, we're in chat!
Posted: 06/15/13, 04:22:08
Any chance we could get a game going this Sunday? Be nice if we could get a group of 4 to party up and shoot some n00bs! ...Or maybe at this point we'll be the n00bs being shot. Either way, what time zone is everyone in? We'll need to know that to figure out a time. I'm EST.
Posted: 02/28/14, 21:57:50
It'd have to be early Sunday aka late Sunday for me. I dunno.
Posted: 03/01/14, 01:48:09
I'm free all day Sunday (I'm also EST). Granted, that means I'll have to break away from Tropical Freeze for a little bit.
Posted: 03/01/14, 01:59:11
I would be tempted but I can't promise anything right now. Sunday is already a bit busy but also last time I tried playing this, the lag was completely terrible. It had been worse since the beginning of playing this. A shame.
Posted: 03/01/14, 02:01:53
Chalk me up for Sunday evening.
Posted: 03/01/14, 05:39:10
Looks like we might be able to get 4 of us going. What time do you folks have in mind?
Posted: 03/01/14, 05:48:53
I'm thinking 8 MST. Be able to put a couple hours in, anyway.
Posted: 03/02/14, 03:56:03  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/14, 03:56:35
@Deerock69Sounds good, I should be able to be there. Is your friend code still the same as it is listed in this topic's first post?

My code is: 3564-6725-4724
Posted: 03/02/14, 21:15:14
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