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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.36/10 from 22 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for GoldenEye 007 on the Wii!

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GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.3)  by  


I thought it would be easier for us to come here and add our GE friend codes for all to see...

GoldenEye Friend Codes!

Smerd (Smerd) 4666 6808 2244
Abdooooo 1752 2241 0009
Deerock (Deerock)0467 0406 3777
Dr. Finkelstein (Stephen)5171 5859 4892
Anon_mastermind (Mikey) 0070 8655 6434
Helaciouscrumb (Kit) 0981 2011 9152
NoName 2136 7223 6859
Shadowlink (Tim) 1573-9272-3975
Cryojin 5042-1994-2792
Ben Strife 4446-2716-6853
E-Lo (RoyKoopa64) 3676 0483 3336
CEW00 (DSLeet) 1720-5487-1789
nhatch 2465 1804 3904
chrisbg99 (chris) 3158 5676 9887
brick 1986-3373-6820
DeathlyHallows 0722 5419 4544
Wilie345 (Mark) 3299 7704 9681

Please add everyone on the list as soon as you can...that way more friends are available (and nobody wants our game to say "You have no friends"

Feel free to use our NW version of Voice Chat

Goldeneye Chat!

Happy Gaming!

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Posted: 11/03/10, 18:16:36  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/11, 21:36:49
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@deathly_hallows@Mop it up

Interesting. If we can get Fink or Brick or Smerd involved, maybe we can tear it up NW Style.
Posted: 05/30/13, 07:35:51
I've never played this game online! True story.
Posted: 05/30/13, 07:38:25

This'll be an experience then
Posted: 05/30/13, 07:49:51
Depending on what time we play and if I can get another disc, i'm up for it.
Posted: 05/30/13, 10:07:40
Man, this game was pretty neat. The single player was ok, but it never captured the magic of the N64 one.

The online multiplayer was very fun though. I played many many many hours. I got pretty good, too!
Posted: 05/30/13, 13:26:17

DA or Pointer?
Posted: 05/30/13, 13:32:15

Pointer all the way. FPS were intended to be played with mouse and keyboard, and the Pointer is the closest it will ever come to recreating that experience on a console. This is why I don't buy FPS for consoles, unless it was on the Wii.
Posted: 05/30/13, 13:36:14
Pointer for sure! And I'm sure I could carve out a bit of time for this game once more. No guarantees I'm nearly as good as I was, but I'll try to be a challenge for you all.
Posted: 05/30/13, 13:43:23

Eh it's like riding a bike .

I figured if we got more than 4, we could try going for 8 and pitting the two groups against each other. Did we ever do that before?

DA over there, Pointer over here
Posted: 05/30/13, 13:45:21

We did I think once or twice. Usually had more like 4-6 though.
Posted: 05/30/13, 13:54:36
If you can get enough people and set an agreed on time I'd be all for it.
Posted: 05/30/13, 14:06:48
Well looks like this thing might be happening.

Are we free on the weekend? (Fri/Sat night American time?). Or are you all out getting drunk?
Posted: 05/30/13, 14:17:06
Friday sounds good to me. Saturday maybe. 9pm est? 8? How's that translate into Australian time?
Posted: 05/30/13, 17:36:27

That's about 11 AM the next day here.
Posted: 05/30/13, 23:10:19

9pm here is 11am there? How about we do an 8:30pm est start?
Posted: 05/31/13, 01:05:36

10-11AM the next day.

Sounds good!
Posted: 05/31/13, 01:14:25
Alright everyone, who can play Goldeneye 007 tomorrow at 8:30 pm EST?
Posted: 05/31/13, 01:44:18
Do I have to play single player at all to unlock anything in the multiplayer?
Posted: 05/31/13, 03:04:23
@Mop it up

Don't think so. I've barely played the first couple of levels in Single player.

You do unlock better weapons in multiplayer by levelling up though.
Posted: 05/31/13, 03:37:14
@Mop it up

You joining us tomorrow? If so, we need to ensure you're connecting Wiis together ahead of time. There can be a delay.
Posted: 05/31/13, 04:53:14
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