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Donkey Kong Country Returns (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.18/10 from 66 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii!

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Donkey Kong Country Returns (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.6)  by  
Donkey Kong Country Returns (Nintendo Wii) Review (9.4)  by  

I'm just going to leave the newest trailer right here at the top. Enjoy it guys, I'm not watching. Media blackout starts NOW!

We're beyond the want level now. I need this game.

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Posted: 10/25/10, 07:17:14  - Edited by 
 on: 10/29/10, 02:26:42
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For some reason I found the golden temple stage to be totally hilarious. Such a change from the other types of stages.
Posted: 12/13/10, 05:03:31
I definitely got a Jungle Beat vibe from that one. And the music is a rather awesome mix of Donkey Kong Jr. songs.
Posted: 12/13/10, 05:13:21
Just got to world 6. Damn, this game gets better and better as you go on. I have a friend who only played through the first two worlds with me and said he was disappointed. Pft... he's seen nothing.

I'm going through this game pretty slow, and I like it.
Posted: 12/13/10, 05:19:02
My brother was disappointed after his first playthrough, but he did play like 4 hours straight the other night and get to the end of world 6, so maybe it is growing on him. I dunno.

I think some of the iffy controls can make it tough for some people to jump right into, but once you get used to them it's a pretty amazing game.
Posted: 12/13/10, 05:27:55
I'm now at the end of World 8... I have collected all the letters (yay!) and have done all the K levels... After this was done, I faced the last boss.
After 15 or so lives (had to stop because I had to go somewhere), I still haven't beaten him. He is really tough..and for gods sake, why is Diddy not there? I mean I had him for the rocket ride up to the boss, but after I died the first time (I think most people have died on each boss in the game at least once) Diddy Kong is nowhere to be found - and you have Diddy with every other boss. I was smart in using an extra heart before I started the boss battle because I needed that extra second to try and discover/avoid his attacks before getting killed everytime. Sheesh.

Any comments on that?

Posted: 12/13/10, 06:13:35
Get good at his patterns, then restart and bring Diddy with.

And yeah, it's kind of annoying when you can't get Diddy again at some places. Like the temples, some are hard as balls and it's like, why should I keep trying to do this with just DK?!
Posted: 12/13/10, 06:20:49  - Edited by 
 on: 12/13/10, 06:21:27

Yeah, I just beat him today and it was frustratingly difficult. It really sucks you don't get Diddy after dying one time. So basically you have two hearts and no jet pack to beat him.

I was absolutely determined to beat him and I did, even if I died many, many time, because I knew I was figuring out his moves and timing. The boss really requires some precise jumping.
Posted: 12/13/10, 06:22:02
Well, I beat the game today with all letters and K levels done..the golden temple stage was revealed so I unlocked it as I had all the orbs already and went in. Great CG scenes and DK's expressions are well done. I'm going to get Diddy and re-enter the stage, with only 2 hearts and no jet pack to land on those moving cherry bombs, it's really tough.

But yeah... I don't think I'm going to even attempt the speed runs and I may go and get the puzzle pieces later but I have other games to play too.. I think DKCR has proven, at least to me, a true gaming classic and a must have in any Wii Collection.

Posted: 12/13/10, 20:38:46
Just beat the game LOVED IT! That last world was tough... I entered it with 99 lives and got out of it with less than 50. Wow, what an awesome challenge. At leas SOMEONE who works for Nintendo can provide it.
Posted: 12/15/10, 01:20:33

Congrats! Yeah the 8th world was a toughy...especially if you were trying to get all the KONG letters because if you die while getting them you have to start over...

I just beat the the golden temple so I'm happy I've gone this far - what an amazing game. However I don't think I'm going to go through any speed runs and doing the levels again in Mirror mode (unlocked when you beat the Golden Temple). I think I'll just pick away at the puzzle pieces whenever I feel up to it and be satisfied with that. I haven't beaten a game this tough since Battletoads. Battletoads was tough but I think DKCR was much harder... The thing that evened it out with DK though is that you had a gazillion lives to waste (and lots of ways to earn lives) where in Battletoads you didn't.

Does anyone know about the infinite life trick in world 2-2? Takes great reference from Super Mario Bros. World 3-1.

101% I'm satisfied.. But I know you can get more - and no..it's not 104%.. it's much much more.. Clicky at your own risk to see everything completed

Posted: 12/15/10, 05:20:30
I don't understand why I havent bought this...
Posted: 12/15/10, 09:42:05
@Fabz Me neither. Get to it, man
Posted: 12/15/10, 12:48:00
Yeah I don't think I'm ever gonna put too much time into time trials. And no 2 players in Mirror Mode was a really idiotic choice. The entire game (well, minus Time Trials as well) is 2 players but then a brand new mode you unlock isn't? I mean, I get they're going for difficulty but they still coulda me it 1 hit kill for both players and NO jumping on DK's back or something.

I was really, really disappointed with their decision to omit 2 player for Mirror Mode. That alone was a massive enough turn-off to make me hardly even care about Mirror Mode anymore. I was basically playing the whole game with my bro and when we unlocked Mirror Mode together it's like "you unlocked this cool mode but you can't play it the way you just played through the entire game to earn it". Idiotic. That left a bad taste in my mouth and was actually a poor last impression.
Posted: 12/19/10, 11:59:34
DKCR is godly. I'm in love with the game, and I welcome the challenge. The waggle isn't too bad, personally.
Posted: 12/19/10, 17:37:06
Eh, it's a bonus surprise mode that sort of came out of nowhere (in a game that's already packed with content), so omissions from that don't bug me.
Posted: 12/19/10, 18:19:57
I got DKC Returns for my birthday this past Wednesday. I've been a bit busy with finals, (Last one was delayed to tomorrow because of snow.) but I've been enjoying the game a lot, really challenging. I'm about halfway through the forest now.
Posted: 12/19/10, 18:22:35
Just tried the time trial for the first time. Got a Gold on Jungle Hijinx. It wasn't THAT hard, but for being the first level, it was hard. And I made a clear mistake at one point (getting hit by an enemy), so I guess I would've gotten a shiny gold without that.
Posted: 12/19/10, 20:06:18
Actually, the earlier=easier/later=harder rule doesn't apply to Time Attack. The hardest stages in the game for me to pass quickly were the first boss, and level 2-1, whereas several of the later stages had rather generous target times that allowed for some mistakes along the way. 1-1 is fairly tough to get Gold on, but it doesn't mean everything after that is harder (I'd rank it as "average" difficulty for DKCR's time trials as a whole).
Posted: 12/19/10, 21:35:12
I just beat the game earlier and loved it. Even if that last boss was an ass. Question: What is it with Nintendo and bosses that are more or less just a floating head and hands?
Posted: 12/20/10, 08:14:29
I'm halfway through world 7, and I've decided that I'm not going to try to get all of the puzzle and KONG pieces, as initially planned... frankly, it's hard enough just getting through the levels.
Posted: 12/20/10, 08:18:01
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