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Let's talk about choice in videogames [roundtable]
It's one thing that seems to be all the rage these days. I don't think I've played many games in which I'm forced to make a "moral choice" but I would like to explore that aspect of gaming. Firstly, I'd like you guys to please suggest some games (I play games on the PC) by the way. that make smart use of open choice system without it feeling arbitrarily described as good or evil or just having an immediate effect and then never being referred to again, ever.

I think Mass Effect do a good job at this, no? Also, let's discuss what's wrong with a lot of choice systems today. Sounds fun, right?

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Posted: 10/19/10, 00:59:32  - Edited by 
 on: 10/19/10, 20:37:14
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Because if you choose to restart the level, it ups the difficulty of the game and makes you a better player. It makes you strategize better. Or you can choose to continue with that character gone which affects the game in other ways since you don't have that character and their abilities to rely on anymore, which I guess you could say makes the game harder as well in a different way.

Dying in Mario does not affect the game one iota sooo.....I don't think they're the same.

I'm playing through Path Of Radiance on GameCube right now so I guess that's probably why I brought up Fire Emblem. It's probably one of the most underrated games on the GCN.
Posted: 10/20/10, 01:36:38

I might try Planetscape Torment. I have played Deus Ex before, but just the initial mission. I actually own the game but I couldn't play pass the first mission since horrible puke graphics made it unbearable to watch. It seriously gave me a headache.

Epic Mickey was actually the catalyst for this thread. Fallout 3 is definately on my must play list. I'll buy it as soon as I find $50 lying around for the Game of the Year edition.
Posted: 10/20/10, 01:42:42
I might be wrong, but I believe there are 'hardcore' modes that prevent you from starting over in the newest Fire Emblem.
Posted: 10/20/10, 02:22:47
I did the skim variety of skimmed. What is that?

--Ogre Battle series; pretty much every decision you make affects the game.
Right out of the gate your character is asked a series of questions. Your attributes and surrounding cast of soldiers are built off of those. After that, every city / group you conquer is in relation to who you conquered them with.

Its awesome! Oh yeah, GET ITTTT.
(get the SNES version, and then the 64 version will be OOOOOODLES better when you play that)
Posted: 10/20/10, 04:30:01
@Kal-El814 Eh... even leaving myself the reset as a possibility, I still play the game much differently than most SRPGs. It's not like I WANT to reset and lose the last half hour to hour of my life. I play it very safe.

And I only reset when someone I really, really like dies. Which is rare, because the characters I really, really like I tend to level up pretty high early on...
Posted: 10/20/10, 06:59:33
You and your Ogre Battle. Have you even listened to Queen II, the amaaaazing Queen album that the name of the series comes from?
Posted: 10/20/10, 18:56:37

I've heard the song. Its "ehhh." I'd rather listen to Bicycle Race.

I said HEY MAN!!--
Posted: 10/20/10, 20:51:41
Jaws was never my sceeeeene...

I love Fat Bottomed Girls. I played it at a friend's wedding. I was initially booed by all of the girls, because they thought it was a statement about the bride. Pretty insensitive, in retrospect. But it's a great song!

How could you not like Ogre Battle? It's, like, the first metal song evar!

Actually, it isn't one of my favorites on that album, but it is pretty rocking.

I love Queen so much. I miss Freddie...
Posted: 10/20/10, 21:43:06
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