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Wii Remote +...? [roundtable]
Can you guys figure out the point of this device, exactly? Or why Nintendo is apparently pushing MotionPlus hardware so hard (with this and the MP unit that has recently been included in every retail Wiimote), since there aren't many games that support it, and most of the ones that necessitate it are bundled with a unit, anyway? In fact, the only viable four-player MotionPlus experience that I can think of is Grand Slam Tennis (I know, canoeing), and no one even knows that game exists.

Don't get me wrong. The Wiimote+ is cool, and I kind of want one (and I wanted FlingSmash, anyway), but what's the point of this aggressive MotionPlus push? Is Nintendo planning something? Is the Wii 2 farther out than we think it is? (PLEASE, NO.)

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Posted: 10/16/10, 18:20:09
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Yeah, I miss the special gold editions of Zelda games. Would be a neat way of bringing the concept back.
Posted: 10/18/10, 04:59:05
Alternatively, you could just sell the Motion+ unit, and get a cheaper than MSRP game out of it. You know, when the bundle is forced...

They could totally do a Gold Disc. That would be cool. Remember when they would rerelease classic remastered albums on precious Gold Discs? I think I have one. Night at the Opera.
Posted: 10/18/10, 23:34:26
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